Customer Flow

Find all the essentials listed down and ready to deliver at the customer’s will

A customer installs the dedicated customer app and sign up/login to access the functions and order delivery services.

Store/Merchant Flow

Assure seamless management from a storefront with excellent web console and app support

Stores can view and manage the orders placed by customers and can give responses to them as per product availability.

Delivery Provider Flow

Manage and deliver customer orders effortlessly with the complete support delivered from delivery-dedicated solution

Delivery providers receive the delivery request placed by the customers, they can choose to accept or reject from their dedicated app.

Support your community during the tough times- empower the deliveries with the right white label solution meeting your customer demands and empowering business operations. Contribute to making the world a safe place- enable doorstep delivery with the community support delivery solution- E-delivery.

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E-delivery has been empowering on-demand businesses with the solutions that they demand and their customers adore.

Experience the Full-Fledged Use of Technology

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Our On-Demand White Label Apps


Compete with global on-demand taxi businesses on the same level and assure profits.


Support the community and customer demands by delivering efficiently across borders.


Serve every on-demand service in a single plate- empower the customer choices with E-Services


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