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Lip-smacking food, digital menu, world-class hospitality, excellent customer service – and no strong customer base. What a misfortune! These days, running a restaurant business is challenging because customers’ choices and technological advancements keep evolving. It’s not all about good food and good customer service. If your restaurant business lacks impactful restaurant marketing ideas, you may be left behind in the race. Hence, here we have come up with several simple yet effective restaurant promotion ideas that will not only make your online presence strong but connect you with potential customers.

There are multiple things that come into the picture when it comes to marketing your restaurant in order to drive more sales and profit. We all know that the restaurant industry is dynamic and highly competitive; you have to be ahead of the crowd, increasing your customer retention ratio, and boosting sales. Marketing is always about catching the attention of people and convincing them to become long-term customers.

Living in a digital world, you can not ignore social media’s power because people today prefer to scroll social media before visiting your place. All you have to keep them entertained and engaged. Keep reading this post, and you will come to know about innovating restaurant marketing ideas to beat the competition and increase sales altogether.

Unique Restaurant Marketing Ideas To Bolster Promotional Efforts

Few things certainly have changed urban people’s dining habits. Today, people are using popular food aggregator apps such as Zomato, GrubHub, UberEats for doorstep delivery of the meal as their unique restaurant marketing ideas set them different from the crowd. They take commission per order so it would be advantageous for both.

If you are new to the food market but want to increase online visibly, you should list your restaurant on the above-said apps. All you need to focus on food quality and delivery, the rest of the tasks such as marketing, running advertisement campaigns, etc. will be done by those companies. Moreover, you also don’t need to develop an app from scratch. It saves time, cost, and enables you to bring in new customers daily.

In the above chart, we can see how those food aggregator apps are making a profit globally; it means If your restaurant is new and facing low brand awareness, these apps will help you elevate your awareness within your market. Eventually, it boosts sales, increases customer retention ratio by charging a pocket-friendly commission.

Moreover, if you want to develop a personalized food delivery app with modern features that meet your business standards, you need to find the right technology partner; it will frequently engage your target customers and increase revenue.

Have An Strong Online Presence With Restaurant Promotion Idea

Nowadays, modern technology has shaped millennials; thus, business owners also have to leverage restaurant promotion ideas to reach out to them. Such as:

  • Update your website and app solution with amazing food photographs, menu, and content.
  • Promote your restaurant on different popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It will increase brand reputation and attract customers.
  • You should also be responding to customer reviews on social media. It is also important that you respond to positive and negative reviews promptly. It will foster customer loyalty and build trust.
  • You should be active on Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Google My Business, etc., to drive more traffic. According to Bright Local, 85%% of consumers read reviews before visiting restaurants.

Along with these marketing activities, you should also focus on having a mobile-friendly website that drives more revenue and traffic. The above chart clearly shows that more and more people are using their smartphones for searching. Having a non-user-friendly website might hurt your traffic and leaves a negative impact on users.

Use Email Marketing

Irrespective of business type, all using email marketing campaigns to boost sales. Email marketing is highly effective for the food industry to promote their business and engage with their customers. Create an email marketing plan that sends informative content to your consumers in order to increase brand awareness.

If you are thinking about what types of emails you should include in your email campaigns, consider these examples;

  1. Send out your menu if there are any changes or new dishes added.
  2. Inform them about events you are hosting
  3. Send them mail related to prevailing offers and deals
  4. Share your restaurant’s success story.

Run Google Ads

The good thing about running paid advertisements is that it puts you at the top of the search results for specific keywords. All you need to choose the right targeted keyword that compels users to click on your website and app. Eventually, this will give you a positive ROI and drive more traffic.

Like social media ads, Google ads are cost-effective to get started with. You can start running a paid advertisement campaign without investing that much money and effort.

When you choose a particular platform to boost your posts, you can personalize content, audience, location, and much more. This helps to make sure your post is seen by the audience group you desire. Furthermore, it will also allow you to study customer’s preferences and other information. Based on that, you can craft campaigns to grow your business.

Additional Tips

No doubt, the above restaurant promotion ideas will help you a lot when it comes to building an online presence. But you also have to keep your eyes on your competitors. Do analysis like on which platform they promote a lot, who are their potential customers, which social media tool they follow, their website, their application, etc. to stay ahead in the crowd. Moreover,

  1. Focus on food quality and customer service
  2. Always think about how can you improve customer service and online presence
  3. Maintain brand consistency
  4. Don’t ignore loyal customers
  5. Stay active on social media and engage with your customers.

Winding Up

This post has looked at four important marketing ideas your restaurant could implement for better results. Probably, the most important idea we can say is to stay flexible and stick to ongoing market trends. If something is not working, change it. There are a plethora of marketing ideas available on the internet. All you need to study your customers and craft a marketing plan that pleases your customers.

If you want to take your food business online and looking for a trusted food delivery and ordering app development company, get in touch with us right now. We will help you capture the market quickly and also offer you modern features that take your restaurant business to the next level.