Milkbasket Clone - Delivery App for Milk Products and More

Enter online delivery business for dairy products with Milkbasket clone, getting a cutting-edge technology to handle the business and delivery tasks seamlessly leveraging a characterized position in the gig economy.

What is Milkbasket Clone? Why Does it Ensure a Streamlined Dairy Delivery Business?

In recent times, startups have seen sudden growth. People prefer to buy groceries online, considering that grocery startups also have an enormous scope because of the pandemic restrictions. Further, the delivery business of dairy products is itself a highly demanding and diversifying delivery business. Adopting a platform for the online business of dairy products is now a challenging and productive idea.

Milkbasket clone is an online micro delivery service platform for dairy and customary home requirements that fulfill customers’ demands through an app or website. The solution has all modules customizable, easy functioning with technology, and includes all necessary advanced features.

The online milk delivery startups have acquired 7-8% of the total e-grocery market in CY20, further expected to grow 50% in the next five years. Thus, the entrepreneurs will indeed account for apps like Milkbasket for their dairy business which has gained sudden importance in just a short time.

Features Included In Milkbasket Clone Script Is Computerizing Delivery Tasks

Shine out in the emerging industry, Milkbasket clone script is there to serve customers dairy products online and doorstep deliveries at the expected time.

User App

Choose Dairy Outlet

Customers can choose their desired dairy store and choose desired products with the help of the search bar or search filters from its menu.

Contactless Delivery

Contactless delivery ensures social distancing throughout the whole delivery process and also ensures significant safety standards.

Payment Options

While checking out, customers can pay online or by cash. Online payments include credit/debit cards or e-wallets which is connecting to the card.


From the application, consumers can re-order their past orders with the same items and simplify ordering tasks, request delivery, and pay with the desired method.

User Website

Contact Less Delivery

Customers can tick the box for contactless delivery and get a safe delivery at the address.

Tip Delivery man

Customers can send tips to the deliveryman while ordering as per their preferences, which is also optional.

Track Deliveryman on Map

With real-time updates, customers can track the order delivery status through the integrated map.

Change Profile Details

Customers can update their profiles anytime required by changing their name, email address, contact number, address, etc.

Store Panel

Upload Documents

As the admin requires, stores have to add specific documents while registering to the platform, which will be verified.

Add Bank Details

For transactions within the platform, stores can add bank details that can also link to the wallet integrated into the platform to settle the payments.

Create an Order

Stores can create customer orders depending on the type of order, like parcel, takeaway, and delivery, with the customer’s details.

Dispatch Orders

Stores can assign the orders, either assigning the orders manually or auto-assigning, them to the available and nearest drivers.

Dairy Stores

Manage Orders

Store owners can assign orders manually or auto-assign, analyze orders, and even export them offline.

Locate Deliveryman

Stores can locate deliverymen to assign the nearest ones for the service; they can also track them.

Add Providers

Stores can take their own drivers for the service, registering them with their respective vehicles from the app.

Create Dairy Orders

Stores can choose to order on behalf of the consumers selecting items and entering their delivery address.

Admin Panel

Manage Users

Business admin can manage multiple dairy products outlets, customers, delivery providers, vehicles, and many more from the panel.

Draw Zone

Admin can draw zones for the dairy outlets and set different prices for each zone for the delivery service.

Advertise For Stores

Admin can advertise stores or rands for limited time intervals in the customer’s app and panel and charge them.

Check Activity Log

Admins get to know all the activities of the apps or panels and check them based on priority to solve the issues.

Delivery Provider

Connect With Bank

Delivery providers can link their bank cards with e-wallets to settle payments, and they can also withdraw.

Verify From App

The delivery providers can add documents from the app as the admin requires to verify them and their vehicle information.

Navigate From App

Providers can navigate the delivery address of the customers with the integrated map selecting desired routes.

Notify Status

Providers can notify their status in the app online or offline as per their availability to accept delivery service requests.

Acquire a Milkbasket Like an App With the Unique Features

  • Customizable Platform
  • Stability
  • Active Execution

How Does an Milkbasket Clone App Works?

The working flow of the online dairy delivery flow is simple, conducted with dedicated modules. The milkbasket clone app maintains the balance between the customers, deliveryman, and stores, as they cannot experience in-person communication. All the modules respond to the respective users in real-time that is why the platform can perform adequate progress. The workflow of the online business through this platform follows the several steps as mentioned below:

  • Customers can select required dairy products from an app or website, place an order, and pay with their desired card or in cash.
  • Dairy stores will prepare the orders and update them in case of non-availability of the items in the stores.
  • Deliveryman will be assigned to convey the order to the customer’s location and will notify stores.

Set Of Inclusive Features Of The Milbasket Clone That Eases Ordering And Delivery Tasks

Social Sign Ups

Platform users can sign up quickly with their social accounts and start browsing for their cravings within just a click.

Easy Searching

Consumers can look for the stores with the search bar or search filters like price, tag, distance, and time.

Invoice Generation

Users can get the invoices from the app or panel, including all details of the items and service charges.

Save Multiple Cards

Customers and providers can save multiple credit or debit cards in the app or panel for the payments.

Confirmation Code

Delivery providers can receive confirmation codes from the customers to ensure a reliable and complete delivery service.

Provider App

Providers can get the request for the service in the app and accomplish that with the help of an integrated map.

Customer App

Customers can quickly sign up and search for their favorite stores to order and pay online.

Store App

Stores can manage their delivery and ordering operations with an intuitive app consisting of an advanced app.

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Provider App

Providers can get the request for the service in the app and accomplish that with the help of an integrated map.

Customer App

Customers can quickly sign up and search for their favorite stores to order and pay online.

Store App

Stores can manage their delivery and ordering operations with an intuitive app consisting of an advanced app.

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Check Out The Working Of The Panels Included In The Platform

Customers Website

For convenience, customers can order from the website in the same way as an app and pay online.

Admin Panel

Admin can perform all the app’s delivery, including nine, setting charges, advertisements, and more.

Store Website

Stores get the panel to handle the task from the website instead of the app when it causes any issues or is convenient.

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Demarcate An App Similar To Milkbasket, A Customized Tech Stack

Invest in the resolute app like Milkbasket in your milk stores of any dimensions to innovate business operation offering convenience to customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Milktbasket Clone App

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Milkbasket clone app is a streamlined delivery platform for dairy businesses that allows customers to order online and gives deliveries to the desired address. All the apps and panels are designed to work for dedicated tasks.

The cost of developing an app like Milkbasket is scalable and may fall in the range of $6k to $10k. However, the entire cost relies on the customizing requirements for the platform and technology used to develop.

The platform is developed with all the latest and most efficient technologies. The backend is developed with MongoDB, Express.js, and Node.js. For frontend Angular and HTML are preferred. Apps are developed for Android and iOS with Java and Swift.

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