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Start a multiple delivery business with Mrsool Clone built with an advanced tech suite and thriving in the remunerative sector, capturing the markets of Saudi Arabia.

Mrsool Clone App - Best Platform For Middle East Businesses

Mrsool clone app is a meal, grocery, and courier delivery solution for businesses allowing customers to order using an app and get it delivered at the desired doorstep. The platform is designed with a complete set of modules and advanced features for all of them for a smooth performance for dedicated users.

How Does an App Like Mrsool Works?

The online business is a revamped method of the conventional method with a new procedure incorporating different modules. An app like Mrsool holds a buyer’s app and website, grocery and food providers app and website, and delivery providers panel in its solution. The process here explains how this works:

  • Buyers register on the platform, order food or grocery from desired stores, and select an address for deliveries.
  • Groceries and other required items are being prepared and made in a ready-to-deliver form and then handover to providers.
  • Providers follow the address of the customers, give the parcel to the customers in a short time with the confirmation code.

Modules And Features Of Mrsool Clone Script

Have a glance at the Mrsool clone script modules that consist of all the necessary integration, functionings, and advanced features in the respective modules.

Buyer’s App

Map View

Buyers get the map view in the app and track the delivery providers and parcel until it reaches the address; they can also locate the meal provider’s outlet.

Change Address

Customers change the address for the delivery or can also choose to save multiple addresses as favorites and select anyone for delivery.

Online Payment

The platform allows the customer to pay online given multiple options like cards, online transfer, or e-wallets, plus cash on delivery is also allowed.

Browse Items

Customers can browse for the desired items from desired stores and grocery outlets, choose one from them to order.

User Website

Search Menus of Stores

Customers get to choose from the items of categories of the menu through the search bar for all the stores.

Add items to the Cart

They can pick numerous items from a store, choose from various categories, and add all of them to the cart.

Redeem Coupons

Promo codes from the stores and admin will be entered in the checkout screen and redeemed to get exciting benefits.

Add Delivery Note

While ordering, customers can add a delivery note for the address to which the order is being delivered.

Store Panel

Order List

Stores get all the order lists separated by time, like today’s orders, tomorrow’s orders, scheduled orders, etc.

Dispatch Orders

Stores can dispatch the orders with two different methods, either assigning the orders manually or auto-assigning to the available and nearest drivers.

Order History

All the store’s history about the orders is stored separately as week or month history.

Analyze Reviews

The food store can analyze the reviews about the order and delivery service given by the customers.

Store App

Manage Orders

Stores can manage the user’s orders with a notification, prepare them, and assign them to the delivery; these orders are also stored in a list.

Manage Drivers

Add or block delivery man for the business anytime required, including the management of the deliveryman’s vehicle.

Schedule Orders

Get the list of the scheduled order from the customers and can assign them to the deliveryman at the scheduled time.

List Of Reviews

Stores have a list of the reviews and ratings from customers for order and delivery services which they can analyze anytime.

Delivery Provider’s App


The earnings from each delivery service can be analyzed in the list of the past services with has invoices and customer details.


Delivery providers can link bank account(s) so as to receive the payment for delivery service, and the same is used to withdraw money

Status Updates

Providers can update the status of their availability from as idle, online, available to notify it to the stores.

Navigation From App

Delivery man can trace the customer’s address through integrated map feature that shows the smartest routes.

Admin Panel

Dispatch Order

Orders from the customers can be dispatched from the admin panel besides from the store panel assigning it to the deliveryman.

Create Sub-Store

Sub-stores aid the admin’s specific tasks with the rights to access the particular screens from the admin panel.

Approves Deliveryman

Admin can approve deliveryman verifying documents and vehicles incorporated by the driver’s address; drivers can also be blocked from the panel.

Delivery Price

Delivery price for particular, base price, price per distance unit, price within and out of the zone are all set by the deliveryman.

Imperative Features That Benefiting Stores

Increase Exposure

Stores can increase their exposure by offering personalized apps to the customers; they can promote their stores in the customer apps and panel with store listings and avail offers and discounts.

Cloud Storage

The apps and panels access huge cloud storage to save orders and delivery history, which any user can access anytime and save for offline use. These lists could be exported to excel sheets.

Store Settings

All the details of the store like store and delivery time, items tax, service tax, order cancellation are all managed from the store settings. The store has access to all settings in the app or panel, which can be updated as per requirements.

Create Offers

Stores have a dedicated section from which they can generate offers for the customers on items or entire categories for a duration. These offers can be set in the form of absolute price or in percentage also.

Create Orders

Stores have access to create the orders from the app or panel for the customers with all necessary details for the order. Any type of order, whether the delivery type or pick up the order from store type, is created.

Delivery Provider’s App

The providers can perform deliveries using the app and also manage payments.

User App

Order any kind of delivery from one app or panel and also pay online.

Store App

Versatile store app to manage any number of orders and customers.

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Delivery Provider’s App

The providers can perform deliveries using the app and also manage payments.

User App

Order any kind of delivery from one app or panel and also pay online.

Store App

Versatile store app to manage any number of orders and customers.

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Explore E-Delivery Panels To Understand Workflow Of E-Delivery

User Panel

Interactive user panel to order and pay in the desktop view.

Admin Panel

The Admin panel is comprehensive as it has all the necessary and advanced features to manage a business.

Store Panel

Intuitive store panel to conduct all store’s tasks and analysis.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mrsool

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Mrsool clone incorporates all kinds of deliveries like food, grocery, medicines, bakery items, dairy, alcohol, etc. All these delivery services are managed stably in the versatile platform.

The cost of Mrsool clone app development ranges from $6000 to $22000 for a pre-built suite. When the development is intended from scratch, it has a different range of costs.

Mrsool clone is integrated with multiple payment gateways like Stripe and Paystack. Further, any gateways could be incorporated as per the client’s details as an add-on service.

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