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Why Do Businesses Opt for On-demand App Development Service?

On-demand apps are way more than just a buzzword. Customers prefer these apps to make their lives simpler and advanced. Therefore, on-demand app development is the ultimate solution for multiple business sectors of any horizon to stick in the competitive market and fulfill customers’ choices. It is a revolutionizing idea that enhances business operations with digital solutions giving extraordinary outputs.

Apps have successfully conquered many business divisions and are still inspiring more of them. Therefore, Elluminati, as on-demand app development company, is here to offer a streamlined solution that fits any business category. The apps are customized to meet all the business requirements to stay in the race and contribute higher to the gig economy.

Varied Business Sectors That Fits Elluminati’s Products

Prior to selecting your desired solution have a look at the variable platforms that we craft with imperative and latest features that forges future market requirements.

Eber – Transportation Management Platform

Eber is designed to handle the operations of taxi-hailing, ride-sharing, car rental, and similar kinds of business. The taxi app allows the customers to book a ride in their desired fleet scheduled at their favorable time. The platform further has the chauffeur app to manage the fleets and assign rides online. The overall business is surveillance by the business admin through their dedicated panel.

Important Features of Eber:

Riders can book their fleet from the app to get service as soon as possible or schedule to their preferred time.

EDelivery - Delivery Managing Platform

EDelivery is a platform that can be adopted by the business that allows the delivery of services to the customers in a local area. The stores like food, grocery, medical, flower, liquor, etc., can opt for this advanced solution. Customers can place an order and choose to get delivery at home through the app. Stores will receive the order, prepare it, and assign it to the delivery men. Business admin, through the panel, will manage the stores, delivery men, and customers.

Significant Features of EDelivery:

In the new normal, where social distancing is necessary, the delivery man will offer a contactless delivery preferring the hygiene norms.

E-Services - Services Management Platform

E-Services allows businesses like medical services, home services, saloons, laundry, tutors, etc., to offer online services to the customers. The online platform lets customers add their location and choose the type of services required. The providers will receive the service requests in their respective modules and fulfill the service in the expected time interval.

Imperative Features of E-Services:

Customers can schedule the services at their favorable time interval from the app.

Courier Application - Logistics Management Platform

The business that offers pick-up parcel and delivery services can opt for the on-demand platform. Customers will place an order from the app entering the pick-up address and parcel details and the destination address. The driver will complete the delivery services.

Essential Features:

Customers can log in to the platform using the social media account for quick registration.

ESuper - Multiple Services Management Platform

ESuper is a versatile platform to conduct multi-service business within it. It has different types of verticals in it listing taxi, delivery, courier, household-related, and online appointment bookings. Customers can any services from the platform, which are received by the merchant and then assigned to the service partners. The entire business is managed by the admin from its dashboard.

Some of the essential features of ESuper:

Customers can choose any service types from the given list and those are available on the platform based on their location.

On-demand Business Needs Smart and Comprehensive Modules

Handling every business task serving the on-demand needs of the consumers with intelligent components that give end-to-end operational efficiencies

Customers App/Website

A customer-oriented app and panel lets them order products or services, track the order, communicate within the app, pay online, ETAs, etc.

Provider App

Apps are integrated with GPS to find routes to customers’ locations; also, they can receive tips, access referral benefits, and withdraw desired amounts from the app.

Store or Dispatcher App/Website

Easy to manage orders, assign orders, analyze earnings and transactions, add providers and other helpful features to perform business online

Administrator Website

Admin website can supervise the entire platform- a 360-degree view of the business. It manages customers, stores, and providers.

Essential Features Of On-Demand App Solution

Customer-centric, on-demand app solution is forged with the imperative features in all its components letting the business automate the business functions.

Enhanced Analysis

The dashboard in the product provides improved analysis for an admin to view earnings, transactions, and orders that helps business upscaling. They can generate and view reports of stakeholder earnings also to measure their profits and success.

Feature Customization

Our on-demand app platform includes support for feature customization to suit business needs. They can integrate the features that a particular business offers to their customers and update those in the future.

In-app Communication Support

The platform is integrated with in-app chatting features, offering stakeholders convenience to communicate within the app. Every user can maintain their privacy while chatting with other users.

Multi-language Support

On-demand apps scaleups your business with multiple language support to perform business in several countries. Customers can use any desired language to use the app or to communicate with the stores or deliverymen.

Transparency in Business

The platform allows transparency in business operations. It allows the users to post ratings and reviews about the services. For the delivery process, users and stores will receive confirmation codes. Drivers can also send confirmation images to the customers.

Personalized Platform

A business gets the solution designed with various branding options within it. The platform will resemble the brand's logo, name, and themes to make a personalized stage to conduct the operations exclusively and enhance the online presence.

Elevate Your Business With On-demand Application Development Solution

Progress your business in an era where technology is the master, adopting an on-demand application platform suitable to your business idea. We discuss our customer’s business approaches and provide them with the best platform to automate their tasks and generate better revenues.

How Our On-Demand App Development Platform Works?

On-demand app development platform provides a streamlined workflow that allows you to meet all user demands, offering convenient and immediate services. Below-mentioned is the workflow of our offered solution, which aims to generate an excellent user experience applied across any on-demand business locality.

Customers will browse for orders or service requests from the app and select the desired ones.
Further, they have to checkout and pay with their desired methods available on the platform.
The respective outlet/dispatcher will receive the request and assign providers to fulfill the task.
Providers will receive a request on their separate app and complete the assigned task within expected time.
Lastly, stores/dispatchers, deliverymen, and customers can place reviews for the corresponding service they received.

Take a Look at On-demand App Development Company's Pricing Details

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Services Management

Significance of Our On-demand App Development Services Has Been Known By These Points

Elluminati Inc, an on-demand app development company, designs feature-packed apps, and their supportive panels. Our work is not only appreciated by our customers but is also mentioned by CMSWiRE, GoodFirms, MarketWatch, and Product Hunt. Partnering with us is going to prove beneficial to your business for several.

Best Technology

Our on-demand app platform is developed with modern technology giving out a powerful app with analyzable code and the best app performance.

Customized Apps

With the growing needs of online services, our platform is scaled to manage any number of customers, enabling a business to integrate multiple new features.

Scalable Solution

A business idea has a wide range of constraints, challenges, and products. Our on-demand app service is ready to bring off all solutions, integrating smooth running functions for the business.

Best Technical Support

Our clients will get three months of free technical support with the advance package and six months in enterprise packages. Besides, we also offer add-on technical support.

Multiple Packages to Opt

We offer multiple packages like Enterprise package, Advanced Package, DIY Package, and Rental Package. Clients can choose their investment cost.

Great Experience

Our apps are well-designed and developed with complete white-label and personalized branding features like logo, name, theme, etc.

Embrace Your Businesses Using Our Tech Suite Serving Convenience to Customers

On-demand Apps Well-crafted by Elluminati

Alsaree3 - Food Delivery App in Iraq

Alsaree3 is an immediate delivery platform serving food to customers in Iraq. It was launched in 2018, serving customers delicious food from local area restaurants. The app is widely used in the city because it offers swift delivery services and is an excellent app, further focusing on the emerging cities to serve their best services. It keeps customers up to date with the offers and events.

Installs: 100000+

Reviews: 4.3 / 5

Dhaweeye- Online Ride-Hailing Business In Somalia

Dhaweeye is an excellent online taxi-hailing business in Somalia. Customers can book a taxi in well-crafted app designs with user-centric features, offering quick online services. The company operates in the entire country and now provides a huge number of rides per day. The apps have a stable pricing structure and other advanced features like social login, fair price estimation, and many more.

Installs: 100000+

Reviews: 4.6 / 5

Mentionings From Happy Customers Who Are Satisfied With Our Work

Faastx - Delivery Platform in Mexico

The online delivery solution that provides food from the local restaurants in Mexico. The CEO and founder of Faastx appreciated our work and said it is an excellent solution developed to meet all the requirements. The platform is stable, and managing tasks seamlessly with it. The business has complete control over all modules managed within the single screen. Moreover, it allows real-time monitoring of the complete delivery flow.

XLOCL - Delivery Platform in the USA

XLOCL is an ordering and delivery service providing swift deliveries to customers in the USA. John Riley III, CEO of the company, found the platform is developed with an advanced solution stack, giving away seamless business handling. The app is integrated with advanced features to order food and track delivery services throughout. Also, their team was happy with adequate control over the entire platform.

Frequently Asked Questions on On-demand App Development

1. What is an on-demand app?

An on-demand app is a platform that unites buyers and individual services providers. Users can order products or services and aim to deliver them in a count of minutes. The mediator between the customer and business concedes to choose each other reciprocally.

2. What type of business can adopt the on-demand services platform?

Through an online platform, the business that allows or wants their customer to offer services like ordering, payments, delivery service, etc., through online platforms can adopt the on-demand apps. For example, grocery stores, food stores, ride-sharing businesses, taxi booking businesses, home care services, health care centers, and others fall into these categories of business ideas.

3. How much does it cost to develop an on-demand app?

Several types of on-demand apps cost different. For the delivery business, the app costs between $6000 to $8000. For fleet management businesses, on-demand apps cost between $3000 to $8000. And for services business, the overall costs could lie between $3000 to $6000. However, the costs also depend on how much a business wants to customize the platform’s each side, and it could cost a higher amount to upscale the modules.