JioMart Clone - Multiple Delivery Platform For Entrepreneurs

Launch an engaging JioMart clone multiple delivery businesses like grocery, dairy products, pharmacy, and many more in any part of the world, managing within just one platform.

What is the JioMart Clone?

JioMart clone is a state-of-the-art solution for multi-purpose delivery services for entrepreneurs who want to enter into the on-demand business industry. It is a white label solution allowing entrepreneurs to form a unique presence in the competitive industry with an intriguing interface and essential functions.

Entrepreneurs get multiple opportunities to scale their business with an app like Jiomart, starting their operations in multiple regions and automating their tasks are automated. Elluminati’s app like Jiomart, perfectly fits any business dimension and is flexible enough to launch the platform immediately and start operations.

Modules Of The JioMart Clone App And Its Features

Explore the modules of the JioMart like app with its impressive features.

User App

Choose Category

Customers can choose the category of delivery, as offered by the stores like grocery, dairy products, pharmacies, etc.

Change Address

Shoppers can change the address anytime required, even on the checkout screens while ordering and before payments.

In-App Chat

Consumers can chat with the merchants or delivery partners for any order queries while the order is being processed.

Search Filters

Customers can utilize all the search filters given within the platform to get desired results quickly and accurately.

User Website

Repeat the Order

Customers can repeat the item with a choice to keep the modifiers the same as it is or can choose to customize them.

Check Invoice

Users can preview the invoice of the order before they confirm it, and also it will be saved in the panel after ordering.

Contact Less Delivery

For contactless delivery, customers can tick the box for contactless delivery and get a safe delivery service at the address.

Track Order

Users can track the order starting from where the order gets accepted by the store until it gets delivered to their location.

Store Website

Manage Profile

Vendors can change their profile details by adding or updating their name, email, password, contact details, location, etc, whenever required.

Set Free Delivery

Stores can set free delivery to the consumers with the conditions of minimum ordering amount and radius of the delivery from the store.

Analyze Reviews

The store owners can analyze the reviews about the order and delivery service given by the customers.

Earning Reports

All the store’s earnings from the orders and delivery service are stored separately as week or month history.

Store App

Create Offers

All types of delivery stores can create offers for customers either on items, categories or on subcategories that will help to attract more buyers.

Edit Orders

The store manager can edit the order request from the customer if there is any change in the items, and that request will be sent to stores.

Order Details

Customers are able to see the order details with different lists like today’s order, tomorrow’s order, past orders, etc., to have a precise view.

Set-Up Menu

Store owners can set the menu, which requires details of the items, categories, subcategories, and modifiers if there are any.

Deliveryman App

Submit Invoice

Delivery partners have to submit the invoice generated after the completion of the delivery services to the desired address.

Share Feedback

Delivery partners can share feedback with the customers in the app after they finish the delivery services in the form of ratings or reviews.

Withdraw Amount

Delivery personnel can withdraw the earning amount from their wallet, add it to their bank account, or can apply for cash payment requests.

Integrated Map

Deliveryman can trace the address of the customers and stores through the integrated map with real-time updates within the app.

Admin Panel

Set Delivery Fees

Business owners can add delivery fees for particular cities and vehicle types which all the stores will also follow.

Wallet History

Admin gets all the transaction details that happened through the wallet by deliveryman, stores, and customers.


Admin gets to analyze the details of all the earnings of stores, delivery partners, and its own earnings from the orders.

Manage Users

Admin can manage stores, customers, and delivery partners’ regulating their access to the app and its features.

How Does a JioMart Clone App Work?

Attracting consumers in the on-demand grocery business is not a big deal; the important challenge is to attract them to your business, combating the competition from big giants in the market. The clone app allows you to enter the market with a unique presence by leveraging the features and functionalities incorporated within it. Here is the workflow consumers can follow:

  • Customers can register and enter the address to get the list of nearby delivery stores.
  • Grocery shoppers can start by selecting the delivery type from the list of options offered by the admin and stores.
  • Browse for the nearby stores exploring their menu, service ratings, and time durations for services.
  • Select the items from the categories it is offering, and add them to the cart. And after finishing the shopping, move to the checkout screen.
  • Further, they can move toward the payment screen, opting for a favorable method of payment.
  • They can further track the order with the real-time status of the order from stores and delivery partners.

Impressive Features Of JioMart Like App

Features of JioMart like app give customers an advanced ordering platform and for businesses quick and easy management.

Multiple Platform Access

Consumers can use the app or website to order groceries; the platform is compatible with any device and offers convenience.

Inventory Management

Stores can manage inventory, keeping a note of the items and then marking it in the app about its availability for the customers.

Business Management

Stores get to manage their operations within the module. They can also add sub-stores that can conduct particular tasks to ease management.

Real-time Updates

All the users of the platform receive real-time updates, whether the information is about orders, sales, customers, or earning reports.

In-app Chat

The in-app chat feature allows buyers and deliverymen to connect with each other for any inquiries related to the delivery services.

Set Zones

Admin can set the zones to allow the delivery services in it, and the fees are set as the distance of the various zones from stores.

User App

Customers can swiftly sign up and explore their favorite delivery shop to order and pay online.

Deliveryman App

Delivery partners can get the delivery request in the app and perform it using the features and update theirs about the status.

Store App

Stores can automate their tasks online using the store app and its incorporated features easing the business.

EDelivery App Demo

Check out the functionalities of apps by diving into the app demos.

User App

Customers can swiftly sign up and explore their favorite delivery shop to order and pay online.

Deliveryman App

Delivery partners can get the delivery request in the app and perform it using the features and update theirs about the status.

Store App

Stores can automate their tasks online using the store app and its incorporated features easing the business.

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EDelivery Panel Demo

User Website

For comfort, grocery shoppers can order from the website in the same workflow as an app and pay online.

Store Panel

Delivery stores utilize the website to manage operations online with automated features with convenience.

Admin Dashboard

All the major operations to manage the stakeholders of the business are incorporated within the panel.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Jiomart Clone Script

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The cost of JioMart clone app development entirely depends on the method of development, whether it is built from scratch or it is a white label readymade script. The readymade script depends on the tech stack, complexity, feature integrations, and other factors like this.

The solution is built with all the cutting-edge and most effective tools and tech. The backend is developed with MongoDB, Express.js, and Node.js. For the front-end, Angular and HTML are preferred. Apps are developed for Android and iOS with Java and Swift.

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