What is a Foodora Clone App? What is the Significance of the App Script for Your Business?

foodora clone app

All over the world, online food delivery businesses have a firm grip on the gig economy. Entrepreneurs firmly agree to the fact that any restaurant can survive and grow by adopting technological advancements in its business.

Foodora clone app is a complete apparatus of ordering food through an app or panel and procure home deliveries. The entire modules are aligned to give a complete vista of business procedure and even control those channels.

Elluminati urges to build up the ready-made source code for the food delivery business, which is looking for a cost-effective solution in their business. Apps like Foodora can benefit a business by being a scalable platform that a business can upgrade with its changing business terms in the future.

Amazing Features of Foodora Clone Script

foodora clone script features

Cross-Platform Support

In the foodora clone script, we offer tremendous cross-platform support. All apps and web consoles have a similar workflow no matter which kind of device the customer is using, all functionality of the solution works the same

Easy Earning Analytics

With the advanced dashboard, admin can get all in-depth earning reports with graphical insight with few simple clicks on the tech stack.

GPS Integration

Track the exact status of your user. Admin is allowed to track and manage each user’s details with real-time tracking features. Also, We integrate features like navigation, route optimization, and ETA based on GPS functionality.

User-Friendly UI & UX

Our foodora clone script development has a minimal and straightforward user interface that is entirely responsive as well as dynamic. That helps to serve a reliable meal ordering experience to your customer

How Our App Offers Great Support for Your Business

foodora app clone for restaurant chain
  • Easy Business Execution
  • Provides Tech Support
  • Manage Business Profit
workflow of foodora app

How can customers order from the app and panels of Foodora Clone App?

The workflow of white label Foodora clone is simple to understand, carrying all business tasks proficiently. Customers have a separate app and panel to order their treasured items from them. The simple steps to order the food are:

  • Priorly, customers registers and then log in to the Foodora clone’s user app or panel to access their nearby area’s food stores ordering desired items from them
  • They can select desired items and add them to the cart
  • Customers can pay through various payment methods allowed in the platform, like cards, e-wallet, cash on deliveries, etc
  • They can track delivery providers in real-time and get food at the doorstep through apps like Foodora
  • Lastly, rate delivery provider and outlets service on the scale of five stars and share thoughts as a review about the services

Modules We Include in Our Foodora Like App

We offer a native Android and iOS Foodora Like apps along with a web console to manage your eatery store business exponentially

foodora app clone modules

Customer App

We offer a native Android and iOS apps along with a web console to manage your eatery store business exponentially

Delivery Provider App

foodora clone delivery provider app

The delivery provider can view all the requests shared by different outlets and a list of accepted deliveries

store panel of foodora clone

Store App & Panel

Store owners can switch between on and off options as per the product availability at their store

Admin Dashboard

admin dashboard foodora app script

The admin can manage stores and delivery providers' profiles along with the right to adding, editing, and declining a registration request

foodora like app user panel

User Panel

Users can view their complete payment details along with the mode of payment through the panel

Dive into to Know What You Get with White Label Foodora Clone App Development

dive into foodora clone app

Your business needs to be satisfied efficiently with an excellent app suiting user demands. We integrate all the essential features in white label Foodora clone that help you take your business to new heights. Contact us today to get a complete & free demo

Use The Apps To Understand The Features And Workflow Of The E-delivery

Meals can be ordered online through the apps from desired nearby stores

Look Into The Panels Provided In The Solution To Offer Convenience To The Customers

Customers can get a similar interface like mobile on the web to order easily from it

Frequently Asked Question on Foodora Clone App

1. How does the Foodora clone app work?

The Foodora clone app works with separate modules to carry out all business processes. Customers can order from the app or panel; stores can receive the order from the panels or apps and request the provider for delivery service from the same. Drivers can accept the request and track the customer's address from the app. Admin can track all these tasks from the admin panel.

2. What could be the total cost to develop the apps like Foodora?

The total cost to develop the solution can range from $7k to $20k. Although it depends on the customization, a business assigns to furnish modules that meet all business needs.

3. What are the steps to become a driver in Foodora like platforms?

Delivery providers can register to their dedicated app provided in the Foodora like platform. They have to add important documents asked in the app. Subsequently, they need to add the details of the vehicle they will use to provide service.

4. What are the types of apps provided on the platform?

All apps in the platform are native apps developed for Android and iOS phones.