What Is Pedidosya Clone App? Why Is It An Advanced Option To Consider In The Delivery Business?

Advance app solution designed to satisfy all your delivery business requirements. It offers to extend the business reach to several locations, which could be operated anytime on mobile devices. The end-users experience an absolute experience through the delivery solution.

Pedidosya clone app is a platform that fulfills all these business requirements, allowing you full control over your business. The advanced solution ratifies benefits like customer retention, accurate business flow, mobile management, and many more.

This platform can ensure a grand entrance for your delivery business in the market. Elluminati offers a Pedidosya clone script that helps track the business activities and customization as per those results for further better results.

Impressive Features of Our PedidosYa Clone Script

Contactless Delivery

To support improved delivery service we provide businesses with a contactless delivery feature. Businesses can provide a seamless experience to their customers by allowing them to track the real-time delivery status of any of the items they have ordered through the app.

Pickup Confirmation

Pickup notification is sent to app users when their order is prepared and has been handed over to the delivery provider. This makes it quite easier for users to know the real-time status of their orders. Once the delivery provider uploads the pickup confirmation to the app admin and customer can monitor the order status.

Customize Order

The store can make the needed changes to customer order as per the availability of the item at their store through PedidosYa clone script store app and panel. It makes it easy for them to serve their customers in a better way, they can send the customization notification to customers to get their confirmation about their order.

Explore Category and Sub-Categories

We provide an impressive PedidosYa like app and panel that facilitates stores to manage their products efficiently. Store owners can add, remove, update the list of products and sub-product available at their store, this makes it quite easier for customers to choose the item they are looking for.

Change Language

To provide users with a seamless experience, we avail businesses with language change features. The business owners can choose any of the languages to interact with customers with a common language they are familiar with, this ensures customer satisfaction and business expansion.

Manage Deliveries

Stores can manage the deliveries manually through the advance store panel and app. They can assign delivery providers by themselves to provide faster delivery experience to their customers. They can manage delivery manually and can assign the delivery task to any of the delivery providers of their choice.

Uniqueness We Hold in Our PedidosYa Like App Solution

  • Fast Business Execution
  • Tech Support
  • Scalable Solution

How White Label PedidosYa Clone Script Work to Provide Excellent Service to End Users

Adopting an app solution can bring you more customers and ultimately higher revenues. However, a delivery business should follow a significant path to deliver the best possible service to the customers, leading to these excellent results. The solution we offer is customizable; as per your delivery store’s requirements, it is modified. Though the essential functions remain the same, and that works as:

  • Customers can register themself with the app and place the order with a few simple taps on the app.
  • Stores receive the order placed by the customers.
  • Once the store confirms the order, customers get the notification about the confirmation through the app.
  • The store prepares the order and delivers it to the delivery provider.
  • The delivery provider successfully delivers the item to the customer’s doorstep.

User App & Website

Easy Login/Registration

Users can follow the easy registration and login process to register themselves and leverage the use of the app.

Store App and Dashboard

Manage Order

An impressive store app and dashboard facilitate stores to receive and manage new orders online efficiently.

Admin Dashboard

Manage Users

Admin can manage and update all the details of users through an advanced admin panel, they can manage all the details of users along with their reviews.

Delivery Provider App

Create a Profile

Delivery providers can add and update all the details like profile image, contact details, etc, as per their need through an advanced app solution.

Launch Your Business Online with PedidosYa Clone to Address All the Needs of Your Customers

Discover a loyal customer base by providing them with excellent delivery service on their demand. Control your full delivery business with PedidosYa Clone to ensure business expansion and growth.

Experiment The Functioning Of The Delivery Solution’s Application

Customers can register to the app with the fewest details and also can edit the details later on

Easy To Use Panel To Try Understanding The Flow

Order multiple items from your desired stores through a user-friendly panel

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Frequently Asked Questions on Pedidosya Clone App

1. Which type of delivery business can you start with a pedidosya clone app?

White Label PedidosYa clone app supports many types of delivery businesses like food, grocery, medicine, alcohol, marijuana, etc. Any type of delivery service, despite its size or type, can embrace its business using this platform.

2. Which are the channels of earning in the app like Pedidosya?

An app like the pedidosya platform offers multiple channels of earning for a delivery business. The store can earn from the rental charges of using the platform, reserve the profit percentage from store service, and earn from delivery services provided to customers. One possible channel could be a promotional service; admin can earn from allowing the stores to promote their store and products on the platforms.

3. What are the payment methods available on the platform?

In the platform, cash on delivery and e-wallet are default gateways. However, we integrate stripe as the default payment gateway. As per business requirements, we offer addon service to our clients, integrating the gateways that they demand.

4. What is the cost to form a complete delivery solution?

You can either develop the solution from scratch or can also purchase the ready-made ones, which are cost-effective and quickly adaptable. The cost to develop this platform could last between $7000 to $15000 or sometimes can sum up to higher values. To know more about the pricing details, refer: https://www.elluminatiinc.com/e-delivery/pricing/

5. What is the time period to develop a delivery platform?

It can take around a week or a few more working days to fully develop a delivery platform. It could even extend to a few more days if your business needs and customization, which we offer as an addon service.