Postmates Business Model

All on demand business services have same flow of business model. based on customer request to share a service. An individual who wishes to order Foods almost in anywhere in city. Postmates get a more reaches possible for those delivery structure. less then two hours any where in city product are been delivers. In type of service following type of persons reach possible.

How Postmates App Business Model Works
The Certain Client

That actual paid some extra money for not going too eatery to buy meals and get delivered by some one respected.

The merchant

The business holder that see the excellent opportunity for their food business. for promote their self for surveying testy dishes to customer without hire delivery staff or create mobile service app.

Freelance Delivery Provider

The Individual that wish to earn same extra money on their free time. Make it self to “Postmates” and get chance to earn money  according their service.

The On demand Food Delivery Service app reach customer and brings a earning on three ways
  • Merchant They wish to appreciation in local area and manage own branding with postmates.
  • Customer their wish to food delivery on doorstep 24*7
  • Delivery Person Postmates get 80 of delivery charges on flexible hours. so freelancer are take advantage to earn extra money in their free time.

Postmates Business Model Canvas Sparking A Value of Food Delivery Business.

  1. The Postmates Delivery Model same as every on demand service providing business. but slightly different to get example of UberEats
  2.  UberEats Charge Every Sevice minimum 5$, While a charges of Postmates are depends of food delivery package and total bill amount.
  3.  UberEats Provides a services on full day cycle hence Postmates services 10 am to 10 pm to provide hostess meal quality to the customer.
  4.  UberEats only involved Uber Driver to Delivery Meal. while Postmates offers by “walk, Drive, Bike or Scoot”.
  5. Postmates Rating Facility are different to UberEats Because its not identify quality of meal in 3 or 4 start. Postmates rates Thumb Up and Down Features.

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