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There will be hardly a few people who do not use applications on their smartphones in their day-to-day lives. It has changed the way we live. And now, it’s an era where multi-service or we can say ‘One-Stop Shop app’ are changing the way we live, influencing lifestyle with lots of conveniences. Multi-service apps are inevitable, and that is considered worldwide. It serves numerous purposes for people, like on-demand food, ride, home services, and many more.

Entrepreneurs and businesses are trying to shift towards multi-service verticals and trying to cope with the customer’s demands for convenient lifestyles. They understood the importance of convenience in a person’s life. It all started with the first-ever multi services apps that set this trend, like WeChat, Gojek, Careem, etc. And soon, there was a burst of industries in various parts of the world. Looking at some of the super app businesses, some of them started as a single service and then elevated as a multi-service apps.

And their importance grew with that step. Businesses get a wider customer reach by appealing to them for more than one purpose within the multi-service application. Let’s dive into the topic; we will look into how multi-service apps are changing the lives of people and, subsequently, entrepreneurs.

How Multi-service Apps are Changing Lifestyles: Impact on Society

Super apps. There are various multi-service business app trends that have an effect on various groups of people around the world – users, small businesses, large businesses, entrepreneurs, etc. As they have changed the lifestyles of common people, it also has an impact on businesses. And an overall contribution in various forms, like social, economic, and environmental. Let’s dive into each of them individually:

Economic Impact

  • With the super app being a one-stop shop app for customers can get their multiple purposes fulfilled within one application, there is a declining need to install multiple applications and save resources, like time productivity, thus resulting in economic benefits.
  • It allows businesses to scale their services efficiently and without much complexity within one platform, improving their sales and revenues for them. This is an overall efficient way to impact the economy from small businesses.
  • Though one platform integrates multiple services, it creates new employment opportunities, such as drivers, and merchants, all in multiple categories of services. And thus creating an economic impact on the customers

Social Impact

  • Multi-service apps have a social impact on individual and communities, increasing the efficiency for businesses to incorporate multiple services within one platform.
  • Improved convenience for customers and businesses from one place, saving time and effort.
  • Super apps assembled various job opportunities for common people, such as delivery drivers or freelance workers, small-scale businesses with minimal networks, and so on, providing an alternative source of income.

Environmental Impact

The super app being super can manage most of the business tasks within one platform, eliminating to use of the resources separately for separate verticals so, contributing to a positive environmental effect on the business.

How Multi-service Apps Change the Work For Entrepreneurs?

Multi-service applications or also called Super apps, integrate multiple services in a single platform. It sounds complicated for the business to integrate various services within one platform and then manage it. For customers, too, it can be complicated to find entirely different types of services within one platform.

Determining Services and Features of Super Apps

The idea is to connect various service providers and customers who seek those services, being a multi-service app as an aggregator. As an entrepreneur, it is necessary to decide which services a customer would look for in a single app. Well, there is no particular theory that determines what categories of services could go together within one platform. Here are certain examples of existing super apps

WeChat– Chatting, live streaming, shopping, ordering food delivery, or booking a trip
Grab– Purchase of movie tickets, hotel reservations, delivery, or commercial loans.
Gojek– GoRide, GoShop, GoSend and GoFood, GoFitness

All of these super apps have started something and become super apps with these examples of supers apps.

Prepare Neat User Interface

For the sake of both customers and businesses, the user interface will determine lots of things. Integrating various services won’t be an issue; how it has to be presented is what one has to work on precisely. And that is the user interface(UI) of the application concisely do While creating a multiple services application, prefer to follow the fundamentals of UI for multi-service applications that allows giving a simple, clear, appealing look to the multi-services application. No matter how complex the business model is and how diverse service categories are offered, it can surely entice customers.

This will so make the lives of the customers convenient and entrepreneurs profitable.

A win-win situation! 😃🤝

Advancement in Super Apps

With evolving traditional businesses, technology has a lot to contribute to evolving these businesses further. Super app has effects of technologies like AI, Big Data, and machine learning that contribute towards it enhancing the abilities of super applications. Also, blockchain technology seems to drastically affect traditional businesses and reduce operational expenses while effectively and securely maintaining a huge chunk of data.

Types of Multi-Services Apps

Multi services apps, as we see earlier and even in how our lifestyles are proliferated in various industries. All of them are trying to become online shopping centers for the customer, giving an easier reach to them for their customers.

  • E-commerce Apps
  • On-demand Services Apps
  • Lifestyle Apps
  • Healthcare Apps
  • Entertainment Apps


Multi-service apps are changing the way we live, our shopping habits and being one of the dependencies of customers in the near future. And that too for effective lifestyles. Entrepreneurs and businesses are all aiming at the same to jump into this change to their business models and thus make a drastic impact socially, economically, and environmentally.

Here we are for entrepreneurs and businesses. If they want to develop multi-service applications, reach us with the business requirements. We have a white-label multi-service app script specially designed to scale the business efficiently.