What is Food Delivery Software? How Does It Help Further To Grow Your Business?

Restaurant businesses are looking to transform existing business methods with online ones with a unique and dynamite set of features that enable your customers to get their favorite dish at their doorsteps and help you gain complete control over operations.

Food delivery software is an effective solution to give a digital touch to the restaurant business. The feature-packed solution helps you manage and control your delivery business activities seamlessly. It also enables you to satisfy the hunger pangs of your customers by allowing them to order their favorite meal online.

With the escalating growth of the delivery market, Elluminati offers you white label restaurant order and delivery management software to make it enormously easy for your business to streamline the restaurant ordering and delivery process

Awesome Features of Delivery Management Software for Restaurant

Promote Store

Admin can promote their business on multi restaurant delivery software by carrying out various promotional activities such as referral and promo codes. Stores can also be allowed to advertise their brand or item on the user panel and app

Set Multiple Cities

Delivery business owners can expand their delivery services in multiple cities. Through an advanced multi-restaurant food ordering software, they can set various locations for businesses and control each city’s service type. They can also choose to restrict or provide new offerings in some of the cities as per their preference

Code Verification

When the order gets prepared, the delivery providers are assigned for services. For security measures and accurate delivery service, the delivery providers must enter a unique code. When they reach the pickup location, stores will provide them the code to confirm the driver’s identity. The code verification ensures the parcel is handed over to the correct provider for delivery service to the customer’s location.


Businesses can customize the platform as per their requirements like they are allowed to change the background color, logo, language. They can make changes to make the platform a personal experience.

Multiple Currency Support

To ensure your business expansion in various countries, the module facilitates multiple currency support. Admin can set multiple currency options as per their business requirements. Making it easy for customers to pay their order bills using the currency they are regularly using, which ensures their satisfaction and develops long-term relations with them

Verify Order Pickup

Customers can choose the contactless delivery while ordering from their favorite stores. After this, as the delivery provider reaches the store, they can send the image of the parcel to the customers for confirmation. This is to verify that the driver picked up the same order from the store that reaches the customers, which customers can also check by clicking on the image and track it.

Explore Why Restaurant Delivery Software Proven True Winners

  • Personalized your needs
  • Help you make data-driven results
  • User-friendly interface
  • Quick configuration

Know How Food Ordering Software Assure Top-notch Doorstep Food Delivery

Opting for white label food ordering software can help you control your business’ overall activities; this ensures efficient business operation. This feature-rich solution helps delivery businesses to address all the requirements most efficiently and accurately. So let’s see how food delivery management software works and enable stores to deliver food on time,

  • The store receives the online food ordering request placed by customers through apps or websites.
  • Store needs to confirm the order request and start preparing for it.
  • Once the order gets ready to dispatch, the store assign nearby delivery providers for the fulfillment of the order
  • The delivery provider collects the package and arrives at the customer’s location. The store can oversee all these activities in real-time within the dashboard.
  • Once the order gets delivered, stores can mark the order as “delivered”

Essential Module Of Restaurant Delivery Software

Automate your business with custom tech solutions, embrace the white label restaurant delivery software that helps customers ordering online

Customer App and Panel

Let customers view the entire order list containing all the details such as order quantity, restaurant name, date, and much more

Store App & Dashboard

Allow stores to manage items along with pricing, images, and description based on available quantity. They can also mark the popular items to draw the attention of the customers.

Admin Dashboard

Admin can set the mode for reserving profits from the panel than either absolute mode or percentage modes of profit. In absolute terms, they can keep the profit per order or profit per item

Delivery Providers App

Enable delivery providers to view and manage their total earnings based on the number of orders completed.

Upscale Your Existing Restaurant Business with Food Delivery Software

Shift your brick-and-mortar restaurant business to a mobile platform, deliver an excellent customer experience and avail positive benefits for your business bottom line

Check Complete Working of the App Right Here!

Allow users to access your restaurant services efficiently and quickly through dedicated users app

Experience the Working of Panels on Your Prefered Device!

Browse restaurants, check the menu and place orders quickly with a powerful user panel

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Frequently Asked Questions on Restaurant Food Delivery Management Software

1. What is food delivery management software?

Food delivery management software is a platform that allows restaurants and food outlets to accept and manage online orders efficiently. It reduces the manually performing tasks hence offering accuracy and time-saving benefits.

2. Will you help me to customize business solutions as per my need?

Yes, we are always ready to help you out. We will help you customize your business software, allowing you to build a unique identity in the market.

3. Can I set a limited order request?

Yes, you can set limited orders right through the multi-restaurant delivery software. Click on the "Setting" option to make all essential changes as per your restaurant business requirement.

4. How referral sharing works?

Referral sharing works like a loyalty program. You are allowed to update it at your convenience. Your customers can avail them within the specified terms and conditions set by you using the software.