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Why Choose Elluminati As White Label Grocery Delivery App Development Company

Gone are the days of long grocery shopping lists and hours in the shopping centers weekly or monthly. However, as people are getting more technically advanced, they are adopting the smarter ways to shop, that is, from an application on a smartphone and get doorstep deliveries. Businesses are adopting this technical shift acquiring advanced platform for grocery shopping.

Elluminati Inc – Grocery delivery app development company offers customizable platform for convenience stores that allows customers to use smart screens to shop essentials online. Multi-stores are managed seamlessly within the solution, with resolute modules giving instant acknowledgment in all business processes.

Online grocery sales will more than double by 2025. White label grocery delivery app is a pre-configured platform to handle ordering and doorstep delivery services for grocery stores or supermarkets. As leading Grocery delivery app development company – Elluminati provides a reliable solution with considerate performance that helps you run the grocery delivery business smoothly through custom apps with modern features and dedicated support, managing the transactions hassle-free.

Who Can Adopt Our White Label Grocery Delivery App

segments that support by online grocery ordering system
  • Local Grocery store
  • Grocery business chains
  • Multi-vendor grocery stores
  • Aggregators for grocery business

Characteristics of Grocery Ordering App Development Making it Business-Centric

Contactless Delivery Feature

  • Stores can integrate contactless delivery function in the grocery ordering app development, ensuring the safety and hygiene norms for the customers
  • Delivery providers pick up the parcel from the stores maintaining the contactless delivery norms
  • The provider will drop the parcel out of the customer’s house and wait until it is picked by the customers

Instant Notification

  • From the app, all the users get the real-time notification for all the status of ordering and delivery
  • Customers and delivery providers also get the offers, loyalty programs, or any notifications via SMS or emails
  • It ensures the business visibility notifying each and every necessary action to keep users connected to the platforms

Dedicated Apps

  • Customers get the dedicated app for ordering the groceries, getting updates on the delivery process
  • Stores will receive the order from their dedicated apps; it also performs all the store’s related tasks online through the app.
  • Similarly, delivery providers also get an app to receive the delivery request from the stores, through which the delivery processes are completed

Multiple Outlet Support

  • Grocery stores can manage multiple stores from the platform with its supportive functions
  • Multiple language support is integrated within the platform to allow fluent communication between the stores and customers
  • Also, the currency conversion function is supported in the platform for the convenience of customers to pay through your their desired local currency

Demonstrative Menu

  • Stores can make a detailed menu of their stores with setting price, tax, descriptions, and images of each of them
  • The items are also grouped to form the category so that the customers can select their desired terms easily
  • These categorized items can also further be divided and grouped as subcategories

Assign Delivery Manually

  • As the orders can be prepared, stores can assign the delivery service request to the providers in either way- auto-assign, manual assign
  • For any particular situation, the customers can assign the delivery manually by selecting the vehicle and driver’s name
  • Admin can also assign the providers for the service from the panel by either auto assigning or manually assigning the grocery delivery

How White Label Grocery Delivery App Works?

By putting all the required features together, an excellent white label grocery delivery app ensures the best experience is offered to customers. It enables you to expand your business reach, ensuring outstanding customer outreach. It makes it easier for grocery stores to cover more market share and promote their products by managing them accurately through the platform. It follows a simple process helping you to enhance your business profits:

  • Customers can check categories and subcategories to make a purchase of groceries they need
  • Stores get the order details of the selected items and prepare the parcel
  • Stores send a delivery request to delivery providers, a particular provider accepts the delivery from the app
  • Providers follow the details to deliver the order to customers’ destinations

Understand the Flow of Grocery Delivery App Development Modules

Simple flow in grocery app development comprising apps and panels that caters to all customer’s rising needs resolving all store’s operations through the robust platform

Customers App Flow

Through the grocery ordering app, customers can quickly sign in and follow simple ordering process, making secure payments, and are notified of all status of the order

User Panel Flow

The panel is a similar interface to the app allowing the customer’s convenience while ordering groceries

Grocery Store App Flow

Grocery stores can use feature-rich app for managing stores tasks and incoming grocery orders

Grocery Store Panel Flow

View, manage and examine store tasks from the store’s panel for operation through the bigger screen

Provider App Flow

Delivery providers receive the delivery request, gets paid, track customer’s address within the app

Admin Dashboard’s Flow

customer panel for order grocery online

Admin can perform all business’s admin’s tasks from the panel drawing out efficient results

Remarkable Benefits Carried Out by the Grocery Delivery App for Convenience Stores

benefits of online ordering system for grocery store
  • One-stop-solution
  • Versatile
  • Secure Checkouts

What We Offer As Grocery App Development Company

Elluminati – Grocery delivery app development company, a leading name in the app developing market, renders excellent constituents to assist all the requirements of your customers by aiding them with the best ordering and delivery services.

Customer App

Set-up pickup and destination location for your ordered product through the map to get the order delivered right at your doorstep

Provider App

Delivery service providers can upload all the essential documents through the app for verification

Store App/Panel

Store owners can update and manage all the details of their service and product effectively

Admin Panel

Add multiple countries with other details like currency, country code, etc to sign in their business

User Panel

Users can create their own profile and can add all the essential details like name, images, address, and much more

Excellent Features Involved in Grocery Delivery App Development Solution

  • Search Filters

    Users can filter previous orders using tags in the item, price number ratings, distance, and delivery time.

  • Multiple Payment Gateways

    Customers can choose from multiple payment methods, like e-wallets, cash, or credit or debit cards.

  • Social Sharing

    Customers can share products with their acquaintances on social media platforms

  • Integrated E-wallets

    Users can access e-wallets that are linked to the individual’s bank accounts and receive or transfer the amount through it

  • Schedule Order

    Customers can schedule grocery orders at any time, which stores will note and deliver to their doorstep.

  • Favorite Stores

    Customers can mark stores as their favorite stores and order from them directly from next time, saving the time to search it every time

Enfold Your Business Methods with White Label Grocery Delivery App

The grocery delivery business is the fastest growing business adopting an online platform for business. It is always the right time to boost your business with a white label grocery delivery app, running a smooth business that gives efficient results.

Look Into The Apps That Guarantee Smooth Grocery Delivery

Allows seamless ordering and reliable checkout process with multiple payment gateways

Find Out The Excellent Panels To Dilate Your Business With It

Customers can enjoy ordering from the panel and rate the store and driver for their service

FAQs That Resolve Your Common Doubts

1. What is a white-label grocery app and why is it best for supermarkets

The white-label grocery app is the readymade solution that you can deploy for your supermarket business, endless customization and branding options allow you to streamline your business operations.

2. How to develop a grocery delivery app for my retail grocery business?

Conduct market research, identify your business needs and get started. If you have no clue about technical aspects, contact the grocery delivery app development company and the developers team will assist you immediately.

3. Can I customize the features included in the grocery app development solution?

Yes, features can be customized as per your business requirements as the white label grocery app platform is completely scalable and designed to meet your business standards.

4. How would I ensure I picked the correct grocery app development company?

There is no one-line formula when it comes to choosing the grocery delivery app development company, all you need to choose is the best that addresses your issues, supplements your qualities, and has vast experience in this particular field.