Porter Clone - On-Demand Solution For Logistic Business

Make your logistic business faster with the versatile solution of the Porter clone that can be easily personalized to match all kinds of courier delivery standards.

What is Porter Clone? How Can It Help You To Digitalize Your Trucking Business?

Porter clone is the on-demand solution that works to connect drivers and consumers to fulfill the need for freight delivery services. Entrepreneurs can track the ongoing operations of shipment and can manage drivers, two wheels, truckers, etc., with an advanced admin panel.

The feature-rich app is well-built in concern to satisfy users’ shipment demands and provide efficient services. The solution can help the logistic business to manage the workflow in a sheltered environment. Business owners can access the Porter clone app on Android, iOS, and web platforms.

Prominent Feature List Of The Porter Clone App

Get a feature-rich Porter clone app to satisfy users’ demands and take your trucking business to the next level

User App

Create Profile

Consumers can easily open their accounts in the app to book various kinds of courier delivery services.

Order History

Users are allowed to check on their past orders so they can repeat the same order in the future.

Mark It Favorite

Under the consumer app, users can easily mark a specific product as their favorite.

Track Orders

Tracking is the crucial feature that gives users a bird’s eye view of their orders during the process.

Provider App

Smart Verification

SMS verification is integrated into the app to verify the delivery person’s identity whenever they accept the bookings to maintain security.

Activity Status

The drivers can choose to remain active or offline with this feature which makes it feasible for the store admin to know about their availability.

In-App Chat

Through the in-app chat feature, the delivery person can easily connect with the customers to get to know about their queries regarding delivery.

Referral Codes

Delivery providers can share the referral codes with their connections to encourage them to use the app, and they can earn extra benefits.

Admin Dashboard

Manage Consumers

Admin has hands all over the consumer data to add or remove drivers, users, and stores registered under the app.

Verify Documents

Admin got the authority to overlook and verify the documents provided by stores and delivery partners.

Push Notification

The admin can send push notifications to the app users to notify them regarding offers and updates.

Update Settings

Under the admin panel, the admin authorizer can update the necessary settings regarding the platform.

User Console

Manage Profile

Users can manually create and manage their profiles by updating their names, addresses, and contact details.

Find Near By Store

The location filter allows the customers to browse quickly, allowing them to know the nearby stores as per their needs.

Schedule Orders

Users are allowed to schedule the service request as per their preferences through the user’s website.

Rate And Review

Consumers can provide their feedback to particular service providers based on their overall shopping experience.

Store App

Manage Orders

Through the system, the store manager can handle all the current and scheduled orders with ease.

Add Providers

Under the store app, stores can add their own delivery persons and upload their documents.

Add Offers

The store manager can easily run several discounts by creating offers for users or sub-stores.

Earning Reports

The store app allows the handler to generate their earning reports in detailed view within the app.

Store Panel

Order History

Under the store panel, stores can check the detailed view of their previously completed orders.

Order Cancellation

The store panel allows the handler to cancel the order request of consumers by considering some sufficient reasons only.

Manage Drivers

Stores can manage their delivery providers, or else they can even remove the drivers as per the requirements.

Add Sub Stores

The stores can add their own sub-stores under this panel which can be assigned to perform specific tasks.

How Does a Porter Like App Work?

The courier delivery app works to fulfill the everyday courier delivery and goods transportation demands of users. Entrepreneurs can manage the overall workflow at their fingertips with the help of Porter like app. Generally, the Porter app works in three flows where one is dedicated to users, the second one for stores, and the third one for the drivers. It can be described as follows;

  • At first, users will make a request under the app for their requirement, be it courier delivery of small particles or heavy goods for home transportation.
  • Afterward, the store admin will accept the consumer’s delivery request and assign the request to the particular delivery persons to fulfill the courier delivery service.
  • At last, the delivery partner will accept the order request and performs the tasks to transport the goods safely to the user’s destination.

Noteworthy Characteristics of an App Like Porter

  • Interactive UI Design
  • Scalable Platform
  • Streamlined Admin Dashboard

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Modern Edge Features Of An App Like Porter To Level Up Your Courier Delivery Business

Porter clone script comes with a set of modern features that helps to scale up your business in the digital market.

Fare Assessment

Admin gets authority to set fares/rates for services. Admin can change the rate amount as per user’s changing demands or can change fares as per the packages. The app comprises features to decide rates per distance and time schedules.

Integrated Wallet

The app comes with an integrated wallet so users can link to their respective bank account and utilize it for variable payments. Furthermore, the admin can set up the minimum payment amount for users to pay via e-wallet.

Real-Time Status

Admins can efficiently monitor the real-time status of ongoing order requests, delivery partners, merchants, and users. On the other hand, users can as well keep their eyesight on their booked services throughout the way.

Set up Discount Tokens

With this solution, the admin can introduce discount offers and voucher tokens to the users. Users can easily avail of such discount tokens and can use it to book orders which will initially benefit the owner to gain more bookings.

Provider App

Provider app for drivers with easy registration features to earn a side hustle on flexible hours.

Consumer App

The feature-packed app makes it easy for users to book courier delivery and trucking services.

Store App

Trucking service providers can efficiently manage order requests and also add their substores.

Go Through The Live Demos Of E-Delivery

Explore the live demo sessions and get to know more about the functioning of each app module.

Provider App

Provider app for drivers with easy registration features to earn a side hustle on flexible hours.

Consumer App

The feature-packed app makes it easy for users to book courier delivery and trucking services.

Store App

Trucking service providers can efficiently manage order requests and also add their substores.

Take A Look Into The Intuitive Panels Of EDelivery

User Panel

A user-friendly web panel for users to book all kinds of courier delivery services.

Admin Panel

Admin console allows overseeing all the tasks of the platform.

Store Panel

Manage all the orders seamlessly under the store console.

Exceptional Platforms Catering To Business Demands

Explore additional solutions offered by Elluminati and find the best match platform suiting your business needs.

Enlarge Your Logistic Business With the Customized Porter Clone Script Solution

Are you looking for a platform to manage all the trucking and logistic services conservatively? Porter clone script can be the perfect match to conveniently automate most tasks and provides a strong digital presence in the technological era.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Porter Clone

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Yes, the solution is beneficial for small businesses since it’s a low-investment solution with high benefits.

The estimated cost to buy the porter clone app will be $5000 to $15000 and more. The cost can be high depending on the features required for your business.

Based on the package, you can get 1 to 3 months of free tech support, and you might need to spend extra for the extra support.

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