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Getting your favorite meal delivered right at your doorsteps anywhere and anytime is easier than ever. Thanks to impressive delivery apps such as BeyondMenu. All food lovers need to do is download food ordering and delivery apps, make a significant selection, place an order, make a payment, and give feedback. BeyondMenu has made it easier for customers to order and get food delivered at your place. Learn to know why you must invest in the BeyondMenu clone, how it ensures your business expansion.

Online food delivery platforms are expanding convenience and choice, allowing food lovers to order their favorite meal from a wide array of restaurants with a single tap. Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, and Asia, the food delivery market, is valued at more than $1 billion.

The market for food ordering and delivery globally stands at €83 billion. The online food ordering and delivery platform have already matured in most countries, with an overall annual growth rate measured at 3.5% for the next five years. On-demand platforms not only benefit customers but also help food vendors. Hence you can invest in a delivery app, check complete visual flow to know how the delivery platform works ensuring to benefit both the entities. You can invest in an app like BeyondMenu to reap higher sales. The on-demand food ordering and delivery apps provide to enhance online presence, customer satisfaction, and cost-cutting.

BeyondMenu Clone – Kickstart Online Delivery Business in No Time

BeyondMenu clone is a perfect choice for those who want to commence an online delivery business. The platform is developed with top-notch technology, helps you deliver a digital experience to your customers, and accelerates business growth while spending less money, time, and resources.

Success History of Food Delivery Giant BeyondMenu

BeyondMenu is a dedicated delivery platform that offers a genuine niche community with ordering your favourite meal from neighbours next door. User-friendly features of the site enable users around the community to seek advice, connect, share ideas, and many other things about nearby restaurants. Now food lovers do not have to wait in long lines nowadays. They can download the BeyondMenu app from the Apple app store or Google play store to order their favourite meal and get it delivered at their place.

The company ensures to complete all the orders faster, more comfortable, and in a smarter way. The platform allows food lovers to browse the whole menus, explore coupons, read reviews about other restaurants, etc. With more than thousands of restaurants and more than 25 different cuisines, the BeyondMenu ensures to offer a fantastic delivery experience to customers.

The national lockdown has raised a challenging time for all the businesses. But the food delivery business has experienced a massive jump during COVID 19 outspread. Even user-friendly apps such as BeyondMenu have made the lockdowns less arduous. The platform ensures to provide fantastic delivery service to customers just a click away. Due to COVID 19 being outspread, many businesses have opted for secure and safe measures, including BeyondMenu. It ensures to provide a fantastic delivery experience to customers through advanced features such as contactless delivery, safe pick-ups, etc.

BeyondMenu has successfully offered its service since 2013. The current app portfolio includes two apps. A popular app is BeyondMenu Food Delivery, it is highly popular among users and ranks high in several countries, it has more than 1 million installations. The company offers a nationwide delivery service that brings the partner restaurant into the spotlight among millions of hungry customers.

Customers are allowed to give their valuable reviews on the Beyond Menu app. It can prove to be a beneficial option for those who want to improve their business to attract more customers and offer them mouth-watering dishes. Unlike other food delivery apps, BeyondMenu enables customers to make reservations ensuring to give a boost to your in-house sales in a short time.

Business Model of BeyondMenu: Check How it Connect Food Experience to Neighbors Next Door

BeyondMenu has a robust business model allowing the users to get their food with a few clicks of the button. The platform enables customers to request takeaway food with more efficiency and speed than ever before. It also offers benefits to restaurants and fast-food chains. Food vendors are provided with the ability to handle all the orders systematically, the food ordering and delivery platform improves their accuracy to a great extent. Even the platform ensures to focus on various loyalty programs to provide returning customers.

Using a food delivery app like BeyondMenu helps food chains to cater to every growing requirement of customers accurately; besides this, it also helps them to boost their business sales to some extent. You can also invest in ready to use e-delivery solutions to achieve a more significant profit for your business.

Check How BeyondMenu Works: How it Connects Food Vendors with Food Lovers?

BeyondMenu works much similar to other delivery platforms. Check step by step to know how the platforms connect customers with nearby restaurants and make it easier for them to enjoy the best service right at their doorsteps.

Step 1: Customers can use the website and app to browse the menu and order food online

Step 2: Restaurants receives the order notification along with the option to accept or reject the request right away from the platform

Step 3: Restaurants send the delivery request to delivery providers; they can choose to accept or reject it when idle. They can collect the order from the restaurant and choose the nearest way to reach customers’ locations.

Step 4: Customers and admin can track the delivery provider real-time location right from the platform.

Step 5: BeyondMenu pays a variable amount for each successful delivery to delivery providers

Revenue Model of BeyondMenu: How Online Delivery Platform Makes Money?

Food ordering industry has enormous potential; it comprises less than 5% of the total restaurant industry. There are numerous on-demand platforms available in the market, helping restaurants to operate successfully that also without the need for extra space for successful operation. They work on a fantastic revenue model helping them to bring colossal cash flow on the table. Check how you can generate profit by considering building an app similar to BeyondMenu.


It is one of the best revenue model types helping delivery businesses to generate huge profits. You can consider these models for your delivery platform similar to BeyondMenu and can charge some percentage on every successful action completed using your platform. The ordinary revenue earning strategy enables your aggregators to sell their mouth-watering dishes on your delivery app in exchange for some amount that is also completely hassle-free.

Registration Charges

BeyondMenu charges a fixed amount from restaurants to list their business on the platform; you are also allowed to set some registration charges with a feature-rich platform of delivery solution.


It is the best example of a recurring revenue strategy. You can charge subscription fees for advanced features offered to restaurants and customers as well.


You can allow food vendors to advertise on your platform and can charge for the same. Such a type of business model is widespread among online and offline businesses helping to generate by advertising to the advertiser.

How Much Does It Cost to Design and Build a BeyondMenu Clone App?

If you want to build a BeyondMenu clone app, you can process further. Still, before taking a step to making an app similar to BeyondMenu, you should go through surveys and collect raw data helping you to make perfect development decisions. There are two types of business models that you can consider while developing a delivery solution; this includes:

  1. Aggregator model
  2. Platform with logistic support

Besides finalizing the development model, you also need to make a smart decision for the app development platform, features, and functionality of the tech stack. Keep in mind that the more complex the solution stack is you have to pay more for the same. Hence make a cost-saving and practical choice by analyzing all the factors accurately.

Why Invest in a BeyondMenu Clone Script?

Undoubtedly the future scope of on-demand delivery apps is unstoppable. Customers’ purchasing behavior is changing continuously, and so are the food ordering and delivery trends. Hence if you want to stay ahead in today’s competitive market, then it becomes vital for you to invest in advanced app solutions. There is an end number of reasons that justify why you need to invest in an app like BeyondMenu. These reasons include:

  • Offers convenience to your ideal customers
  • Provides an opportunity to expand your business
  • Improves business sales
  • Enhance business visibility

There are many more advantages that you can leverage by considering investing in a feature-rich tech stack solution. Get in touch to get all your development questions answered right away by our team.

Inspiring BeyondMenu App Clone: How it Ensure Delivery Business Survival

BeyondMenu transforms the face of the food ordering and delivery business. Are you looking for a meal delivery development company for developing an app similar to BeyondMenu? We can help you with the same, ensuring to satisfy all your development needs efficiently. Our team has expertise in handling all the technical aspects and ensures you provide fantastic tech support that meets all your business requirements.