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Allow your customers to find you by availing excellent beauty services with an Uber for beauty services app that supports your business operations and deals with all future opportunities seamlessly.

What is Uber for Beauty Services App? How Does Our Solution Extend Your Business Support?

Online services are spreading in all business rates at a higher pace, and it is increasing with time. Customers coordinated well on the online platforms booking their services at their comfort level. Beauty services are one of the businesses that adopt these methods to serve customers.

Uber for beauty services is a customizable solution for beauty parlors and other beauty services which provide automatic business processes. Dedicated apps and panels have all the necessary functionalities to conduct operations for all users seamlessly.

Customers are facilitated to ask for the services you provide; beauticians are appointed as per customer request to ensure their quick acknowledgment through the beauty services app. Suiting your parlor or salon business requirements, the app is designed to bring more customers to you whenever they require your services.

Peculiar Features We Involve In Uber For Beautician App

White Labeled Solution

We offer a complete white-label solution to our client businesses to support their customization requirements in a standardized manner


Our supportive developers provide reliable app solutions to ensure they work under pressure and eliminate the chances of crashes..

Secure Payment

We integrate advanced features that provide security and reliability to users when they choose to make payments through the app.

GPS Integration

Allowing us to track the service providers in real-time, we provide GPS integration within the Uber for Beauty app to ensure efficient navigation.

Cloud-Based Solution

We offer cloud-based solutions to enable clients to access the system from anywhere with a smart device and an internet connection

Custom Theme & Logo

We support the theme and app logo customization requirements of clients with beauty service app development to help them own a unique identity in the market.

Launch Your Beauty Business Online with Uber Like Salon App Development

Offer your beauty services through an Uber like salon app development solution incorporated with top-notch features. The easy-to-use interface helps you systematically meet your users’ demands, ensuring your business success.

  • Customization Support
  • User-Friendly Payment Structure
  • Support Business Promotion

How does Uber’s Like Beauty Service app work?

Beauty businesses on online platforms follow excellent workflows using versatile apps and panels with brilliant functionalities overseeing all the necessary tasks online.

  • In Uber Like Beauty App, the user can sign up and log in using their social media or using their login credentials
  • Once users select their location, a list of nearby parlors/salons will be displayed
  • Users can schedule or ask for the beauty service right away by placing an on-demand beauty service request
  • Tracking beauticians in real-time, users are notified of their time of arrival
  • Choosing from the multiple options provided, users can select their preferred one
  • Users are asked to share their feedback about their experience and the services received

What We Provide Under On-Demand Beauty Service App Development Solution

We Offer White Label Beauty Service App development solution Integrating Every Requirement of Your Business with the Modules We Include

Customer Application

Schedule Appointment

Customers can enjoy the beauty service right away or can schedule it according to their preference through the app


With Geolocation support of on-demand beauty apps, customers can easily track the real-time location of the service provider

Specialist Service

Our beauty and salon app development enables customers to search for specialist services nearby to enjoy them at their convenience

Referral Earnings

Customers can invite other users to try the app service using a referral-sharing option and can earn bonuses for the same

Beautician App

Service Availability

Beauticians or salons can define their service availability through the app; they can switch between on/off options to set availability

View Information

Beauticians are allowed to check the complete information about the customer along with their location where they have to reach to offer their service

Earning Details

Beauticians are allowed to track and manage their earning details through the white label beauty service app

In-App Navigation

Beauticians are allowed to use the advanced navigation option of Uber for beautician app to reach the customers’ location

Admin Dashboard

Analytics Support

Admin can track all activities related to customers’ and beauticians’ services, including details like commission earned, requests, transactions, etc.

Advanced Reports

Admin can have an effective idea about their business expansion and promotion after exploring the detailed report through the panel

Manage System Users

Admin has the authority to manage system users with the right to add, edit, or update any of the information of customers and beauticians

Set Service Price

Admin can handle and define the service price through the panel; they can even set taxes, extra charges, and commissions for service providers.

User Website

View Profile

Users are allowed to manage and view their profile with the right to edit details like name, address, contact number, etc

Service Details

Users are allowed to explore their service data along with complete information about the number of requests approved, rejected, etc

Update Card

Users can add or remove cards as per their preference; they can add cards for paying the bill for requested service

Save Address

Users are allowed to save their address to use later for requesting any of the beauty services as per their requirements

Company Panel

Requests List

The company owners can get the entire service request lists in the panel, which they can assign to the providers manually, knowing their availability during the day.

Services Lists

Notice the history of the services from the panel that has all the information about the service, the invoice created, and the service status to know its completion timeline.

Check Service Status

The company can check the service status from the panel, starting from the service requested till the provider completes the service

Easy Login

The company owners can register with a few details in the panel and upload legal documents for verification from the admin.

Amazing Solutions Suiting Your Business Requirements

We offer many more similar to on-demand Uber like beautician app solutions, ensuring to address all your customers and business needs

Customer App

Customers can look for their favorite beauty services from the app and book appointments with simple steps

Provider App

Beauticians can register themselves in the app to allow their customers to get beauty services through an app

Explore EServices Apps For Your Beautician Platform

It included apps integrated with impressive features for customers and service providers.

Customer App

Customers can look for their favorite beauty services from the app and book appointments with simple steps

Provider App

A beautician can register themselves in the app to allows their customers to get beauty services through an app

Undermine The E-Services Modules To Adopt In Your Services Providing Business

User Panel

Customers get the panel that has similar functions as an app to book beauty services and choose to pay from the options given

View Web Flow

Admin Panel

Admin can look for midway tasks of a business and perform changes if required in the platform

View Web Flow

Company Panel

The panel allows the addition of multiple beauty service providers and manages their payments within it

Start Your Beautician Business With Our Excellent Uber For Beauty App

Achieve extended support for your beautician business with Uber for beauty app solutions. It helps you to achieve your business goals and allows you to earn more profit with extensive features that help to meet your customer demands and offer them excellent results.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Uber For Beauty Services App

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From the Uber for beauty services app, the Admin can charge customers for providing services through an online platform and reserve the profit from the service providers.

Yes, we provide multiple languages in the platform; Admin can allow different languages for fluent communication between the providers and customers at the local level.

Additional services can be added from the admin panel. Also, sub-services could be created to allow the customers to select the exact services and pay accordingly.

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