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Acquire first rate Shipt clone app allowing your grocery delivery business to fulfill customer’s demand on a mobile platform results transcending new business’s top heights

What is a Shipt Clone? How is Intuitive Platform Beneficial for Your Business?

Customers are appraising online services more nowadays rather than the traditional ones. Grocery shopping is necessary for every home, and easy shopping through a handy device makes their daily needs easy to fulfill. And this is how businesses are also inspired to reduce their handwork and work with digital ideas.

Shipt clone is the app solution for grocery stores to overcome the order and delivery tasks, all inside it. Customers can save their hours of shopping manually and get the grocery deliveries at their doorsteps with a few taps on their smart screens. Stores can set up the platform without much effort.

We volunteer for a fully developed platform, which is also customizable in order to make a suitable platform for any store. Shipt like apps are specially crafted for the customer’s convenience to shopping groceries and ease of business. Consider acquiring the solution with our full support for the store.

Notable Features Included In Shipt Clone Script

Configure Menu

Grocery stores can make a detailed menu including all items available in the stores in the Shipt clone script. Stores can create the categories of their products so that the customers can choose the items quickly. Further, they can also add subcategories of the items and also allow them to pick modifiers while they order the items from your store.

Multiple Business Locations

Vendors can start their business in multiple places through the platform. Through Shipt clone, they can add countries for grocery stores in that location. Moreover, in a country, multiple cities are also allowed to create the store. All the differently located stores are maintained within the platform.

Real-Time Status

The platform provides the real-time status of the customers, drivers, and stores. Customers can track their parcels throughout the way. Even the admin can view the parcel’s status, ensuring the parcel is delivered to the correct address. The overall features ensure faster deliveries and transparency in the process.

Integrated E-Wallets

Users are allowed to use the e-wallets to pay for the order and receive amounts. E-wallet is linked with the bank account of the respective users. Admin can decide the minimum wallet amount needed to pay for the order using the E-wallet. On payment by cash, the admin will deduct the amount from the driver’s wallet.

Schedule Delivery

Customers will be allowed to order from any desired store. They can select all the items from the store if required with the modifiers and then place the order to get deliveries as soon as possible or choose to schedule it. To schedule an order, the requisite time and date have to be entered.

Assign Deliveries

Stores can assign delivery providers from the panel either automatically assign the nearest ones or choose one manually. They can assign the provider based on their availability and preference to perform the tasks smoothly and quickly. Store owners have to choose a vehicle and then select the preferred name for deliveries.

Know the Reasons for preferring the App Like Shipt

  • Customer Convenience
  • Scalability
  • Reliable Checkouts

Go Through the Working of Shipt Clone App Performed Using the Dedicated Apps and Panel

Shipt clone app is an active platform that performs a well-ordered business flow. All the apps and panels work for dedicated users making an overall coherent workflow. Grocery stores can follow the simple working flow as similar to the traditional process, the difference is that here it will be performed using apps and panels:

  • Customers can select the groceries and place the order from app or panel adding the preferred delivery time for delivery
  • Grocery store will receive the orders and can update it if required notifying the customers
  • As the order will be ready, providers will be assigned by the stores to giveaway the parcel
  • Delivery providers will complete delivery to customer’s location and will get ratings and review for the service

Customers App

Invoice Generation

After placing the order, users can generate an invoice with details like price, service tax, total, item tax, etc.

Order Multiple Items

From a single store, customers can order multiple items, selecting one after another, paying for all at once

Mark Favorite Store

Customers can mark their favorite store so that they can order from that store directly from the favorite store’s list instead of searching it

Order List

Customers will find the order list that is ongoing and also past orders, from which the customers can reorder the same order from the app

Customer Panel

Change Password

Users can change the password if they forget it using the registered email or set a new password from the profile.

Add Favorite Address

Customers can add their favorite delivery address within the platform and access it anytime using the credentials

Order History

Customers can access the order history with the details like added items, price, payment details, etc., within the platform

Add Applicable Coupens

Users can add applicable promotional codes given by admin or store owners at the checkout screen to receive benefits

Store Panel

Order List

The store gets all the order lists separated by time, like today’s orders, tomorrow’s orders, scheduled orders, etc.

Set Timings

Stores can update the delivery time availability of the stores in a week which will be shown to the customers.

Modifier Association

In modifier association, the store can associate various groups of modifiers groups which customers can choose accordingly.

Analyze Reviews

Stores can analyze the reviews about order qualities and delivery service given by the customers and take action as necessary.

Store App

Pick-up Service

Grocery store vendors can decide to allow customers to order and pay for groceries online however, buyers can choose to pick up the parcel from the stores on their own.

Create Sub Store

Stores can create sub stores that are assigned to perform the particular tasks. Admin can allow the sub store to use only particular pages which concern their tasks

Add Own Driver

Stores are allowed to add their own drivers, registering them from the store panel. Stores can add vehicle’s details, upload documents

Dispatch Order

The store can dispatch the order assigning the driver for the delivery service, either automatically assigning or manually assigning

Admin Dashboard

Create Admin

Admin can create another admin as a partner, providing them the credentials to access the panel

Dispatch Order

Admin can directly dispatch the order from the admin panel assigning the driver on selecting the vehicle

Approve Users

Admin can approve the drivers, stores who registered in the platform and also can block any user if required from the app

App Settings

All the apps’ features provided in the platform are handled by the admin, which could be updated as or when required

Delivery Provider App

Remain Offline/Active

The driver can remain offline or active on marking from to notify the store’s app as or when available or not for the service

Real-Time Map

Delivery provider’s app is instigated with an in-app map for real-time address tracking of the customers

Chat With Customers

The app also comprises chat features so the delivery personnel can easily connect with customers from the app to update them about any issues or status of their order

Payments In E-Wallet

Drivers will get their payments for delivery in an e-wallet that is connected to the bank account. When there is cash payment after delivery, the admin will discuss the amount from the wallet

Advanced Features of EDelivery

Driver App

As per the customer’s demands, drivers could proffer delivery services using the app provided on the platform

User App

Feature-rich app for grocery shopping dedicated to customers performing outstanding functioning

Store App

Grocery stores are allowed to showcase their groceries in an app, grouping them in different categories and, if required, in further subcategories

Have Insights How App Like Shipt Works

Get a precise idea about the app’s working by exploring the app demos.

Driver App

As per the customer’s demands, drivers could proffer delivery services using the app provided on the platform

User App

Feature-rich app for grocery shopping dedicated to customers performing outstanding functioning

Store App

Grocery stores are allowed to showcase their groceries in an app, grouping them in different categories and, if required, in further subcategories

Check Our Intuitive Panels One By One To Understand Working Of Online Platform

User Panel

A user-friendly panel for customers to order groceries at their convenience

Admin Panel

Admin are indebted to examine all the business’s tasks from the panel including the controlling of apps and panel’s working

Store Panel

Stores get excellent dashboard to hold their stores an extra facility managing business with the help of sub admin and their drivers

Robust Platform To Boost Your Business

Digitalize your business by opting for our real-time platforms

Turn Up Your Conventional Business Strategies With Shipt Clone Script For Improved Business Standards

Many customers are seamlessly handled online in the platform called Shipt clone script, offering them enhanced user experience and providing support to your business that endures everything automatically.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Shipt Clone App

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Any range of convenience stores can acquire the Shipt clone app, and it is versatile to fit all business requirements without undermining the standards of business.

An app like Shipt costs nearly between $7k to $15k and beyond. However, the customization also matters in the total costs that a business would need in the platform.

The major earning channel is from customers, charging them for the delivery services. One can also use the platform for advertising the stores and their products in the platform earning a significant amount.

Yes, as you purchase our product, we offer three months of post-launch technical support. For extended assistance required by our clients, we also provide add-on service.

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