What is Takeaway Ordering Software? How does it Bring Innovation to Your Restaurant?

what is takeaway ordering software

Takeaway ordering software is a dedicated platform that enables you to take and manage orders out of the store doors. Your customers now can browse the menu, order items, and pick it up from the destination conveniently. The delivery and takeaway market is witnessing major growth as customers now prefer online ordering more. By using the digital menu with the ordering function, consumers now can order items online and pay straight away. Elluminati’s online takeaway ordering system is perfect for your conventional restaurant business as it lets you automate operations and increase your business reach.

Restaurant Takeaway ordering solution is the best platform as it comes with superlative features and modern technology stack. From receiving orders to prepare to pick up, it makes your work simple, easy and enables you to focus on other core objectives.

White Label Takeaway System Covers A Wide Spectrum

our takeaway system for
  • Single restaurant owners
  • Restaurant chains
  • Food ordering startup
  • Aggregators
  • Cafés
  • Curbside
  • Cloud kitchen

Unified Features Of The Online Takeaway Delivery System

Multi-location Support

ordering system for multiplace business
  • Does your restaurant operate at different locations? No worry.
  • Create, upload and manage menu and orders for each location within one takeaway ordering system and customers can browse nearby restaurants
  • Monitor activities of all locations within one dashboard and make your operations smooth

Intellective Search

search product for takeaway
  • Enable customers to choose restaurants based on the location, dish type, and more from a wide range of listing
  • Intuitive search options of takeaway ordering system that make it easy for customers to filter dishes and restaurants in flicks of clicks
  • Allow customers to select a particular cuisine based on the ratings and feedback
restaurant open/close status

Real-time Restaurant Status

  • Mention restaurant operating hours and facilitate customers to place an order within the particular time slot
  • Know at what time the restaurant is able to take orders so that customers can choose from: unserviceable, closed, and open to pick up their order
  • Let customers order food within the allocated time slot from their favorite restaurant using a takeaway ordering system

Real-time Order Tracking

  • Enable customers to know the status of their order through real-time updates, from “ order accepted to food is ready to pickup” within the takeaway ordering system
  • Let customers know standard food preparation time, reduces waiting time, and makes the order process flawless
  • Allow customers to track orders in real-time to keep them updated about their order’s whereabouts
real time order tracking in takeaway ordering

How Does Online Takeaway Ordering System Work?

Supercharge your food business by enabling customers to search and place orders online using white label takeaway ordering software and stay one step ahead in the competitive curve. The fast, secure, and advanced solution makes it easy for you to seamlessly receive and manage orders. The online takeaway is a process of ordering food from a nearby restaurant through digital platforms such as a website or app. Now you must be curious to know how the online takeaway ordering system works and made it easy for customers to place orders online. Let’s see how it works.

  • Customers can search for a favorite restaurant from the extensive range of categories
  • Add to cart items and make a payment from the options given and track order status
  • The restaurant will confirm the order and start preparing it. The customer will be notified when the order gets ready
  • Later, the customer can pick up the order from the destination and share reviews based on the food quality and service

Takeaway System Ramp Up All Your Operations

A white label takeaway system comes with advanced tech support that let customers browse, place and track orders in real-time

Customer App Workflow

Let customers place an order in few clicks from nearby restaurants and choose the timings for takeaway as per their convenience

Store Panel Workflow

Allow store managers to manage the number of orders, menu, categories, and subcategories with the latest pricing structure

Store App Workflow

Enable restaurants to manage all orders and update the menu with the item name, price, and toppings

User Panel Workflow

Make it easy for customers to log in with social accounts and manage profiles, address, payment details seamlessly

Take Your Restaurant Business Online Right Now

start restaurant online online takeaway system
  • Multi-vendor capabilities
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Completely scalable

Start Capitalizing With Online Ordering System For Takeaway and Improvise your Operations

Stay ahead in the competitive business curve with outstanding success and let customers place and collect orders without any hassle. Implement online ordering system for takeaway that streamline your business’s digital requirements while spending less.

order takeaway request app for user

User App

Enable location and start surfing nearby restaurants with advanced filter options

Store App

Let store members modify the menu with the prices according to the time

Store Panel

Based on the food availability and working hours, restaurants can accept/ reject orders

User Panel

After the successful order placement, customers can pick up the order as per their convenience

Start Fueling Your Food Business with Smart Solutions

An extensive and powerful white label takeaway ordering system that enable customers to place orders online and give massive exposure to your restaurant business

Get Started with Online Takeaway Ordering System and Reap Benefits

  • Digital Ordering

    Allow your customers to place orders online without any friction and digitize your restaurant business with a takeaway ordering system that ensures long-term benefits and success to your restaurant business. Power-loaded features will increase business reach and enable you to manage everything at your fingertips

  • Additional Revenue

    Along with a dine-in facility, restaurants can opt for an online ordering takeaway system; it generates additional revenue and foster customer loyalty in the long-run

  • Strong Online Presence

    Creating a strong online presence in the digital landscape is inevitable; thus, by deploying the latest tech solutions, you can streamline business operations and make your online presence firm

  • Makes Brand Building Easy

    Having online ordering solutions for your restaurant business foster customer loyalty and build brand advocacy as customers these days lookout for quick and online solutions

Takeaway Ordering Software to Get Desirable Results

Instant Notifications

Stay hooked with your customers anytime and send them promotional offers, news, events using push notifications. Takeaway Ordering Software comes with promotional features that will increase the customer engagement ratio and encourage customers to place more orders online.

Variety of Product Categories Location Management

Make it easy for customers to find the best item based on “popular,” “favorite.” In order to boost sales and volume of orders, restaurants can divide items into categories and subcategories so that users can find a perfect item within seconds

Manage Feedback

View customer reviews and manage them properly. It will help you make further decisions, and you will also come to know if there is room for improvisation. More positive reviews entice other customers to place more orders

Revenue Snapshot

Avail instant access to weekly/monthly revenue reports with geographical charts and other features. Leverage this data to grow your restaurant business faster and make impactful moves to achieve business objectives

Multi-language Support

Expand your business reach without any geolocation barrier as our solution supports multiple languages that are also making it easier for customers to place an order in their native language

Comprehensive Dashboard

Admin can easily track all the orders of today and tomorrow through the dashboard, which also displays customer name, address, order quantity, and other contact details. This will make inventory management easy and smooth

Customize Settings

Restaurants can change the theme, update payment details, update profile settings, email settings, and much more without trouble. They can also edit commission rates and other payment settings as per their requirement.

Create Multiple Users

Admin and store owners are allowed to create multiple user accounts and give required access to them to make operations of various functions easy and seamless

Flourish Your Order and Delivery Business Online

Digitize your brick-and-mortar restaurant business today and expand the footprints by having advanced white label takeaway ordering system software that fill the gap between restaurants and customers and deliver a seamless online experience to your consumers

Ready-to-go Solutions Fits All Scale Businesses Overseas

Recognition Achieved for Serving Excellent Solutions

Resolve Your Doubts with Takeaway Online Ordering FAQs

1. What is a restaurant takeaway system?

A white label restaurant takeaway system is a process of ordering through a site or mobile app and picking the order from the store. As customers place the order, they will be notified of a timeline to pick the parcel.

2. Which Sectors Can Use Takeaway Solutions?

Takeaway solution is versatile in nature; any restaurant, café, or food business owner can implement it based on their business standards.

3. What sort of notification methods are available in your solution?

We provide push notifications, email, SMS notifications for your customers. However, we can add any other gateway as per addons services to our clients.

4. Can I set the geo-fence?

Yes, you can set up the geofencing to accept orders within the area’s proximity.

5. I want to get started with a takeaway ordering system but I am not a tech-savvy person. Can you help me?

Yes, sure. Our online takeaway system solutions are completely user-friendly and do not require technical knowledge. Meanwhile, if you encounter any issues during operations, our support team is always eager to help you. Contact us on: [email protected]