Catering Software For Restaurant And Delivery Business

catering management software for restaurant

Streamline and Automate Your Catering or Event Business with Robust Catering Management Software that Promise Easy Management of Bulk Orders and Enable You To Operate Multiple Lines of Business Effectively

catering management software for restaurant

What is Catering Management System? How does it Ensure Long-term Growth?

Catering management software is a digital platform that helps caterers to grow their customer base by taking the benefits of digitalization. It makes it easy for your customers to organize events and parties with easy-to-place quick orders and get them delivered to their doorstep in no time.

Leveraging catering order management software fulfills the rising needs of customers and allows them to organize events without any hassle. Furthermore, caterers don’t need to juggle between emails and huge spreadsheets as restaurant catering software makes it easy for them to manage each order detail precisely.

Elluminati provides catering business software that is perfectly suitable for those who want to boost the bottom line of business and increase their customer base. Caterers will no longer find themselves stuck in managing sheets and operations manually as they can adapt catering management software and harness the power of technology.

Restaurant Catering Module Perfect for All Types of Venues

  • Corporate catering
  • Food delivery companies
  • All sorts of food chains
  • Hotels and clubs
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Social event catering
  • Small and large catering business

Unparalleled Features Of Restaurant Catering Software For Enlargement

Menu Customization

  • With online restaurant catering software vendors can add multiple food items and beverages based on your guest’s requirement
  • Add a short description of the product, upload eye-catchy images with the pricing structure in your restaurant catering module
  • Outlet owners can modify product lists based on consumer demand and specific occasion

Manage Categories

  • Divide product list into various categories and subcategories as per your menu design and manage it within catering business software
  • Mark “popular,” “new” items on a regular basis to boost sales and revenue
  • Personalize each category by adding the latest price, image for a smooth customer experience

Offer Different Packages

  • For intuitive customer experience, the restaurant catering module lets you offer different packages based on occasions and events
  • Show how many people the catering package is suitable for
  • Active/deactivate packages as per the necessity and create a bundle of packages for different occasions such as weddings, events, corporate events, cocktails, etc.

Manage Orders

  • Get rid of manual bookkeeping and notes, manage ongoing and upcoming orders seamlessly with catering business software
  • Based on the scheduled orders, manage inventories and staff to run a successful catering business
  • You can also add orders you receive through phone calls and emails and edit dates, if necessary

How Does Catering Software Work?

With all the superlative features you need to run your catering business, catering software is the only digital platform that will expand your business and reduce workload. It is the ideal solution for caterers and restaurant business owners. Managing bulk orders is no longer a daunting task for catering business owners as they can prioritize and fulfill orders efficiently. From offering a digital menu to online order delivery to billing to schedule orders, there is much more you can do with restaurant catering software. Catering software follows a simple workflow; let’s see how it works.

  • Customers can search and choose products or packages by entering the valid date, venue, and timings
  • Add to cart items and make a payment from the options given
  • The vendor will receive the order, confirm it and notify you of preparation timings and delivery schedule
  • Once the order gets ready to dispatch, the delivery provider collects the order
  • Customers can track the order status, and the delivery provider handover the parcel
  • Based on the service and quality, customers can share reviews and give ratings

Boost The Efficiency Of Your Catering Business

Catering business software lets you boost the efficiency of your business and empower your business by automating it with the latest tech modules

Customer App Workflow

Customers can place online orders, view menus, find stores, see reviews and obtain the necessary information in the app

User App Flow

Store App Workflow

Get every order’s details and instant access to customer data and menu management with a power-packed store app

Store App Flow

User Panel Workflow

Single click signup, manage address, payment details, and order tracking features are integrated into the platform for ease of use

User Web Panel Flow

Store Panel Workflow

Offer a tailored experience by creating appealing menus, organize orders and keep a track record of your valuable customers

Store Web Panel Flow

Take Back Control of Your Catering Business

  • Highly customizable
  • Ready-to-go solution
  • User-friendly interface

Amazing Catering Management Software With Plenty Of Features

Delight your customers by allowing quick and easy online ordering service for their events and escalate your catering business

User App

Social Media Login

Allow customers to access an extensive range of products using their social media credentials

Smart Search

Users can search nearby restaurants or stores with advanced search and filter options

Track Order

From order confirmation to preparing time to track delivery provider’s location with a single tap

Promos And Offers

Avail of attractive discount and offers on each order while order checkout procedure

Store App

Manage Stores

Stores can add, remove or update the necessary information whenever required

Manage Orders

Get instant and real-time info of upcoming, under process, and dispatched orders

Offers And Promos

Customize deals and offers regularly to boost sales and get an increased profit ratio

Track Payments

View received and awaiting payment details quickly and keep track of incoming invoices

Store Panel


Create a profile by filling up necessary details such as name, address, menu, and other info

Update Offers

Encourage customers by offering special deals and perks such as free delivery, coupons, and much more

Smart Analytics

Generate reports and manage catering business smoothly with real-time insights into reports

Availability Settings

Stores can mark their status as available or unavailable to serve the customers

Delivery Provider App

View Map

With an in-built GPS feature, providers can view customer’s location on the map for fast delivery

Availability Toggle

Mark online/offline status based on the availability, turn on the availability status to get new orders

Manage Earnings

Check out a number of orders and earnings weekly, daily, or monthly

Update Order Status

Delivery providers can update status from arrival to picking up to delivery

User Panel

Nearby Store

By enabling location, customers can efficiently see all the available nearby stores

Order Now/ Schedule

Based on the customer’s choice, added items can be ordered now or schedule for later

Rate And Review

After fulfilling the order, customers can rate and review the store based on the overall experience.

Pay Online

Customers are offered multiple payment options for swift and secure checkout

One-stop Solution for Your Conventional Catering Business

Increase Order Size

Due to exciting offers and deals, customers are encouraged to order more than the average order size. As a result, a catering business can make its customer base stable and boost sales

Loyalty Programs Drive Repeat Business

In addition to comfort and time-saving, customers avail of attractive deals. By offering coupons, free delivery, or enticing rewards, you encourage repeat business.

Improved Customer Experience

“Convenience” is the king. The bulk order placing process could be easier for consumers as they are provided an extensive range of options and multiple payment modes. It helps to improve customer experience.

Automate Catering Business

By embracing the power of advanced solutions, it can help you streamline business operations and lets you take control of your entire business with a digital solution

Get Started With Befitting Features Of Restaurant Catering Software To Boost Productivity

Menu And Products

Manage menu and products comprehensively, organize dishes and items based on popularity. Divide them into categories and subcategories, add product images with prices and small descriptions for a smooth surfing customer experience


Get insights into reports with all the information such as a number of customers, invoices, orders, payment details, and much more to view all facets of your catering business. Generate weekly/daily/ monthly reports to make informed decisions to check the overall business performance

Easy Event Management

Caterers can easily manage ongoing and upcoming events with date, timing, and venue details with the help of a powerful dashboard. Now this will allow caterers to control the entire catering business operation, and reduce workload and paperwork

Discounts And Promotions

Entice customers to grab the prevailing opportunity on their bulk orders. Manage and introduce promo codes and discount offers from the feature-rich admin panel, which will help you grow your customer base and sales quickly

Seamless Orders

Food and catering management software enables customers to place, manage, and track orders just by tapping on the mobile screen. User-friendly designs and easy navigation feature makes it easy for customers and admins to track order status in real-time

Intuitive UI

From customer app to store app to admin panel, each and every app and panel of business has been developed with robust designs and interactive features so that customers can easily place orders and track them without any friction

Multiple Payment Capability

Our solutions come with multiple payment gateways so that you can easily accept payments in any form, such as cards, bank transfers, digital wallets, cash, and more. By offering multiple payment options to your customers, builds brand advocacy, and enhance customer experience

Real-Time Information

Get instant access to sales, customer details, a number of orders, and revenue on each order easily to take actions in real-time. Real-time information allows you to check the catering business’s performance so that you can act accordingly in the future.

Delivery Provider App

Allow delivery providers to get real-time information with map and smart route optimization to make the delivery process faster

User App

With catering management software apps let customers place huge quantity orders for their events in a single click

Store App

Instant access to the menu, number of customers, revenues in real-time to make intellectual decisions

Best Catering Management Software Solutions

Go through the demos of our solution to learn more about its features and functionalities

Delivery Provider App

Allow delivery providers to get real-time information with map and smart route optimization to make the delivery process faster

User App

With catering management software apps let customers place huge quantity orders for their events in a single click

Store App

Instant access to the menu, number of customers, revenues in real-time to make intellectual decisions

Take Your Catering Business Online With Powerful Solutions

User Panel

Enable users to find nearby stores and restaurants to place an order without any hurdles or delays

Store Panel

Manage customers and orders with the help of a user-friendly dashboard and get a brief summary of each order quickly

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Run Your Business Better With Restaurant Catering Software

Manage multiple orders and events with ease and control your catering business needs with scalable, affordable, and customizable solutions

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