Walmart Clone

Benefit your conventional grocery store with a feature-rich Walmart clone that connects customers with local stores, supermarkets and double up your business growth in a short span of time

What is Walmart Clone? How Does It Take Care of All Aspects of Business?

Walmart clone is one of the finest solutions that help business owners to accept, manage and dispatch online grocery orders and also streamline business operations in a smart way. The platform comes with lots of contactless features and keeps all the associated stakeholders.

Demand for mobility solutions is increasing as the online grocery market size is expected to surpass $38 billion by 2023. Therefore, to capitalize in this emerging sector, an app like Walmart enables entrepreneurs to display their menu, accept online orders and keep their businesses robust for the foreseeable future.

Excellent In-Built Features Of An App Like Walmart To Run Grocery Business Successfully

To fulfill modern people’s needs, an app like Walmart equipped with some amazing features and delivers a customized ordering experience.

User App

Browse Products

Buyers can browse stores, products, and menus in a smart way, which makes the overall browsing experience faster

Multi-Payment Mode

Let users make payments through multiple ways of modes, including cards, net bankings, UPI, cash, etc.

Schedule Delivery

Customers are offered two options. They can schedule delivery by entering a valid date and time


With the history feature, consumers can easily make a repeat order of their favorite items

User Website

Change Password

Users can change the password if they forget it using the registered email or set a new password from the profile.

Add Favorite Address

Customers can add their favorite delivery address within the platform and access it anytime using the credentials

Order History

Customers can access the order history with the details like added items, price, payment details, etc., within the platform

Add Applicable Coupons

Users can add applicable promotional codes given by admin or store owners at the checkout screen to receive benefits

Store Website

Create Menu

The store can create the menu by adding items, categories, sub-categories, modifiers, and all required details.

Dispatch Orders

Stores can dispatch the orders either by assigning it manually or auto-assigning orders to the nearest drivers

Earning Analysis

All the store’s earnings from the completed orders and delivery service are stored separately as week or month history

Import/Export Data

Menu, order list, earnings, and all such lists are imported to the sheet or even exported from the sheet for offline use

Store App

Accept/Reject Orders

Based on the stock availability, stores can accept or reject new order request

Discount And Offers

To attract more buyers, outlet owners can introduce discount offers and manage offering and deals easily

Sales Reports Analysis

Vendors can generate their sales reports periodically from the app, which beings helpful in making data-driven decisions

Manage Profile

Let stores add, edit and update profile details including operating hours, menu, map, address, etc. with ease

Admin Dashboard

Push Notifications

The admin can send push notifications to the stores, buyers, and delivery providers related to offers, orders, payment, etc.

Payment Reports

From managing delivery provider’s payment to commission and other payment, admin can maintain each activity

Real-Time Updates

Admin has full rights to oversee each activity going on the platform by getting real-time updates in order to measure business performance

Manage Grocery Stores

Admin can add, update, and remove grocery stores as per their preferences. However, they can also measure the order volume coming up from each store

Delivery Provider App

Profile Update

Delivery providers can update profiles, upload documents, and edit payment details whenever required.

Submit Documents

Before offering grocery delivery services, delivery providers need to submit essential documents for verification purpose

Route Optimization

The delivery provider’s app is integrated with smart GPS features and suggests smart route for providers so they can fulfill delivery service in a timely manner

Accept/Decline Request

Delivery executives can accept/ decline order requests as per their availability. However, they can turn off the toggle to not receive new order request

Enlarge Your Grocery Business with Walmart Like App Development

  • Exceptional user experience
  • Scalable and robust
  • Easy inventory management

How Does Walmart Clone Script Work?

Modern tech tools and the penetration of smartphones have made people tech-savvy, and ordering groceries is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Using dedicated websites and applications, buyers now order groceries and get them delivered to their doorsteps in no time. Wondering how a Walmart clone script works? Check out the workflow.

  • Through dedicated websites and applications, buyers can browse nearby grocery stores and various items
  • Users need to add items to the cart and proceed further to make payment.
  • The store receives the order, pack the same, and assign a nearby delivery provider for dispatch
  • Delivery providers collect the order from the store’s location and reach to customer’s location using the smart GPS system
  • Buyers can track this entire process in real-time and leave reviews based on the overall experience

App Similar To Walmart Comes With Distinctive Features

Online grocery ordering apps are supposed to make people’s lives easier. An app similar to Walmart comes with modern features that help entrepreneurs to please buyers and boost order volume

Nearby Local Stores

Consumers can browse various local stores in their locality and access menus of different stores along with product description

Ratings and Reviews

Admin can view each review and rating left by buyers, it will allow business owners to improve overall services

Advanced Analytics

Identify customer behavior, keep eyes on daily orders, monitor delivery provider’s activities with powerful reports

Multiple Orders

A customer can place multiple items at the same time from different grocery stores and make payments without any hassle

Delivery Providers

Enable service providers to manage order requests with smart route optimization

User App

Developed with numerous features, users can now place orders and get groceries delivered at home


Embraced with all the modern features, store managers can oversee each operation within the store app

Run A Successful Grocery Delivery Business With Our Exclusive Apps

Explore the live app demo links to learn more about how each app module functions.

Delivery Providers

Enable service providers to manage order requests with smart route optimization

User App

Developed with numerous features, users can now place orders and get groceries delivered at home


Embraced with all the modern features, store managers can oversee each operation within the store app

Disrupt The Online Grocery Industry With Customized Panels


Advanced user panel allow buyers to manage profile, place order, and make payment within the solution


Manage overall business operations with a powerful and customized dashboard


Manage the entire grocery ordering and delivery tasks seamlessly through modern store panel

Opt For Business Specific Apps

Get robust solutions that can help your business to grow

Move Your Grocery Store Online With Walmart Clone And Serve Modern Buyers

Provide a new dimension to your conventional grocery store by developing a Walmart clone that can help you automate online grocery orders and reach a maximum audience.

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