Restaurant Website Builder For Food Delivery And Takeouts

Make Your Restaurant Business A Crowd-puller By Implementing The Best Restaurant Website Builder That Ensures A Smooth Operation And Consistent Growth With An Unmatched Digital Presence And Empowers Your Restaurant Business

What is a Restaurant Website Builder? How does it Pedestal Your Business?

Restaurant website builder is the ultimate solution to build a food delivery website for your takeaway business encompassing everything your business could seek. It gives you entire control of your restaurant that you can operate within online platforms. The latest statistics show that consumers are upping restaurant delivery so leveraging digital platforms is essential.

Elluminati provides a complete branded solution and makes the process of maintaining websites easier by facilitating user-centric features. Food ordering site builder is the perfect solution for those entrepreneurs who want to cater to the rising needs of customers by deploying solutions such as;

Verticals We Support As Food Web Makers

  • Restaurants
  • Cafés
  • Food ordering startup
  • Catering
  • Dessert and Cake shops
  • Cloud kitchens
  • Take Away

Create Restaurant Website Using Enticing Features

Analytics And Management

  • Get detailed insights into financial reports and payment data such as salary to staff, commission expenses, monthly revenue, etc.
  • A neat way to manage delivery providers, customers and handle revenue gained from the total orders and advertisements.
  • You will come to know about the total earnings, how many customers you have. How many orders you are getting daily, etc.

Real-Time Order And Fleet Management

  • From “order received to preparation to dispatch,” restaurants can easily change the delivery status within a second and assign orders to the delivery provider.
  • Let customers track the real-time location of the delivery agent and order to ensure fast delivery.
  • Manage a number of delivery providers with their fleet details and suggest smart routes to reduce total delivery timing.

Monitor Day-To-Day Activities

  • Keep eyes on daily sales, payment invoices, number of orders, number of ongoing orders, and canceled orders within the food web maker solution.
  • Creating a restaurant website can help you make informed decisions for the future by presenting real-time reports like daily sales, number of customers, and daily expenses.
  • Access to control day-to-day activities such as order management, add delivery providers, calculate the taxable amount, net profit, etc.

Notifications And Feedback Management

  • Update customers by sending them real-time notifications such as orders received, preparing, dispatched, and delivered.
  • Send notifications related to offerings, loyalty programs, events, and keep them engaged with your business.
  • Check and manage ratings, reviews, feedback from customers in order to check the room for improvisation in service.

How Does Takeout and Delivery Website Work

Some entrepreneurs are reluctant to get started with a delivery website builder. But it is a simpler and easier way to create a food delivery website with the food ordering website builder as it comes with the latest features that enable you to accept and manage orders seamlessly. Before you get started, it is essential for entrepreneurs to understand how it works and how customers get deliveries at their doorsteps.

  • Quick and easy to SEARCH items that you want to order from your favorite restaurant
  • Add to cart selected items, enter necessary details (address, payment details)
  • Make a payment from the options given or opt for cash and track the order
  • The restaurant will receive the order request, start preparing the order and assign it to the delivery provider
  • The order will be delivered to customers; they can give ratings and share reviews based on the overall experience.

Key Components Of Our Food Ordering Website Builder

Food delivery website builder comprises different components that allow you to take control of your own business effectively

Customer App Workflow

View order placing and tracking process of our restaurant website builder

View App Flow

Store App Workflow

Dynamic store app to generate insightful reports and keep a daily track of business operations.

View App Flow

Store Panel Workflow

Stores can manage inventory, smooth supply, and market analysis to make future decisions.

View App Flow

User Panel Workflow

Let customer place and track delivery orders with a dedicated user panel come with a food delivery website

View App Flow

Delivery Provider App Workflow

Manage delivery providers to ensure on-time food delivery with the dedicated delivery provider module

View App Flow

Advanced Technology and Digital Blending in Restaurants

  • Dedicated Modules
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Simple, Fast, and Intuitive

Take Control Of Your Restaurant Business At One Place

Create a restaurant website with our in-built features that ensure a better user experience and long-term success

User App

Delivery Scheduling

Users can choose to schedule a delivery time of the order as per their convenience

Easy Product Search

A customer can search the food by its name or can filter based on the price, reviews, and popularity


Add most liked food item or restaurant to the favorite list for placing fast order next time


Customers can re-order the same food item and get it delivered to the mentioned address quickly

Store App

Product List

Store members can add/remove product items based on demand and availability


Let your customers know about offerings, deals, discounts with a single click

Smart Reports

The store can generate weekly, daily, monthly reports which will help them to make future decisions

Assign Delivery

Outlet owners can assign delivery requests to the nearest delivery provider, or can providers manually

Delivery Provider App

Status Update

Delivery providers can update availability status to online/offline as per their preferences

Live Tracking Route

With GPS integration, the delivery provider can easily track and check the customer’s location

Profile Management

Delivery agents can add/modify details such as an address, driving license number, image, etc.


Easy access to track payments, including income from orders and tips

Store Panel

Manage Store Info

Update store name, contact details, business hours, add images, website name, etc.

Manage Menu

Stores can update their menu, pricing, minimum order quantity, etc.

Manage Drivers

There is an option for the stores to manage their drivers and add or edit the documents that are being submitted.

Manage Promos

Stores can create and add new promotional offers for customers to boost their sales and profits

User Panel

Easy Onboarding

Users can start placing orders for their favorite meals by using social media logins or with email ID registration

Nearby Restaurant

By enabling GPS location, customers can search and see all the nearby restaurants and place orders

Takeaway Option

Customer either can go for doorstep delivery or choose a takeaway option from a nearby restaurant

In-App Chat Support

Customers can call customer support or connect through the chat option for help

Why Food Ordering Sites Builder Makes Sense for Your Restaurant Business

Increased Sales

Increase sales and maximize your ROI by giving easy access to online order placing to their customers. One can also generate additional revenue streams without investing much

Improve Order Accuracy

Easy and simple search, multiple payment options, real-time tracking, in-app chat support, etc. reduces errors, avoids miscommunication, and improves order accuracy

Expand Customer Base

Customers today seek out restaurants that have a digital ordering system. Thus, create a food delivery website to attract patrons and broadens your potential audience

Fast and Easy

Online food ordering offers convenience and comfort. Let customers make an order for their favorite dish while they are on the go with ease

Explore The Core Features Of Food Delivery And Takeaway Website Builder

Special Offers And Deals

To make a solid customer base, build a powerful marketing channel with personalized notifications, and offers that are integrated into a food delivery website. It encourages customers to place more orders

Location Management

Serve your customers within geographical proximity as it has the ability to define the geo-fenced area, add delivery charges, and assign drivers by considering the location of the users

Monitor Deliveries

For smooth and fast delivery service, the platform is integrated with smart route optimization functionality that allows one to assign and track each moment of delivery provider in real-time

Business Analytics

Keep eyes on your entire business with smart, insightful reports and oversee daily orders, delayed deliveries, canceled orders, weekly/monthly income with powerful analytics solutions

Manage Everything Under A Roof

Manage all the business operations in a single place and make data-driven decisions as per the analytics, which will help you growth of your business

10x Profits With Promotional Campaign

Skyrocket your restaurant business revenue with highly scalable and data-driven marketing campaigns and foster brand loyalty and customer’s trust

Support And Settings

Get unique and powerful settings that let you edit prices, taxes, and decide service radius. Via FAQ section or in-app chat feature, provide excellent customer support and resolve their queries

Reduce Delivery Cost

By assigning delivery providers based on location, businesses can enhance their delivery operations and reduce delivery times. As a result, you can reduce delivery costs and save more.

Delivery Provider App

Accept or reject food delivery requests as per their preferences with the help of a dedicated delivery provider app.

Customer App

Feature-rich user app that lets them place, track orders seamlessly and get them delivered with real-time features.

Store App

Fast and easy access to add or manage products with a user-friendly interface.

What’s Included In Our Restaurant Delivery Website Builder

Have a glance at the live demo sessions of apps included in the solution so that you can gain a clear understanding of how all app modules, user app, delivery provider app, and store app function.

Delivery Provider App

Accept or reject food delivery requests as per their preferences with the help of a dedicated delivery provider app.

Customer App

Feature-rich user app that lets them place, track orders seamlessly and get them delivered with real-time features.

Store App

Fast and easy access to add or manage products with a user-friendly interface.

Know How Food Ordering Sites Builder Empowers Your Restaurant Business

User Panel

Simple and intuitive user interface, from single click login to order confirmation, dedicated user panel makes ordering process comfortable

Store Panel

With diverse easy management options such as menu update, store info, promotion offers, tracking payment, it allows you to perform everything right away.

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FAQ About Restaurant Delivery Website Builder

If you have more questions regarding our solution, then connect with us to get more info.

A restaurant business should build a fully furnished food delivery website with all the required characteristics that a business would need to conquer the market. It includes the parameters to stand up to customer’s expectations. You have two options, either opt for custom solutions or readymade script.

Yes, restaurant website builders are compatible with all platforms. It supports its performance in all browsers on any device.

The cost to develop a website builder depends on the developer you choose. You can contact us at [email protected]and get all your queries resolved or pricing.

Yes. Customers can order their food from the restaurant website or app and choose to pick up their order, once it gets ready.

Stripe is offered as an authorized payment gateway; however, our team can also have addons service where you can request for any gateways integration

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