UberEATs Finally Launch In India

UberEATS finally launches in India starting Food delivery services with Mumbai

On-Demand Taxi Service Provider Uber on Tuesday launched their Uber Eats Services in Mumbai, India for competing with rival services offered by Foodpanda, Zomato, Swiggy. The Services and food prices are set by Restaurant Partners according to their menu list and there’s a delivery fee of 15 INR. Inclusive all taxes. There is no minimum order size. In starting of this service instantly in Mumbai company said they are planning to reach six metro cities of India before this year ends. In short, Mumbai is the high tally for a start as any, being that it’s one of India’s business hub and a city with an estimated community of 20 million people.
This New Uber Service Launch, Which was First Procedures at January 2014, Takes the services in 78 Cites includes Amsterdam, Brussels, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Johannesburg, Lyon, Stockholm, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo, Milan, Vienna, Paris, Vienna, and multiple cities in the US, Canada, Australia and Mexico. Across 26 Countries Worldwide. Eats was launched first in Los Angeles in 2014, Originally it was launched within the core Uber app but is now operated as a separate app. Uber Eats started out in Asia when Uber launched the first service in Singapore, back in March of 2016 and later made available in Thailand (Bangkok) and Japan (Tokyo).
Uber Eats is ready to raise the bars for competitors in Mumbai as there have been food delivery services in Mumbai. Last month, even Google dared the online food delivery space with its service for delivering food at hire named Areo. Also, Ola, currently one of the ride-hailing competitors of Uber had also started off with food delivery which got shut down after a year of efforts put behind the success. Uber surely has to strategize it throughout to ensure the rivals are hooked behind. However, in other cities, currently, the focus is on preparing the list of restaurants and assuring them profits to ensure everything gets included in the app. Which is not much difficult for Uber as it already possesses the famous ride-hailing services.
UberEATs has two sides of the app just like UBER. The customer is enabled to discover food items as per choice. The Customer app has specific features like duration, schedule delivery, online payment, etc. It’s a good option to build an app like this food delivery service for your individual food delivery business and grow with the on-demand economy world. Thinking of creating your UberEATs app? Choose our UberEATs Like App today.

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