What is a Delivery Clone? How Does it Ensure Best Support for Your Business?

Delivery clone is an on-demand app solution that enables the users to order from local vendors for on-demand delivery. Excellent app support is always needed and encouraged to give a jumpstart to your business in the on-demand economy. Delivery clone by Elluminati introduces excellent support for online stores that want to launch more natural deliveries across borders. The delivery app clone includes all the modules that offer services to users and generate the best results.

The Delivery App Script includes a dedicated user app built for Android and iOS devices. The delivery app source code consists of a dedicated deliverer app built to run on the same platforms. An admin panel ensures the deliveries get done on time, and enhanced support gets provided. The store panel and app ensure stores can manage the orders and items efficiently. A user website helps users place healthy food delivery requests and ensures the business promotion gets done.

Excellent Features of Our Delivery Clone Source Code

App Management

The delivery app clone includes the facility for managing the number of available app solutions one can use. App management allows the admin to limit or restrict the app usage for a limited time. Also, they can choose to make an app update mandatory to use it and ensure the best services get provided.

Real-time Status Update

The primary aim behind using an app solution to enhance deliveries is the tracking facility. Our delivery clone source code serves users with the real-time status update facility. And allows users and admin to receive notifications on every change and stage of the delivery.

Complete Delivery Support

The app solution can empower every type of delivery- anytime and anywhere. The admin can select multiple types of items to provide delivery services. Also, a user can ask for the delivery of any particular time at once.

Estimated Delivery Time

When users place their orders, the system estimates the total time for delivery to reach the specified location. Therefore, the on-demand delivery app source code provides the facility to inform the user in advance, and the provider to deliver in time.

Multi-language Support

The Delivery App Script includes the facility of multiple language selection, which the admin can set as per their users’ preferences. By choosing any of the languages from the available options, admin can change the language of delivery clone script, and the apps and panels will appear in the selected language only.

Dedicated Provider Assistance

The delivery app source code involves support to provide dedicated assistance for providers to ensure the delivery providers receive enough attention and importance. They can contact the support agent for any query regarding the use of the app solution and contact customers if they have any difficulty reaching the delivery location.

Why Our On-Demand Delivery App Source Code Is Profitable?

  • Powerful Platform
  • Contact-free Deliveries
  • Secure and Scalable

How the Delivery Clone App Works?

Supporting and encouraging the delivery business with reliable service deliveries, a delivery clone app ensures business growth. With the dedicated features for improving user experience and the business efficiency as well, our delivery app source code offers extensive tracking and monitoring services embedded at the core of the entire system. When a user places an order using the delivery clone app, the following process gets initiated:

The store receives the order and prepares the items mentioned in it. Later, they place a delivery request which gets sent to all nearby delivery providers. A provider chooses the offer and reaches the location of the store to collect the order. As per the information provided to them, they deliver the parcel to the customer’s place within the estimated delivery time.

User App and Website

Order Now or Schedule

Users can choose to place an order for the delivery right away or schedule the delivery of items in advance.

Store App and Dashboard

On/Off Items

Stores can choose to make an item available for a specific duration using the on/off system for their online store.

Admin Dashboard

Integrate Wallet

To make payment processing easier, admin can choose to integrate a wallet facility using which users can pay bills and keep track of their payments.

Delivery Men App

Accept/Reject Request

Delivery providers can choose to accept/reject a delivery request as per their availability.

Start Delivering Faster with Our Delivery App Clone Dedicated to Business Growth

Transform your traditional delivery business operations according to on-demand business strategies with a powerful delivery app clone dedicated to serving excellent delivery services.

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