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Dominos Clone

Leverage food business incorporating dominos clone script for automated operations and a brilliant user design to amplify your consumer reach.

Dominos Clone

What is Dominos Clone App? How the Solutions Aim to Enhance Customer Reach?

Dominos clone app is one pizza delivery platform with all the essential modules and features to conduct orders and deliver efficiently. For the business requirements, the solution is crafted to serve all of them seamlessly.

The platform aims to automate business and acquire a huge customer base all served efficiently. In 2020, consumer spending on pizza delivery in the US reached approximately 14 billion US dollars. It is the highest figure since 2007. And the industry has had the highest growth year on year in the last few years.

Delivery Business With Dominos Clone Script Advances

Operate delivery operations with Dominos clone script auto-fulfilled with the help of modules.

User App

Easy Sign Up

Consumers can sign in to the platform easily by using social media accounts like Facebook or can use Google ID to log in

Browse Orders

Past orders can be analyzed, including the order’s details like items, prices, taxes; users can repeat the same order.

Delivery Status

Users can follow the delivery status of their pizza order starting from the order placed till delivered to the desired address.

Pick Up Order

Consumers can order pizzas from the app and choose to pick up their order by reaching out to the particular store by themselves.

User Website

Change Password

Users can reset the password if they forget it using their email address or phone number or can change it from the profile settings.

Schedule Orders

Buyers can choose to place the order instantly or can schedule the order for their preferred time and date from the platform.

Add Coupons

Promo codes given by the vendors will be entered in the checkout screen of the panel and redeemed to get exciting benefits

Submit Reviews

Consumers can upload their reviews for the received delivery services and the ordered item quality after the order is delivered.

Store Website

Cancellation Charges

Stores can decide to set order cancellation charges, which are applied at various stages of the delivery process.

Analyze Reviews

The outlet owners can analyze the reviews about their order quality and delivery service given by the customers.

Import/Export Data

Menu, order list, earnings, and all such lists are imported to the sheet or even exported from the sheet for offline use.

General Settings

Stores can manage general settings like business status, timings, and also if the store will be visible or not to the buyers.

Store App

Set Time

Pizza outlets can set the time for their store services and delivery services in the app to take service requests from users accordingly.

Create Sub Stores

Substores help pizza outlets to conduct a specific task assigned to them, which they can perform with given access in the platform.

Create Order

Stores can create orders online for pizza lovers in the app, which they receive through other mediums.

Add Deliveryman

Food delivery stores can arrange deliverymen with their respective order to ensure ease in assigning the delivery services.

Deliveryman App

Quick Verifications

Delivery persons can register in the app with instant social logins and can upload necessary documents for verification within the app.

Wallet System

Providers can settle down the payments using the e-wallet with the store and admin and can also withdraw the amount with it.

Update Status

Users can update the status of their availability for the services online or offline and are ready to accept the job.

Past Deliveries

Providers can track the delivery services conducted in the past, including order ID and all details under that.

Admin Panel

Set Delivery Fees

The business admin can set delivery fees, and in addition to the basic price, they can also set service prices from zone to zone as required.


Admins can locate deliverymen and stores using an integrated map, and also they can track deliverymen while they are on their way.

Transaction History

Admins can examine the traction history of the entire platform performed in all the locations of the business.

Analyze Reviews

Admins analyze reviews of order and delivery services, including the type of services the review is given for.

Highlighting Features Of Dominos Clone

Count on the user-centric features of Dominos clone

Multiple Payment Systems

Users can pay using the desired payment method from credit or debit cards online transfers; also, they can pay in cash. They can also get more than one payment gateway to ensure a secure and convenient choice is made.

Contactless Delivery

Users can opt for the contactless delivery services while ordering in which they can get the parcel kept at the doorsteps, and payments are also made online. It ensures the safety of the entire delivery service.

Call and Chat Integration

Users can contact stores and delivery men via the in-app chat option; they can also contact support for any technical issues on the app, If they have any questions for the delivery man, they can use the call feature without revealing their identity.

Multiple Language Support

Users, while logging in to the platform, can select from multiple languages to use the platform in that particular language. They do not have to worry about the currency while paying. Admins can allow the payment of respective currencies of the countries.

Invoice Generation

Before finalizing the order and payments, customers can check the invoices of the orders and delivery services auto-generated in the platform. The invoice has every detail of the prices, including item price, service charge, and a grand total.

How does an App Like Dominos Work?

The business, through the app like Dominos, performs the operations in an organized manner in accordance with the customers, deliveryman, and stores. The simplified workflow is explained in the following steps.

  • Customers can log in to the app and search for their favorite store and order multiple items and pay with any convenient method.
  • Stores can also register and perform their tasks online, acknowledging customers’ orders.
  • Deliverymen will be assigned for the deliveries from the stores, which they can fulfill using the app.

Deliveryman App

Deliveryman can perform the delivery tasks through the app managing their payments and withdrawals.

User App

With quick sign-ups, users can find stores and order multiple items from them.

Stores App

Stores can handle multiple orders and deliveries from the app with earnings examination.

Encounter E-Delivery Apps In Details To Learn More About The Dominos Clone

Explore the app demos and understand more about the working flow of apps

Deliveryman App

Deliveryman can perform the delivery tasks through the app managing their payments and withdrawals.

User App

With quick sign-ups, users can find stores and order multiple items from them.

Stores App

Stores can handle multiple orders and deliveries from the app with earnings examination.

Check How E-Delivery Consoles Ensure A Convenient Businessing

User Website

Users can directly log in to the panel for orders from their favorite stores.

Admin Panel

Manage the entire ordering and delivery business in the dashboard.

Store Console

Stores can make use of the console with similar tasks as apps with all notifications.

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Convert Your Unique Idea into Business with Dominos Clone?

Emphasize your business with the Dominos like app subscribing to enhanced business flow and tech stack to thrive in the most competitive market.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dominos Clone App

Reach out to us if you have further queries regarding the Dominos clone app.

Domino’s clone app is a prebuilt delivery solution with an advanced tech stack and a brilliant user interface that adds up to boost user reach.

The Dominos clone app development costs within the range of $5000 to $20000. A prebuilt solution depends on the vast cost range because it has various dependable factors like customization, support, tech stacks, upgrades, etc.

We have different packages to purchase our prebuilt solution, most of which offer one user license. To know more about the platform, you can check the pricing page.

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