how dija works

On-demand food delivery sector is one of the largest sectors that has grown in the last few years and yet is evolving with advanced technology. However, the grocery and daily home essentials sectors are not so behind the race. Dija is one such business that allows 10 minutes delivery to the customers on demand. We will be exploring how Dija works, its business model, and revenue resources.

Before that, if we look at the statistics, grocery ordering online and delivery demands are rising and are further forecasted to increase. One key parameter was the pandemic in 2020, which also led to the hike in these industries. Also, the customers have become more entrenched with technology and automation; grocery shopping methods are shaping in that way. Dija is one such example that is serving people in the United Kingdom all-digitally.

Let’s start with the explanation about Dija.

What is Dija?

Dija is an app allowing users to order groceries and receive delivery within 10 minutes. It is a company in London, England, founded by former Deliveroo employees Alberto Menolascina and Yusuf Saban. It adopts the concept of the dark stores, which are located in the location area and from where the groceries are delivered to the customers within the least time. Dija buys groceries in bulk stores in the large warehouses and then on customer’s addresses delivered to their addresses.

Dija was then acquired by GoPuff, one of its competitors based in the US. all the investors and founders will gain their equity in Gopuff, and also, the employee’s shares will be transferred to the company. Also, no one will lose their jobs, according to Dija.

Facts and Figures About Dija

Launched On Nov 2020
Founders Alberto Menolascina, Yusuf Saban
Headquarters London, United Kingdom, England
Funding Rounds 1
Funding Amount $20M
Acquired By GoPuff, US-based Startup
Industry Delivery

How does Dija Works?

Busy urban professionals always lack time, which is the endpoint of the delivery-speed arm race. Groceries are one of them. It started when companies were offering deliveries in an hour or less. And now it has shrunk to a few minutes, and not so unrealistic to mention a 10 minutes delivery service.

The workflow of Dija is as simple as any business model that serves grocery delivery on-demand. It is a simple flow that converts the traditional delivery flow conduits through an online platform. Here is the complete platform explained:

From the Customer’s Side –

Grocery shoppers register in the app, select the address for the delivery, then select the category of grocery, pick the items and the quantity, and then order that with the desired payment method.

From Store’s Side –

The grocery merchant will receive the order, will prepare the order in the nearby grocery warehouse, and then assign it to the delivery person.

From Delivery Man’s Side –

The assigned delivery request can be accepted or rejected by the delivery man, which will be picked up and dropped off within the estimated time interval.

Dija Business Model: Know Its Important Strategies, and Insights

dija business model
Dija commits to delivering groceries within 10 minutes, and when they fail, they will be giving the rest 3 months of delivery services without any charges. To serve this, Dija set up grocery warehouses in the local areas.

Since Dija plans to maintain the warehouses of the groceries, it eliminates the hired staff for merchandising and maintaining those stores. Also, it does not depend on the location of the warehouse except for the fact that it has to serve particular areas for its grocery requirements.

Other than this, let’s also discuss the business strategies of Dija

Value Proposition

Dija’s founders had worked for similar companies, and Waldo were major roles. They understand the customer behavior and business aspects. Here we derived value propositions for customers and delivery providers offered by Dija.

To Customers-

  • To offer convenience by allowing them to order daily essentials in an app without sparing extra time going to the store and shopping.
  • Gets delivery in a few minutes so that it does fulfill the emergency needs and also eliminates the bulk storage of items like Dairy and meat, which requires an effort to store.
  • Dija is dedicated to not only delivering on time but also to giving customers quantity and quality.
  • Delivery persons can apply for a full-time job or part-time one based on their preferences and choose to earn.
  • As it is a least-time delivery model, they get to perform more deliveries and thus increase their salary.
  • Additional tips from users are one more can add up to their income

Key Partners

Dija’s best policy is to offer groceries and that too on time. In order to accomplish that, Dija formed a relationship with the three important partners.

  • Delivery Partners
  • Grocery Marts
  • Technology Partners

Key Resources

Dija intends to give convenience to order groceries through an app and instant deliveries. For this purpose, they match up to the level of the following key resources.

  • Technology platform
  • Partnership with stores
  • Partnership with Drivers

Dija Revenue Channels

At the end of the day, it is all about revenue. Dija’s revenues are $32 Million, which they get to earn from various revenue channels.

Delivery Charges

Customers who order daily essentials from the app have to pay a service charge which is divided between Dija and the delivery provider.

Grocery Sales

Dija buys groceries in mass and then stores them in the warehouse, and then sells them at higher prices. They also save on the cost of stores and merchandising as they do not adopt that model of business.

Advertising Charges

Grocery gives space to the brands and other related businesses to advertise within the platform. It is one of the huge income sources for Dija.


The competition is high in the industry and already there are many successful businesses standing intact. Yet have larger plans. But the good news is, understanding the market, there is a huge scope in the field, yet there is a lot to explore here. If you are looking to make a Dija clone app to start your own grocery delivery business, we are a robust platform built with the finest technology. Contact us to know more about the