E-Delivery Features

Understand Features of the Delivery App Along with Functionalities.

Customer Apps / Website

Customize Customer Solution To Order The Items From The Store Menu Online

New DesignNew

User apps and panels are redesigned, which are more interactive and appealing, making it easy to browse and order.

Reserve Table in RestaurantNew

Reserve a table in the restaurant through an app or panel for the desired number of people and also can order and pay.

Payment GatewaysNew

Customers’ apps and panels are integrated with multiple payment gateways like Stripe and Paystack to allow transactions in multiple countries.

Scan and OrderNew

Customers can scan the QR code of the particular store and choose the items for order without login into the app or website. And further can pay also.

Access to Website New

Customers will be able to access the website before they find the store lists. When they enter the location, nearby stores will be listed.

Favorite AddressNew

Customers can make a list of their favorite addresses and can access that list from any device with the same credentials.

Bring ChangeNew

Customers can request the deliveryman to bring change(like coins) while they are ordering to settle the cash payments.

Modifier AssociationNew

Customers can access associated modifiers where they can modify the items based on the availability of the modifiers.

Increase Modifier QuantityNew

Customers can increase the quantity of the modifiers they add to the item as allowed by the store to do so.

Repeat/Customize ItemNew

Customers can repeat the item with a choice to keep the modifiers the same as it is or can choose to customize them.

Social Signups

Customers can sign up to the app or panel using social app accounts like Twitter and Facebook or even can log in directly with the Google ID.

Reset Password

Customers could reset passwords if they forgot the old ones to reset them with the help of the ID and email address.

Set Address

Either enter the address or select your location to get the list of the nearby stores and then order from.

Search Filters

Customers can use search filters like tag, price, distance, and time for easy browsing of the stores they are looking for.

Select Multiple Items

They can choose multiple items from a store, select from various categories, add all of them into the cart, and order and pay altogether.

Multi-Payment Methods

Panel and app are integrated with various payment methods like online transfer and credit or debit cards. Customers can also pay by cash for the orders.

Share Referral Code

While customers register on the platform, they will get the referral code which they can share with anyone and redeem referral benefits.

Access Promo Code

Promo codes from the stores and admin will enter in the checkout screen of the app or panel and redeem.

In-app Chat

For delivery inquiries or malfunctioning in the app, customers can use the chat feature to solve it with the drivers or support team, respectively.

Select Language

Stores can offer multiple languages to the customers from which they choose to translate the store menu in and order.

Schedule or Instant Orders

Customers can place an order for instant delivery or schedule a preferred time and date to their desired addresses.

Special Preferences for Items

While selecting the items and modifiers, customers can add special preferences about the particular items other than modifiers.

Delivery Note

While ordering, customers can add a delivery note for the address to which the order is being delivered.

Update Delivery Address

Change the delivery address before ordering if required by either entering the address or selecting it from the map.

Update Profile

Users can update the profile details like name, email, phone number, and password when they want to.

Invoice Generation

Customers can preview the invoice of the order before they confirm the order, and also it will be saved in the app or panel after ordering.

Track Deliveryman

Customers can track the order starting from where the order gets accepted by the store until it gets delivered to the required address.

Confirmation Code for Deliveryman

Users could generate a confirmation code for the deliveryman when they complete the delivery to the address to confirm it in the app.

Add Multiple Cards

Customers can add multiple cards in the app, which will be saved to conduct the transaction from the desired ones.

Add Modifiers

Customers can add one or more modifiers to the items, optimizing them to the choice and get it the way they want.

Search Items

When selecting the items from the stores, customers can use the search bar to get the preferred items reducing search friction.

Refer Store Rating

Customers can refer to store ratings given to them by another customer while selecting the stores to order from.

Store Status

It is the status of the store, where it mentions the availability of delivery services in a week, including day and time.

Categorized Menu

Customers get a categorized menu of the store, where items are divided into categories and subcategories.

Pickup / Destination Type

Users can enter their pickup and delivery destination location by typing the address manually into the search bar located in the user app and website

Order List

Users can view the active order list and the status updates for each active order- canceled, accepted, on the way for delivery, and more

Add Favorite

Add single or multiple stores as your favorite and choose to share the store details over social media accounts

Map View

Users can view the available outlets on the integrated map to place orders conveniently

Contact Less Delivery

For contactless delivery, customers can tick the box for contactless delivery, and get a safe delivery at the address.


Users can upload their reviews for the received delivery services and the ordered item quality after the order is delivered.

Order History

Users can analyze order history with the details like added items, their prices, payment details for completed, accepted, rejected, and canceled orders

Select Outlet

Browse and search for nearby outlets and find your fit from all available stores in the user app and website

Payment Options

Users get multiple payment options to select from, and they can pay conveniently for the recently placed order


Customers can choose to pay a tip to the delivery providers and pay them via cash or in-app wallet