What is a Grocery Ordering System? How Does It Multiply Your Vision into Profits?

what is grocery ordering system

Grocery ordering system lets you explore more growth opportunities and create strong footprints in the emerging online grocery delivery business. Seems cumbersome to manage multiple orders? Embrace advanced tech solutions to streamline your business operations into one easy-to-use platform.

Looking at the current scenario, the E-grocery market is all set to hit $3 billion. If you are planning to harness the power of the modern tech stack, don’t think further and automate your grocery business with mobility solutions.

Connect with your customers in real-time with our dedicated apps solutions. With immense expertise in offering an online grocery delivery system, Elluminati’s white label grocery ordering solution takes your business online and allows your customers to place customized grocery orders with a single tap.

Our Online Grocery Ordering and Delivery System Ideal for Multiple Segments

segments that support by online grocery ordering system
  • Small grocery stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Grocery malls
  • Retail grocery stores
  • Grocery delivery startups

Features that Make Online Grocery Delivery System Unique

online grocery delivery system features

User-friendly Dashboard

  • Get a complete overview of your grocery business with a single click as advanced dashboard of grocery delivery system to lets you view customers, number of orders, delivery providers, and much more
  • Update stock pricing, images, track delivery provider’s status, number of scheduled orders, etc at a single place, and handle your entire grocery business with ease
  • A powerful and interactive dashboard gives you a quick overview of the entire grocery business and makes the entire ordering and delivery process smooth

Real-time Notifications

  • Real-time notifications and alerts increase business visibility and allow business owners to stay connected with customers all the time
  • Send notifications to customers related to special deals, loyalty programs, and promotional activities to keep them engaged with the business
  • Allow customers and delivery providers to receive real-time notifications regarding orders and get alerts in the form of email or SMS.

Advanced Search

  • Offer customers a smart and quick way to search products and stores by location, type of items, and preferences. Using advanced search users can find products quickly and easily
  • The quick search facility allows your customers to find products with intuitive search, smart filters, and sorting
  • From personalized recommendations to dynamic faceting, advanced and quick search options help store owners to increase basket size

Swift and Secured Payment Options

  • Multiple swift and secured payment options such as UPI, credit/debit cards, internet banking, etc. enable users to pay the way they want
  • Integration of multiple payment options also allow store owners to expand their business without any geolocation barrier
  • Let customers maintain social distancing and pay digitally for their order through secured payment options

How Does Online Grocery Ordering System Work?

Online grocery ordering and delivery have spurted in magnitude since the Covid-19 pandemic hit across the globe. To combat the adverse impact it created, store owners are moving online and investing in cutting-edge technology solutions that enable customers to get fresh produce and essentials at their doorsteps. Let’s understand quickly how the online grocery shopping system allows customers to get groceries at their doorsteps efficiently.

From placing an order through customer app to order confirmation by the store to pick-up by the delivery provider, here’s how the app works,

  • Using dedicated app and website, customers can browse stores, products and add items to the cart
  • Users are also allowed to customize order quantity, specify special requirement before checkout
  • Make a payment from the options given and stay connected with the store owner and delivery provider through real-time notifications until the order arrives
  • The store owner received the new order notification with detail, start preparing for it and assign the order to a nearby delivery provider
  • Delivery provider arrives at customer’s location, deliver the groceries and ask them to make the payment if customers have chosen COD option
  • Customers can rate and review the service based on the overall experience.

Robust Modules of White Label Grocery Shopping System to Manage Operations with Ease

Tailor-made white label grocery shopping system that caters to your modern customer’s needs and helps store owners to a great extent to scale up and grow their business

Customer App Workflow

online grocery system mobile app for order groceries

Sign in with social media accounts, browse stores, make payments and track delivery provider in real-time

Store App Workflow

Manage customers, promos, delivery providers, update menu items, and much more to gain deeper insights and analytics

Store Panel Workflow

supermarket store panel for manage order

View and manage scheduled, completed, and dispatched orders with all the details to check the efficiency of your grocery business

User Panel Workflow

customer panel for order grocery online

Track each activity in real-time, from the order placing to prepare to delivery, with the advanced user panel

Modern Tech Solutions Brings Multiple Benefits to Your Grocery Business

benefits of online ordering system for grocery store
  • Quick Support
  • Customization
  • Highly Skilled Team

Accelerate Your Grocery Delivery Business with Enrich Features

Get a complete solution for your traditional grocery business with flawless features that makes the ordering and delivery process smooth

User App

Let customers easily login with social media account, email ID, or secure OTP to access services

Store App

Let store owner manage all kinds of orders including canceled, pending, scheduled, and more with ease

Delivery Provider App

grocery delivery system provider app

Let delivery providers accept/reject orders as per their preferences and availability

Store Panel

Have all the data on your dashboard and manage store info with ease to make better and informed business decisions

User Panel

Let customers customize order quantity and ingredient as per their preferences before checkout

Take Your Traditional Grocery Business Online With Grocery Delivery System

A scalable and efficient online ordering system for grocery stores keeps you ahead in the volatile market situation and enhance your clientele with ease

Sketch the Premium Benefits with Online Grocery Shopping System

  • Tracking Customer Behavior

    Get rid of customer’s evolving requirements and analyze their behavior in real-time. Know customer’s preferences, and plan out a robust strategy and focus on products that give higher profit margins

  • Reach Out to More Customers

    Give a new direction to your existing grocery business by embracing digital solutions as it makes it easy for you to expand business reach and serve more customers

  • Enhance Business Accuracy

    From managing inventory to sales to customers to delivery providers, store owners can oversee each activity to make informed business decisions.

  • Boost Online Presence

    Getting your traditional grocery business on online platforms enhances your business visibility as more and more people will get to know about your brand.

Rank Above the Competition with Modern Features of White Label Grocery Delivery System

Reordering Facility

In our online grocery delivery system, Customers no longer need to browse the entire menu to place grocery orders. Let customers quickly reorder an item that they have previously ordered. They can also modify the quantity and add special instruction before check out to avoid misunderstandings

Multiple Languages

Expand your grocery delivery business without any geolocation barrier as solutions support multiple languages and currencies including RTL and much more. Add local language and currency to attract more customers and increase order volume

Ordering from Social Sites

Harness the power of social media sites and start receiving orders directly from social sites. Map your app on social media platforms to receive orders from there, it will increase online visibility and set you apart from the crowd

Notification Management

Communicate with customers and delivery providers by sending real-time notifications. Manage notifications related to offers, deals, order status, and much more and stay connected with customers to enhance customer engagement ratio

Social Sharing

Increase the social presence of your grocery business by allowing customers to share their favorite products with their acquaintances on social media and other messaging apps. It entices other people to order from your store

Schedule Booking

Let customers schedule grocery delivery by entering valid times and dates as per their convenience. However, they can also pick up orders by themselves from the store.

Payment Management

Interactive dashboards and powerful analytics enable store owners to manage payments easily. Manage receivables such as commission income, delivery charge, track pending payments, and much more to make futuristic business decisions

Manage Everything at Single Place

Get a unique and powerful dashboard to manage customers, delivery providers, orders, deliveries, menus, etc. and get a bird view of your entire grocery delivery business within a single click in real-time

Safeguard Your Growth by Launching Best Online Grocery Ordering System

Now is the high time to expand your grocery business reach, boost your customer experience by offering them a simple and seamless white label grocery ordering system to order essentials and fresh produce without stepping out

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does the supermarket business need an online grocery delivery system?

The online grocery ordering market is growing. To improve sales, customer loyalty, and brand awareness, it has become essential to adopt online grocery ordering and delivery system.

2. Does the online grocery delivery system support the wallet feature?

Yes, it has a wallet feature that allows customers to pay swiftly and securely.

3. Does the solution build with the latest tech stack?

Yes, the technology used to build a grocery ordering system is cutting-edge and offers a seamless experience to store owners as well as customers.

4. How can I promote my grocery delivery business?

You can carry out different internet marketing strategies to increase your online presence and customer base.

5. Where can I view the demo of online grocery ordering system?

To view the demo of the online grocery ordering system solution, reach us through the mail [email protected] or Skype, our team will get in touch with you soon.