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Start your own food ordering venture and provide a time-saving services to customer and growing your business in this on demand economy. We provide a complete white label online food ordering script for your food & beverage business with customer, restaurant & delivery provider app get a service to customer choice their favorite foods in the nearby location and get it on their doorstep.

The customer app guide to browse their favorite meal through advance filter option view details of different restaurant and hotel menus, request for meal, check food gallery, select ingredient with a quality option, received order confirmation track the order details, make card and case payment, etc. Our online food ordering script app provide huge benefits to connect your customer directly and giving them satisfying meal. Connect with local restaurant as partner and get revenue for app owner whenever an order is placed. This means you don’t need to depends on ads to generate extra revenue and profits with your apps. Think to start your own online food ordering venture? Get quotes with your features request. We provide complete customization as per your needs.

App Overview

On demand economy change a face of food & beverage industry. Connect with the customer directly via mobile apps. This food ordering script app provides facility to customer order the favorite meal online in a nearby restaurant, browse the menus, confirmation for food request, track food delivery person and pay for food in their mobile App. 

Find Restaurants In Nearby Area

Customer can search the restaurant on their near by location or find by city & area. with filtering option restaurant types, reviews, delivery time etc.

Restaurant Details

Customer can view the complete details of a restaurant with name, address, delivery details, photos, review, etc.

Product Details

Customer can see the product details with ingredient description and fare price details.

Custom Product Like Subways

Customer custom their meal order like the subway. They can add, edit and delete Ingredients as per like / dislike.

Confirmation With Products & Delivery Details

After getting meal requests from customers, meal providers check the request and accept or reject them based on the availability of a product. And the information is sent to the customer. If the order is received, the delivery provider’s status is also sent in the confirmation message.

Track Order

The customer can see the real-time order status in summary module. Also get the push notification when order status update.

Add to Cart

The customer sees the restaurant menu with name, product image, Price and quantity option. with this customer can add a product to cart list . also they can increase or decrease a quantity of meal in cart list.


After completion of menu add. The customer can process with checkout with delivery types pickup and delivery option. And select payment option (COD or Card) for complete the order


Customer get an invoice for their order with product details with price and total paid amount for meal order.

Ability To Call Delivery Person

The customer can call the delivery person to get information about their meal order.


Customer give tip amount for the delivery person if their wish.

Rates & Review

The customer can rate their ordering meal on a scale of five stars. And share their feedback for delivery service.

Promo and Referral Codes

Add promo and referral codes with conditions like cash order, card order, city etc.


This app supports multilingual integration facility as per your vendor’s requirement.

Customer and Provider App Demo

What We Offer in Food Ordering Script

With food ordering script we offer white labeled delivery driver, restaurant and customer native Android and iOS application. With 100% responsive separate web console for manage all work and transaction of a customer, restaurant and delivery provider.

  • Social Media Login
  • Customer Chat Support
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Phone SMS Verification
  • Earning Analytics
  • Efficient Navigation
  • Manage Products
  • Billing Details
  • Order History
  • Track Delivery Provider
  • Add Countries/Cities
  • Manage Users
+ Customer App
  • Social Media Login
  • Customer Chat Support
  • Real-time Tracking
+ Delivery Provider App
  • Phone SMS Verification
  • Earning Analytics
  • Efficient Navigation
+ Restaurant App & Panel
  • Manage Products
  • Billing Details
  • Order History
+ Admin Panel
  • Track Delivery Provider
  • Add Countries/Cities
  • Manage Users

Store, Admin App & Web Demo

Extra valuable features contribute to Online Food Ordering Servicing


Our already built in design is amazing. We took care about complete macro and micro level details for food ordering.


We provide complete customizable facility as per your business requirement. It doesn’t matter what you are looking. Our food ordering script provides the perfect solution.


We provide facility to a customize app in your local area language and currency. Default language used for this app is english.

Fast Effecient Access in Online Services

We provide platform that connects your targeted customer to your business

We build a product that connects the rightest customer to your business, we fulfill your every macro and micro level requirement that’s help to grow your business exponentially

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