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Online delivery business has gained huge attraction as more and more entrepreneurs are jumping into the bandwagon due to its easy business model and profitability. Today, more and more folks are using one or more online delivery apps to accomplish their tasks. From ordering groceries to food to medicines, reliance on online delivery apps has been increasing, and Pakistan is not an exception. Here we are talking about a Lahore-based startup, Cheetay. Entrepreneurs seek inspiration from the Cheetay delivery app business model to step into this lucrative area. So let’s get started and analyze how Cheetay works, what business and revenue model it follows, and what makes it make such a successful name in Pakistan.

People’s inclination towards online ordering has been increasing, be it groceries, food, medicine, flowers, or other essentials. Earlier, only western countries such as the UK and the USA were dominating the market, but now Asian countries are also contributing a major share and taking active participation in the online delivery business.

Now you must be curious to know how Cheetay works? What is Cheetay? How does the app earn money? There are numerous questions that come to mind whenever we talk about Cheetay- one of the popular on-demand delivery apps operating in Pakistan.

In this blog post, we will uncover and demystify Cheetay’s business model but before jumping on that, let’s dive into the interesting facts and figures of Cheetay to establish better context.

What is a Cheetay clone? Ideal For Multi-vertical Delivery Business Startups

Cheetay clone is an all-in-one solution that takes your conventional business sky high and allows your customers to order almost everything online. The platform is embedded with an extensive range of features that include a live-tracking system, multiple payment options, and much more that delivers an amazing browsing experience to customers. This is the golden time to seize the opportunity and become the biggest delivery brand with a low investment.

Cheetay Facts and Profile

Cheetay is an delivery platform that provides delivery services across major cities of Pakistan. Through Cheetay, customers can order food, groceries, beauty, baby care, and healthcare products and get them delivered right at their doorsteps through delivery providers.

To date, the global online food delivery market is exploding and Pakistan is not left behind as Cheetay is one of the online delivery platforms that connects customers with restaurants, stores, and nearby supermarkets. Earlier, the company only dealt with food delivery, but now the company also partners with grocery stores, retailers, and supermarkets.

Type of Business: eCommerce
Founded: 2015
Headquarter: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Founder: Ahmed Khan
Services offering: online food, grocery, beauty, and healthcare products ordering
Total funding: $11.6 million
Area Operates: Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Islamabad
Competitors: FoodPanda, EatMubarak

  • Lahore-based delivery platform, Cheetay has received $7.8 million in funds from US-based investors. The company does not yet disclose the name of the investor.
  • Apart from this, the company has also raised huge funds from various investors amounted to $3.5 million; it is the largest ever Series A raised by a Pakistani eCommerce startup.
  • Cheetay operates in four major cities of Pakistan, including Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad.
  • Cheetay is continuously growing as the company plans to be in three more cities including Peshawar, Faisalabad, and Multan, within a year.
  • Right now, Cheetay boasts over 100,000 registered users and 3000 vendors ( restaurants and stores) on its platform.

How Does Cheetay Work

Cheetay is a Pakistani delivery company located in Lahore. It does not sell or manufacture any products, but they deliver the products that customers order from their website and app. Let’s understand how Cheetay works through an easy five-step process; these steps explain the app functionality from the customer’s point of view.

  • Users can browse stores, restaurants within the app or website.
  • A user needs to sign in, choose the location, make payment, place an order for food and other products.
  • The store or restaurant receives the order request, starts preparing for it, and assigns the order to the nearest delivery provider.
  • The delivery provider picks up the order and reaches the customer’s location.
  • Customers can rate the service and submit feedback based on product quality and other parameters.

How Does Cheetay Work: Insights into Business Model

Cheetay’s business model works on a hyperlocal business model as it partners up with restaurants and stores. Cheetay partners with local restaurants, stores, and vendors for connecting customers with an extensive range of services within the area vicinity.

The 3-tier customer segment of Cheetay includes:

Customers: Here, customers refer to end-users who are willing to order products using the website or mobile app and make a delivery or takeaway request.

Merchants: The next amalgamation with merchants like restaurants, stores, and other vendors who partner with Cheetay to have better exposure to products and services.

Delivery Providers: Along with customers, delivery providers also get some major benefits being associated with Cheetay. Delivery providers who partner with Cheetay for product delivery and earn major revenue from doorstep delivery.

How Cheetay Makes Money? Revenue Model

Now you know how Cheetay works and what business model it follows, you must be wondering how Cheetay makes money and what is the secret behind its immense popularity and growth. For that, we have to dig into their revenue model, here we have presented some major revenue streams:

Delivery Charges

Like all other delivery apps, Cheetay also charges some delivery fees, delivery charges based on the customer’s location.

Commission Income

Cheetay charges a specific percentage of commission on each order placed by customers. This commission rate is based on the contract signed between Cheetay and its vendors.

Surge Pricing

Amid peak hours, delivery prices may surge; it is the major revenue source for Cheetay.

Merchant Programme

Cheetay lets restaurants and other stores promote their products on the app and charge small fees in return. This is another major revenue source for Cheetay.

Drive Growth and Revenue for Your Business with Cheetay Clone Script

As technology is changing, people’s preferences also keep evolving. The eCommerce sector has achieved a huge milestone in terms of user base and revenue. But now, a delivery app like Cheetay has come into the limelight. Today, most people across the globe use online delivery apps to accomplish their daily tasks with ease.

Be it food ordering, paying utility bills, ordering groceries or medicine, an app similar to Cheetay helps people to get things done in less time. Online delivery apps have become popular, and entrepreneurs are looking for ways to upscale their business by deploying a Cheetay clone solution as it will reshape the business model and give an edge over competitors.

Here we have outlines some real benefits of an app like Cheetay for your business, such as

  • Improvement in customer service
  • Revenue gross
  • Strengthen your online presence
  • Ensure security and scalability
  • Makes the customer base strong

If you want to transform your existing business, an app like Cheetay is what you need. Having social media for your business is good, but an app similar to Cheetay is a great way to attract new customers. Developing an app from scratch costs you more; you can also opt for readymade solutions that cost you less and meet modern users’ expectations.

If you are new to the delivery business and want to upscale your business but unaware of its basic features, check out here, you will come to know about all features and functionalities.

How much Does it Cost to Build an App Like Cheetay

Various components need to be included when it comes to deciding the overall cost of an app like Cheetay. Usually, the cost of building a Cheetay clone app depends on several factors, such as

  • App size
  • App complexity
  • App platform
  • Location of a development company
  • UI/UX elements and much more

The market for online delivery apps is lucrative and all set to make big profits. To build an app similar to Cheetay, you can either consider cheating the app from scratch or using readymade app. If you are new to the delivery business and don’t want to spend huge money on development, opting for readymade solutions would be better.

You can shake hands with a skilled technology partner who has vast experience creating delivery apps for different scales of businesses. If you want to get a detailed quote with technical terms, get in touch with us, and we will help you get up to grab this golden opportunity.

Switch Your Offline Business to Online with Cheetay Clone App

With the advancement in technology, more and more people prefer to get things done online, be it online shopping or online ordering, and the phenomenon has extended to ordering groceries and medicines as well. So it is a good time for your business to have a Cheetay clone app solution as it follows the current economic trends and offers lots of benefits to your business and customers.