Zepto Clone - 10 Min Grocery Delivery Solution

Zepto clone is a feature-rich and innovative solution to revolutionize your conventional grocery delivery business; it provides a seamless user experience and helps to boost your sales.

What is Zepto Clone? How Can It Benefit Your Grocery Business?

With technological advancement, everyone is up to providing digital services to their clients for grocery shopping. Talking about the Zepto clone, it is a modern solution to help entrepreneurs manage the entire business operations in one standard location. Within the platform, consumers can conveniently make orders, pay for it and keep an eye on the order status until it is delivered.

The solution comprises elemental components, making it feasible for the business owner to easily accept, dispatch, and track orders. An app like Zepto can help entrepreneurs attract more clients and save labor costs. Most importantly, it can improve customer satisfaction by providing users with a convenient and efficient grocery shopping experience. Overall this pre-built software can benefit in various ways and result in increased revenue so that you can reach out to more growth opportunities.

Descriptive Modules Of Zepto Clone App

Zepto clone app offers distinct modules for each consumer, with exceptional features to streamline order and delivery operations.

User App

Explore Category

Buyers can choose a category listed in a store, like vegetables, drinks, snacks, etc., and order multiple items from the store.

Multiple Payment Modes

Users can access multiple modes of payments so they can pay as they want, be it cards, net banking, UPI, cash, etc.

Schedule Delivery

Consumers are provided with two alternatives, such as instant order or order scheduling. Consumers can choose to schedule a delivery for a future date and time.

Digital Invoice

Through the platform, buyers can generate a digital invoice of their ordered products, in which the statement includes all the applicable taxes, fees, and total amount.

User Website

Checkout Screen

Users get all the details on the checkout screen like order items, customer details, store details, and payment gateways.

Add Applicable Coupons

Users get the promo codes which they can enter in the checkout screen and redeem to get exhilarating advantages.

Add Delivery Note

While ordering, users can add a delivery note for the address to which the order is being delivered.

Contact Less Delivery

Customers can tick the box for contactless delivery and get a safe delivery at the address.

Store Website

Upload Documents

As required by the admin, stores have to add specific documents while registering to the platform, which will be verified.

Add Bank Details

For transactions, stores can add a bank account which can also link to the wallet integrated into the platform, to settle the payments.

Manage Profile

Grocery stores can modify their profile details like name, email, password, contact details, location, etc.

Select Languages

Stores get various languages to use the app as given by the admin; they can choose one convenient language.

Delivery Provider’s App

Manage Profile

After the successful registration, delivery providers can manage and update their profiles by uploading photos and other necessary details.

Accept/Reject Requests

In the app, Delivery persons got an option to accept or reject a particular order delivery request assigned by stores or admin as per their attainability.

In-App Navigation

The app comprises integration map services, making it easier for the delivery partners to locate the user’s address within the app.

Delivery Records

The delivery provider can explore the overall history of obtained orders and their fulfilled services within the app, including all the vital order details.

Store App

Accept/Reject Orders

Grocery stores can choose to accept or reject the order request of users as per their availability of products.

Product Images

Vendors can upload images of their products so users can get a clear idea of how a particular product looks like.

Offers And Discounts

To catch the attention of more buyers, shoppers can implement offers and discount deals and easily manage them accordingly.

Report Analysis

Grocery stores are able to generate sales reports to gain a precise overview of profit and sales.

Admin Dashboard

Manage Users

Through the panel, the admin can handle overall users, be it buyers, delivery providers, or stores, and put on specific limits to access the app functionality.

Push Notification

The admin can send push notifications to grocery vendors, buyers, and delivery providers related to offers, orders, payments, etc.


The business administrator can track grocery vendors, delivery providers, and the user’s location via the panel and receive real-time task updates.

Earning Reports

Business admins can efficiently access the payment reports from performed deliveries and orders to get a precise idea of profit.

How Zepto Clone Script Works?

By utilizing a dedicated web panel and mobile application, consumers can easily order grocery items. Below are the easy steps that describe the workflow of the Zepto clone script.

  • From the app or web panel, buyers can easily browse the grocery stores nearby their location.
  • After exploring the menu, buyers can add grocery items to the cart and go forward to the checkout screen to make payments.
  • Afterward, the store will be notified regarding the order and start working on it; at the same time, the order will be assigned to a particular delivery partner.
  • Now the delivery provider will pick up the ordered items from the grocery vendor and then deliver the order at the customer’s doorway.
  • During the procedure, users will be able to track the location of their order in real time.

At last, consumers can give reviews and ratings as per their overall experience and interaction with the business.

Why Should You Opt for Zepto Clone App Development?

  • Customized Solutions
  • Eye-appealing UI Design
  • Advanced Dashboard for Business Administrator

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Distinctive Features Of An App Like Zepto

An app like Zepto is incorporated with distinctive functionalities and a user-friendly approach so both parties, business admin and clients, can enjoy the best app experience.

Mark It Favourite

Consumers can mark a particular store as their favorite and make a list of favorite stores. It will help to easily find a particular product from the stores, eliminating the need to explore the menu from the start.

Real-Time Updates

Users will get real-time updates on the ordered items within the platform, starting when the order is placed, accepted, and prepared, and until it is delivered to the customer’s desired address.

In-app Chat

With an in-app chat feature, users can easily connect with their assigned delivery partners in real-time. Users can connect with partners for queries or delivery details or else can provide instructions as well.

Promo Codes

Consumers can access the promo codes provided by grocery vendors or admin and apply the codes during the checkout procedure to get specific discounts on orders.

Reviews & Ratings

The business administrator can oversee the feedback given by clients, and by considering the rating, the admin can work to provide satisfactory services to consumers.

Interactive UI

The platform consists of an interactive and eye-appealing user interface and remarkable functionalities to provide users with a smooth online shopping experience.

Provider App

Delivery personnel can sign up under the app, and after registration, they can start earning by performing tasks.

User App

The app comprises advanced features, making it feasible for users to shop for groceries from the app.

Store App

Grocery vendors can easily handle and oversee the business operation throughout the store app.

Feature Rich EDelivery App That Provides A Streamlined Experience

Learn about our readymade apps included in the EDelivery platform with impressive user interfaces and essential features.

Provider App

Delivery personnel can sign up under the app, and after registration, they can start earning by performing tasks.

User App

The app comprises advanced features, making it feasible for users to shop for groceries from the app.

Store App

Grocery vendors can easily handle and oversee the business operation throughout the store app.

User-Friendly Websites Dedicated To Respective Business Purposes

User Panel

A web-based panel for users consists of similar functionalities to a mobile app so consumers can easily make orders and pay for it.

Admin Panel

The business administrator is provided with a user-friendly panel to manage orders, deliveries, payments, and other tasks just by tapping on the mobile screen.

Store Panel

Grocery vendors are assigned with a feature-rich web panel so they can handle orders and deliveries smoothly.

Kick Start Your Business By Opting For Ready-to-launch Platforms

Entrepreneurs can rely on our pre-built solutions that can be launched on their specific schedules eliminating the need to wait too long.

Get an Innovative Solution Zepto Clone App For your Business

Digitalize your conventional grocery store with Zepto clone app development that proffers a streamlined workflow to handle the business operation

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An app like Zepto allows buyers to shop for groceries online from nearby stores and get it delivered to their doorway. The platform is integrated with advanced functionalities for order management, dispatch systems, and a secured payment gateway, so business owners can easily manage their business assignments through the platform.

The cost structure to build the Zepto clone app ranges from $7K to $15K and can be more measuring the advanced functionalities to incorporate into the platform.

Yes, we do provide technical support for free for the time duration of three months. To receive further support clients can purchase subscription packages to receive additional support.

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