Store Panel Step By Step Flow


The store panel is a finely developed in-house solution for the stores to manage the
orders and deliveries in the most perfect and faultless way.

Create Order


Order Management


Each and every type of order whether it is new orders, accepted orders, in-progress orders or ready to deliver orders all of them can be handled from store panel.

Different kind of filters makes it easy to search for any specific orders. For that, the stores just need to select some specific details in the available filters.

The different types of order management become easy for the stores just because of the detailed representation of each order on the store panel`s order screen.

Delivery Management

An interactive map attached to the delivery screen of the store panel enables them to check all the delivery men’s locations in order to manage the delivery.
The real-time status updates and location tracking makes it easy to manage the deliveries for the stores from the single screen of the store panel.

The location of the delivery men and users can be seen in the maps and the details that are relevant and necessary to know would take place beside it.

Keep History


Set Menu


Offer Promo Code


Manage Profile


Settings For everything


Easy Earnings


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