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We organize your ideas and requirements into one innovative mobile application providing businesses with disruptive value and standards to engage with end-users effectively. Partner with us for exemplary mobile app development services for native or custom apps, relying on Elluminati’s experienced team.

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    mobile app development company

    Mobile App Development Company : From Conceptualizing To Product

    mobile app development company

    The use of mobile applications is quite extensive nowadays. Apps are reigning the business world skyrocketing returns with each passing day. Also, the most prominent business is for those companies who have their highly interactive app. It has the caliber to take a business to the next level.

    Elluminati Inc - Mobile app development company, develops profound applications for any diverse and complex needs. We have a highly adept team that utilizes top-grade technology to get a business the most prominent mobile applications. Forging all viable contingencies, we design a robust, secure, and budget-friendly app encountering all your business intentions.

    Since 2012, We provide mobile app development services, have served more than 800+ clients with 85% Customer Retention Rate globally . The team utilizes various latest technologies to set up an intuitive mobile app solution. We are ready to serve customers for any simpler or composite needs providing a mobility solution that is flexible.

    Determine Your Mobile App Development Services

    We are always trying to keep our clients ahead, providing them with a wide range of mobile app development services. Explore the one that fits your requirements.


    The demand for Android applications is sky scraping. And so we know how important it is to a business to develop an easily operated and first-rate application. We have an excellent team that works to get a distinctive and interactive application compatible with any of the Android devices.

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    iOS Apps

    iOS apps pay off for a business because Apple users show higher brand loyalty. We have expertise in developing the mobile application for all iOS devices, including user-centric functionalities with Swift, Java, and Objective C. We have a proficient team for the service you can rely on for any of your business ideas.

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    Web Apps

    The Internet is commonplace for work, and thus it is of great importance for a business to operate and retrieve data. It is even compatible with the users to log in to the application through a preferred web browser. We craft web applications compatible with various web browsers using the best technologies.

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    For the use of the technology Node.js for API, Website or plugin development, app integration, and deployment, we have a specialized team to cater to your every specific requirement. The experts get an excellent Node.js-based backend that is compatible with any system and proffers the overall best service for Node.js technology.

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    For the requirements of the front-end for web app development, we have experts who understand all the requirements, making an efficient use of the technology for the purposes. Besides, for the services like customization services, design, plugin development, we have adept services providing geeks that have strong command over the technology.

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    Express JS

    The use of Express.js for the fast web application framework is easier and time-saving. For the clients who are looking for the Express.js technology services for simpler development in lesser time can entirely rely on us; we make secure and modular applications. For services like session management, HTTP/HTTPS API requests, also come under our expertise.

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    Using MongoDB for the schema-less database, Indexing, load balancing, using JSON data model and many other features that the technology offers, we are called superlative providers for the use of this technology. Further, we also take good care of the security of the data, who knows every unit of the technology used.

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    Mobile UI UX

    The app owners, who have UI UX on their priority list, are in the right place. We provide the most interactive app designs satisfying customers’ expectations and market trends, increasing ROI. Those businesses with the idea of building a brand on an app can rely on our designers to help build good relations with the app users.

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    QA Testing

    The mobile app solution has to be bug-free, stable, and updated with all the latest and required functionalities. To ensure and maintain those factors, we provide quality assurance testing to the clients considering all essential characteristics of the mobile app and ensuring a versatile workflow compatible with multiple devices.

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    Systemized Process Followed For App Development Services

    Understand a leading-edge process for app development services. We make sure progress clarity, swift backtracking time, and continuous quality confirmation – all the way through.



    • Discussion of intents
    • Discussion for costing
    • Propose reasonable solution(s)


    • Planning the app development
    • Compose documentation
    • Designing the idea


    • Prepare a configuration
    • Collecting sources
    • Coding for the product


    • Launch apps in Stores
    • Deploy to client’s servers
    • Apps are ready to use

    Industries We Serve

    Elluminati Inc, a pre-eminent mobile application development company, provides flexible, high valued, and sustainable mobile applications to increase business productivity for various tech sectors. Transpiring the most complex projects, we have gained versatility and flexibility in serving different industries with excellent applications, assisting businesses with fluent technological advancements, meeting all their objectives.


    The on-demand markets for the food delivery business are among the most demanding industries nowadays. We provide fully-fledged apps for single restaurant, multi-chain restaurants, food aggregators, and anyone in the industry that wants to automate their tasks.

    • Receive orders
    • Delivery management
    • Shows restaurant details
    • Asset management, etc.


    Healthcare industries are revolutionizing their methods of offering services using innovative mobile apps. We build softwares for Telemedicine, Health, and similar segments to engage more users, simplify tasks for health instructors and streamline healthcare services - all separately or in one solution.

    • Doctor’s appointments
    • Examine patient’s routine
    • Order and delivery for pharmacies
    • Training simulators

    Ground Transportation

    Taxi industries who aim to give better experiences with the advanced tech stack to modernize the way people approach transportation services. We provide applications to serve these industries to let them perform every task with the finger taps, storing and limitless data and managing anytime required.

    • Taxi Booking
    • Taxi Rental
    • Bike Taxi
    • Taxi Dispatch


    Industries looking to streamline logistics services can look for our apps for single or multiple-purpose tasks. With the enhanced user experience and apps with a versatile workflow, businesses can innovate their conventional methods and help them stay intact in the technology-driven markets.

    • Receive delivery request
    • Manage Assets
    • Handle Multiple Outlets
    • Dispatch Orders


    We build applications for business segments that serve the customers’ everyday needs, simplifying the way they receive services and for businesses to manage their services. The app solutions can sync all data, access the best features, have user-appealing designs, and, most importantly, stand versatile.

    • Ordering and delivery
    • Store details providers
    • Advertising
    • Aggregators


    Learning and teaching methods are reorganized. We create applications that make the way people access educational services, enhancing the learning habits and rationalizing the tasks for the teachers. One can choose an app that can offer contemporary methods for the whole education sector to get exposed to the best possible services.

    • Tutorials and examination
    • Live or stored Courses
    • Tracking student performance
    • Create and explore arts

    Do You Have a Business Idea and are Looking for a Solution?

    Leverage our team of geeks that is always enthusiastic and curious to know your needs and give a solid app with the appropriate blend of qualities.

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    Home Services

    We craft apps that lessen the hassle for home services seekers and providers, equating time management, cost, and payment methods, checking provider’s availability, and more. Any relatable functions can be integrated into the app to lessen the efforts and increase efficiency for any tasks.

    • Assign providers
    • Search providers
    • Track services
    • Aware about services

    Types Of Contracts We Suggests

    Myriad plans to partner for mobile app development services; clients can choose as per directives and resources.

    Fix Price Model

    We accommodate the client’s proposal for mobile app development solutions with the fixed price model. They have to make a contract for development under a fixed budget, regardless of time and resources needed.

    Hourly Services Model

    We acknowledge the client’s indistinct vision with the service provided based on hours, where they can hire our team members until the required time and pay accordingly. There is no restriction in hiring the number of members.

    Custom Code Model

    The client can hire a development team remotely in the custom code model. They can control and coordinate the project with the team without the acquisition of the infrastructure. And there is no limit to customizing the code.

    Our Products

    E-Services – Diverse Service Handling Business Solution

    With the complete modules for customers, service providers, and admin, the services platform digitizes the way they all are connected virtually for their respective needs, including various services industries like house repairing, tutors, medical services, laundry, etc. We develop the platform with all the advanced technology and latest features to manage the business seamlessly and expand further with the extensive features.

    Eber – Ground Transportation Management Solution

    The platform is crafted to handle the business of ride-sharing, bike taxi services, car rental, and all that falls in similar categories. The team of app creator builds resolute apps for the riders and drivers along with the panels. Moreover, the solution also has an intuitive desktop panel for business administrators. We have now become an expert firm launching numerous platforms around the world.

    E-Delivery – Delivery Providing Business Solution

    We create a delivery platform for various sectors like food, grocery, flower, medicines, marijuana, etc., that automates the business tasks for the customers and store owners. Admin, from their dedicated panel, examines the tasks, or we can say it creates a link between the consumers and stores through their dedicated apps and panels.

    ESuper - Platform for Multiple Service Management

    It is a multi-purpose online platform merging 5 different verticals of services - taxi, delivery, courier, home services, and appointment booking, each of them additionally diverged into its subcategories. It has dedicated modules to merge any number of services in these verticals, as a business aims to meet a wide range of customers’ requirements. The platform is built with a robust tech stack, customer-friendly features, and an articulate workflow.

    Technology Stack Of Mobile Application Development Services

    We are honing mobile application development services using various technologies for several purposes.

    BE Backend
    • Nodejs

    FE Frontend
    • Javascript

    • AngularJS

    • JQuery

    • Java

    • Kotlin

    • Xml

    • Swift

    • OBJ-C

    DB Database
    • MongoDB

    • Firebase

    • Room

    • Sql Lite

    PM Project Management Tools
    • Slack

    • Jira

    • Gitlab

    • Trello

    QA Testing
    • Manual Testing

    • Postman

    • Jmeter


    DO DevOps
    • C1 CD

    Have A Look At Our Client’s Success Story

    Alsaree3 – Food Delivery Platform in Baghdad, Iraq

    It is the delivery platform that helps customers get swift deliveries from nearby restaurants and allows the business admin to manage orders online, keeping track of them and the deliveryman throughout the process. It offers a convenient way to order food from nearby restaurants for the people in Iraq.

    Download App Download App

    AlTiro Express – Multiple Purpose Delivery Platform in Ecuador

    AlTiro Express is a delivery platform that provides food, couriers, medicines, drinks from desired stores to customers’ doorstep. They connect to the stores that often provide special and exclusive promotions for app users. The services are available 24/7 in the country, which is an imperative and distinctive characteristic of the company.

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    Dhaweeye – Ride Managing Platform in Hargeisa, Somaliland

    Dhaweeye is a ride-hailing platform in Hargeisa, Somaliland providing instant rides to people on calling and through mobile applications. The platform has let the business generate many employment opportunities for the drivers who can register easily in the apps and can provide rides earning a significant amount.

    Download App Download App

    Why Clients Choose Us As Mobile App Development Company

    Motives that outshine us as a top mobile app development company notifying our experience and expertise.

    • We aim to provide utter satisfaction to clients and their customers with the latest technology and features.
    • The clients’ ideas, vision, and perspective are noted, understood, and considered in the development process.
    • We have a dedicated team for the development, design, testing, and all required processes that are acquainted and experienced in their fields.
    • Clients can choose an engagement model to get their expected product in the way and time they want.
    • Maintaining the quality, we also assure a competitive price for all the services, which can also be charged by choosing the desired development model.
    • We prefer smart coding tactics with the best technology that also turns out to be the stable product tested and verified before its release.

    Elluminati Provides Development Support To Build Goal-Oriented Platform For Businesses

    Entrepreneurs can seek assistance from us to build a robust platform that helps them to achieve their goals.

    Are You Stuck with the Idea of Mobile App Development in Business?

    Quote a message to us, and we will resolve your queries and provide you with the best results for building, designing, optimizing, or scaling mobile applications.

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    Questions You Might Have For Mobile Application Development Solutions

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    The general features we add to the mobile apps are:

    • Real-time notifications
    • Live chat support
    • Voice over IP calling
    • Live Tracking
    • Payment gateway integrations

    We do obey a particular security process.

    • We sign an NDA before beginning a project
    • Regularly monitoring security circumstances in the workplace
    • Ensure all network security measures
    • Disallow access to your app’s content providers

    We provide support for different periods in different models based on the packages you choose. In some of our packages, we offer free support for a limited time. However, we can always provide add-on support.

    There are diverse variables that decide the time of the app development process. Further, the customizations, version updates, and similar processes will be considered for all kinds of apps to decide the time of development.

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