Offer Time-savvy Services with White Label Uber like Electricians App

Mobile apps have provided open new opportunities for businesses to offer convenient service to users. An uber like electricians app helps you build a bridge between the electricians and users searching for service. This advanced platform provides you with the support of expert assistance, helping you operate your business without any difficulties. It includes all the essential features and modules, ensuring the best user experience

Elluminati’s on-demand electrician app development provides extensive business support by allowing you with customizable features that provide you with new ways to create your brand name and customer base. Advanced integrated functions of the system prove worth for your business by ensuring to satisfy all the specified requirements of ventures

Amazing Features of Uber For Electricians Services App

Currency Change Support

Set currency as per the country where you aim to expand your business. The live currency rate option will help you to calculate service charges as per the currency you set. It helps with accurate payment calculations that drive seamless experience across countries

Schedule Placed Requests

We have integrated calendar facilities to uber like electricians app to help service providers schedule their job requests accurately as per their convenience. They can view all accepted and scheduled jobs and can schedule it efficiently to earn more by serving their service to more customers

Cash Free Payment

To support a cashless payment facility, we provide multiple payment gateways integration facilities to vendors. They can provide users with multiple options like integrated wallet and many other payment options to offer seamless and improved payment experience to users.

ETA Facility

Uber for electrician app provides users with ETA details, it is calculated on the basis of the entered location of the users. Map navigation facility helps service providers to get the nearest path to reach the mentioned place to offer excellent service on customers’ demand

Leverage Competitive Advantages with On-Demand Electrician App Development

Give a modern touch to your electrician business with on-demand electrician app development guaranteeing excellent user experiences. The Electrician app development solution promises to offer a more comfortable service to customers on their demand and provide service providers with great opportunities to earn more. Admin can have a complete analysis report to plan better business expansion and promotion strategy in no time

Get the Support of Uber for Electricians App Ensuring High Service Standards

Obtain a complete business-centric app for your business with on-demand electrician app development, ensuring to generate the best result for your business in a short time. Uber for electrician app includes all the essential features and functionalities that provide great control over each activity of your business. Even it follows the excellent flow, ensuring to offer excellent service to customers each time they appoint your business service through the app

  • Customers search for service providers and place service requests through the app or panel
  • A service provider receives the service request and decides to accept or reject any as per their availability
  • Providers reach customers’ destinations to provide their service
  • Customers pay for the service using any mode of payment they are comfortable with
  • Customers can provide feedback as per their experience gained with service providers

Meet Your Business Requirements with Advance Tech Stack

Earn more profit for your business with an uber like electricians app allowing you to offer hassle-free service to customers and ensure effective business management

User App

Customers can eliminate typing a particular address again and again by using the autofill location option

Service Provider App

Providers can check the available amount in their wallets and know the payment status by checking how much amount is paid by the particular customer

Admin Panel

Admin can change the color of the entire platform through the app color setting option provided to them with the admin dashboard

User Website

Users can save their address as a favorite address to use it as per their requirement while placing the service request

Encourage Your Business Prosperity with Uber like Electricians App Favoring Business Success

Address your business and customers' demands efficiently with an uber like electrician's app. Interactive and intuitive features of the tech stack help you set high service standards encouraging your customer engagement with your business for a longer time

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