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The world as we know it is continually changing. We live in a digital and online world where apps and websites perform most of the regular tasks, making it easier and more comfortable for people to get things done. In the same way, to survive in this digital world, businesses are adopting new strategies and hiring IT professionals to wave in the market.

When the introduction of Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, and IoT took place in the quickly evolving technology field, the demand for business automation in the tech world was rising. Besides, the eCommerce market is booming; whether it is grocery shopping, electronic shopping, or food delivery, software or application is everywhere.

With the increasing demand for digital products, software developers have a high demand for building the finest product for end users. There are many programming languages, frameworks, tools, and libraries available to build a seamless software or application, but Node.js is one of the most popular and most-used frameworks in the technology sector.

When Ryan Dahl introduced Node.js in 2009, it stormed the web development sector. This is one of the best frameworks that instantly gained popularity as the backend and a full-stack development platform for businesses of all sizes. So it stands to reason that Node.js developers are plentiful everywhere. But how can you choose the best one for your company, that is the problem? Here is thorough advice on what skills to look for when you hire Node.js developers to assist.

Why Node.js is So Popular in the App Development Fraternity

Apache HTTP server was a well-liked web server in 2009. However, it had a serious flaw—it could not manage numerous concurrent connections.

Node.js was developed to address the issue Apache was experiencing. Scalability and parallel code execution were provided. New reasoning and methods for JavaScript server-side development were introduced. It made use of the single-threaded event loop model available. All queries are processed on a single thread.

Since then, the popularity of Node.js has been insane.

  • In GitHub, it boasts 71.9k stars and 2.9k watchers
  • In Stackshare, it enjoys 54.4k followers and 8.2k votes.

These numbers clearly reflect how Node.js is popular as tech giants like Microsoft and Netflix use this framework to deliver seamless user- experience.

The above image shows that Node.js took first place as the most wanted web technology in the survey. And the major reason behind this popularity is the level of scalability it offers. Irrespective of the app’s type and nature, Node.js can be used to develop any kind of app, including,

  • Single page applications
  • Real-time chat apps
  • eCommerce apps like Walmart
  • Video streaming apps such as Netflix
  • Online payment apps such as PayPal
  • And many more

Today, all businesses and brands need creative and impressive web applications to increase their customer retention ratio, reach, and popularity, so it has become imperative to hire a skilled and experienced talent that helps brands to build their dream products.

Now, focus on several skills that every organization should look for when recruiting Node.js developers.

Node.js Developers Skills to Look Before Recruiting

You need to assess some skills to hire the best Node.js developers. So they can execute them at the right time and place to provide the best experience to users. Following is the list of some technical and soft skills required for Node.js developers.

Optimum Experience

We all have heard the well-known proverb, “Practice makes a man perfect.” The same formula applies here; the Node.js developer you choose for your business should have an optimum experience with all its components and tools. Additionally, having familiarity with Node.js gives you confidence that the candidate can create the product efficiently and successfully. In light of this, the Node.js developer you choose should have at least two to three years of expertise.

Decent Knowledge of Node.js Frameworks

Because frameworks increase Node.js’s capability and feature set, they are an essential part of the ecosystem. Although there are many Node.js frameworks available, it’s crucial that the web developer you hire is familiar with a variety of frameworks.

Most Node.js programmers and developers know that Express is the fundamental framework for Node.js. Koa.js, Hapi, and Total.js are a few other frameworks that were developed to enhance Express’s core features.

Proficient Hands on Front-end Development

As we all know, one of the platforms that developers like to use when creating backend technologies like web applications or automated dashboards is the Node.js framework. Therefore, while hiring Node.js developers, focus on backend talents rather than frontend.

However, competent and good Node.js developers need to be aware of how the system is created and how it will look from the outside. As a result, he or she should be well-versed in software frontend, at the very least in its fundamental principles, programming languages, libraries, design principles, etc. This makes it easier for organizations to assess developers’ front-end development expertise.

Practical Knowledge in Working with RESTful APIs

These RESTful APIs are used by Node.js applications to add great flexibility to the project. One Web Service can be freely used without any interference from other services. Unless you ask for it, the services have no shared state.

The effectiveness of Nodejs projects’ operational processes depends heavily on RESTful APIs. Therefore, while hiring a Node.js developer, evaluate whether he or she is at ease using RESTful APIs. In case a requirement arises, they should also be able to create unique APIs.

Error-handling Skills

A key component of creating software and apps that function properly is error handling. Make sure the web developer you hire knows the proper times to log errors, crash, continue, and retry. In addition, every Node.js developer needs to be capable of basic problem-solving techniques like syntax manipulation and troubleshooting.

Database Management System

When assessing applicants for Nodejs development, you need to check for technical database management skills because web programs can’t run effectively without a database.

MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, MariaDB, and SQLite are common database types used in Nodejs applications. A trustworthy Nodejs developer ought to be able to design database structures that satisfy the demands of the website. More significantly, they ought to be able to choose the right database type for a Node.js application.

Some Soft Skills

In addition to the above-mentioned technical talents, a Node.js developer should also have soft skills. Soft skills are character attributes that help people communicate clearly with others.

Because a Node.js engineer will cooperate with others on a project, you should be on the lookout for soft qualities like tolerance, teamwork, communication skills, etc.

To Sum Up

With the help of the widely used Node.js development environment, businesses of all sizes may create a variety of apps. Such a strong framework offers numerous capabilities for creating serverless, real-time, and many other types of apps. It is a productive method of creating apps and is quite applicable in the present.

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