What is Mr D Food Clone App? How does it Help Streamline Your Business?

The food business of ordering food online and getting it delivered at your doorstep is gaining huge popularity as it captures the vast market. It doesn’t require any technical expertise to run the business over the platform. The flow of the functions in different modules is easy to understand.

Mr D Food Clone App is a power-packed and flexible solution that allows you to create your own food delivery business. With the help of different modules, a food store can manage multiple orders without any hassle.

Elluminati develops an expandable app for food delivery businesses embracing business effectiveness. Dynamic apps like Mr D Food provide a sustainable business proposition to any scale of restaurants.

Highlighting Features

Select Cuisine

With White Label Mr D Food Clone App, Your customers can easily select and order their favorite items from any particular restaurant through user application. Moreover, all the items are divided into subcategories, Customers can add to cart cuisine chosen, so it would be easy for customers to order food from multiple restaurants by following a single checkout process

Favorite Restaurant

Using this unique feature, customers don’t need to scroll the entire application. They can mark their favorite restaurant and keep ordering again and again. Moreover, your favorite marked place will be seen on top of the screen. This feature can also help you to avail a huge discount

Food Varieties

Let your customers browse multiple cuisines easily by dividing the menu in a particular format. The vendor can arrange the items in alphabetical order so that users can quickly place the order without going through the entire menu. The restaurant owner can highlight trending dishes and combo offers separately, it attracts users

Track Location

Once the order is placed, you can easily know the order status, both the customers and vendor can track the current location of the delivery provider. Moreover, Admin can also see the status of ongoing deliveries on their dashboard. Customers can easily calculate the estimated arrival time and track the delivery man’s location until food gets delivered to them.

Customers & Store Management

Admin can easily manage all the details of customers, they can also add/remove them. They can also manage listed restaurants and can update their regular activities such as inventory, daily sale, number of deliveries and other useful information using the Admin panel.

Managing Profile

Merchants, users, or drivers can easily manage their profiles by filling up the necessary information. They can edit/remove details without any restrictions from their respective application. Customers can also add multiple addresses and payment details in their profile. This makes the order process quick and smooth

The Key Parameters Of Our Mr D Food Like App

  • Easy-To-Use
  • High Security
  • Highly Responsive

Easy & Simple Steps To Get Your Order Delivered With Mr D Food Clone Script

If you want to provide a high-quality meal at the customer’s preferred location within a few minutes, White Label Mr D food clone script is perfect for you. Customers can place an order from the user application, track the order, and make payment using any of the payment options. Our Mr D Food like app development follows the below workflow:

  • Customers can order any item from the listed restaurants with the help of separate user applications
  • The restaurant receives the request for the new order and starts preparing for the meal
  • Once the meal is ready to dispatch, they assign pickup requests to the Delivery provider. The Delivery provider accepts the request and arrives at the hotel location
  • The Delivery providers hand over the parcel to customers, users can pay bills through cash, wallet, or debit/credit cards

Mr D Food Clone Has A Lot To Offer You

Mr D Food Clone app is the most convenient way to boost the profit sales in the market that fulfills all the requirements of customers in no time

Users Application

Users can browse and filter restaurants based on a particular city and location

Store Dashboard

Store staff gets a complete view of the pending, ongoing, and completed orders within the store dashboard.

Admin Panel

Manage vendor, customer, and driver details from the Admin dashboard with ease

Delivery Provider Application

Delivery provider can manually update the location to receive order requests from the nearest restaurants.

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One-Stop Solution For Your Delivery Business Having User-Friendly Applications

Foodies can order favorite food conveniently from the app

Fully Equipped Panels For Delivery Business Platform

Customers can use web panel to order dishes and get deliveries at their favorite location

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Frequently Asked Questions on Mr D Food Clone App

1. What is the purpose of the Mr D Food Clone app?

White Label Mr D Food clone aims to create a virtual platform between food stores and customers, where customers can comfortably order their meals and get delivery service to their desired location. Stores can also handle their business tasks from the provided apps and panels.

2. What is the cost to develop apps like Mr D Food?

The cost to develop an app like Mr D Food ranges from $7k to $15k. It further depends on technologies used, functions alteration, and time granted to develop.

3. For how long do you provide tech support for the platform?

We provide tech support for three months on the purchase of our package. Addon service is also available for extended support.

4. Which type of food business can adopt this technological platform?

Any type of food business like a restaurant, small food stalls, cloud kitchen, food truck, desserts stores, beverage stores, or cafes can adopt this solution. The platform is scalable to suit all these categories.