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Online delivery apps are the utmost things helping people to overcome their cravings by ordering mouth-watering food they love to get delivered at their place. There are numerous delivery apps in Saudi Arabia, making things easier for food lovers. Jahez is one such mobility solution that has gained massive popularity among the customers. Learn everything about the food delivery giant, dive into how Jahez works, its business model, and revenue insight right away to understand why the jahez clone is the best option for your delivery business. Read the article ultimately to find the answer right away.

Food delivery apps are gaining massive popularity in Saudi Arabia. As of 2019, more than 6 million people across the Kingdom have used the food delivery app on their smartphone, which is 21.5% up YoY. The increasing user base has immediately translated into higher revenue. The food delivery annual market size has reached USD1.17 billion.

Saudi Arabia presently has the leading delivery market in the MENA region, with USD834 million, and Turkey ranges in the next slots with USD666 million. The food delivery industry in Saudi Arabia is forecasted to grow at an annual revenue of USD 2Bn by 2024

Saudi Arabia ranks third, especially when it comes to using smartphone usage; around 72.8% of the population uses a mobile device compared to 23 million smartphone users globally. Mobile apps have become a vital tool, and Saudi Arabia has 11.3% app segment penetration in total. Hence most startups seek tech support to build delivery app solutions to ensure their business growth and expansion. Saudi Arabia’s market has enriched with delivery apps combining all food and restaurants under one roof.

What is Jahez Clone? Upscale Your Food Delivery Business

Jahez clone is a platform that allows customers to order food and strives to deliver services within a few minutes. It comprises customizable modules scaled to match the business demands and cope up in a fierce market. An app like Jahez includes various features and offers cutting-edge performance to business owners.

Success Story of Jahez: Have a Quick Look Over it!

Saudi company, Jahez facilitates an on-demand food delivery platform to assemble stakeholders for logistic fleet, restaurants, and customers’ food orders right through the Jahez app. The company has managed in-house programs and integrated the best features and functionalities, making food lovers’ life more comfortable since 2014. The platform matches customer’s expectations by enabling them with the best delivery experience whenever they demand. The company launched its delivery service in the Saudi Arabia market in 2016.

The food delivery company claims to serve 3 million users through its vast network of 15,000 delivery drivers. The report represents that Jahez is on the way to exceeding $270 million in order value in 2020 sourced from above 12,000 points of business sales across the Kingdom. It has completed about 20 million orders and has partnered with multiple brands like Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, SACO, Burger King, and Whites Pharmacies.

The food delivery giant is also planning to extend into cloud-kitchens, non-food eCommerce, and grocery delivery services. It uses fresh funds to build its tech, introduce new services & products to solidify its position in Saudi Arabia. You can also step into the same market by developing your presence online, take the support of Elluminati to get your app crafted at a pocket-friendly price.

Riyadh-based delivery platform Jahez has successfully raised $36.5 million in a Series A round led by Saudi VC. It is considered one of the largest ever deals for Jahez and one of the largest Series A rounds of the region. Founded by Ghassab Al-Mandil, Jahez is a food delivery platform that offers complete delivery solutions to its restaurant partners across 20 cities of the Kingdom. It gives tough competition to mobile platforms such as Careem Now, Delivery Hero’s HungerStation, and many more local players.

The platform automates the inbound order flow right from the single point and provides last-mile delivery service to customers on their demand. If you are planning an app similar to Jahez, then we are here to help you. You can invest in our e-delivery solution, ensuring to provide you with a competitive edge. Feature-rich app solutions provide you with complete control over each business activity, ensuring your business growth and success in a short time.

Jahez Business Model: Check How Delivery Giant Ensure Seamless Experience Offering

Jahez is an on-demand delivery platform that connects food lovers with local stores. The platform enables food lovers to find and order meals right from the place they love. Jahez and Foodpanda business model are quite similar to each with some differences. Jahez ensures to avail customers with healthy, tasty, and mouth-watering dishes to enjoy right at their place.

Customers can download the app for use right from the Google play store and Apple store. Once after downloading the solution, they can search for restaurants that deliver food to their doorsteps. The platform has eliminated the need to travel to food stores as food lovers’ favorite meal is delivered right at their place. Jahez follows a potent delivery system to help the platform build its position in a competitive market. Customers can track their delivery orders directly from the platform; they are notified once the delivery provider reaches closer to their location.

Customer Segments

In the multi-sided business model of Jahez, various segments have particular importance Jahez business model; these segments include:

  • Food lovers
  • Restaurants
  • Delivery Providers

Value Proposition

Jahez platform offers primary value propositions, including convenience, accessibility, and customization facility to its users. The platform provides accessibility by enabling food stores to advertise their business to customers who don’t want to travel to shops to enjoy their favorite meal physically.

The platform allows customers to place with few simple taps on the platform, ensuring to offer great convenience to them whenever they want. Customers are also provided a pick-up option; they can pick up orders by themself as per their requirement. They get convenience to pay using any of the payment options right through the platform.

Customers are allowed to filter food stores as per their choice right through the platform, ensuring to provide customization facilities to customers. Multiple options to choose from the facility result in increasing customer engagement with the platform and encourages them to try new and mouth-watering dishes.

Jahez Revenue Model: Explore the Earning Strategy of Delivery Giant

Jahez operates on a cost-driven structure that minimizes its expenses and allows them to bring more profit on the table. You can develop an app similar to Jahez and follow the below revenue structure to generate more revenue for your business in no time. Multiple ways to generate revenue through the platform includes:

Registration Fees:

The craze of getting food delivered right at the place is increasing among digital customers. Rather than visiting the local stores, food lovers love to enjoy advanced food delivery options. Jahez has eliminated all the extra initiatives to search for the delivery services.


You can charge specific charges for advertisements. It allows food stores to advertise their brand right on the platform.

Delivery Charges:

You can set delivery charges on delivery order; delivery charges cost different depending on the customer’s location.


Claim commission on each order which the delivery provider completes through the platform. Besides commission, local stores do not need to pay the place rent and other service costs.

How Much Does It Cost To Create Jahez Clone

Today, the food delivery business is skyrocketing. If you want to develop a Jahez clone for your food delivery business, it becomes critical for you to understand all the system’s essential components. Remember that app development cost ultimately depends on different factors like your business requirements, features integrated, the technology used for the development process, and many more.

Every development company has its pricing model for developing a delivery solution. Therefore it’s a bit tough to provide an accurate cost for app development. You can contact our team to know how much it costs to develop an online solution for your business that guarantees success and growth.

Why Investing in Jahez Clones is Beneficial for Your Business?

If you consider and understand the guide correctly, you can start your food delivery business online by investing in an app similar to Jahez. The app solution ensures your business success and growth by enabling you to cater to all the growing demands of customers. Check the complete app flow to know how the solution works to ensure your expansion in today’s digital world.