E-Delivery App Step By Step Flow


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The registration with the app is the prior process in order to start the enjoyment of ordering from the app. The user can do login after the registration.

Filling up just a few details would enable the one to register with the app. That is how the registration is smooth and seamless with our app.

There are multiple choices available for the registration and login. The user can use the manual way or they can take advantage of social media login.

A multi-choice login and registration facility saves the time of the user so that they can invest that same time in providing the best delivery service.

Explore The Menu


There would be multiple choices available on the home screen. The user can choose any one from it according to his/her needs for the delivery service.

The delivery choices like instant delivery and scheduled delivery make the task easy for the users. The uses can go with any one of it as per the preference.

Simple to order menu will make it easy to choose the item. A click on the item would add it to the basket and the user can explore for more items.

Before finalizing the order, the user can check the basket and do necessary changes if required so. After finalizing the things they can place the order.

Payment Procedure


Easy payment procedure is one of the most identical parts of our delivery app where the user of the app can enjoy stress-free payments.

There would be multiple payment options available for the user. The user can choose any one of it to do the payment for the desired order.

The facility to check the current balance of the e-wallet is attached inside the payment part so that the users can check it anytime and enjoy shopping.

If the user has any coupon or referral codes, in that case, they can apply it at the time of payment to get the maximum benefit of the referral code.

Order Reaches To The Store


The order placed by the user reaches to the store with all the details of that particular order. The store can start packing it as soon as possible.

The in-built details of particular order help the store to keep the details of the order in the mind and prepare the order according to it.

As soon as the order would be ready to be delivered, a delivery person would be assigned to pick that parcel up and deliver it at its destination.

The delivery person can take the help of maps if they do not know about the destination. The maps make them reach their destination easily.

Invoicing & Tracking


The details included in the invoice would be like base price, applicable tax, payment method details, total amount and many other things like that.

It is a special inclusion in the invoicing where the user can see the time, distance of the store to the destination, and the type of payment method.

The delivery status along with the order number would be available on the screen where the delivery status makes tracking easy for the user.

The highlighted estimated delivery time is presented on the screen so that the user can know the exact time when their parcel would arrive.

Feedback & Ratings


Sharing the views about the delivery service and products becomes easy with review and ratings from where the user can express their views.

Just like the users, the stores can also share their views about the working experience for the order of a particular user from their review and rating section.

Rating is the best way to describe the experience of ordering and delivery in a sort and sweet manner, it is an ideal option to save time and share thoughts.

Check The History


The order history section provides an opportunity to keep the track of previously placed order with all the necessary details of each particular order.

The user can also repeat the same order from the history section, that makes it one of the easiest ways to place the order for the desired items.

Once the order gets delivered it would be moved to the order history section from the current orders. That is how the users can manage the orders.

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