Rappi Clone – Handle Your Online Delivery Business Efficiently

Are you looking forward to an excellent mobile application to support your delivery business needs? E-delivery offered by Elluminati is a reliable and robust application which is excellent at delivering results for making your online delivery business easy as cake. Rappi Clone, E-delivery comprises of features that your online delivery business requires to run efficiently and deliver the excellent results over each operation.

How Rappi Clone App Works?

E-delivery as Rappi Clone App Contains Modules That Perform Their Best and Deliver Excellent Results to Every User of the System Throughout.

Customer selects the type of delivery from the application and orders the items as per their wish and then places the order.

Stores receive the order and prepare the items according to the orders to get it delivered to customers and asks for the delivery

The delivery provider who has accepted the request reaches the store and collects the delivery from the store.

The order gets delivered to customers as soon as possible with the facility of live-tracking their order throughout the time.

What Do We offer in our Rappi Clone?

E-delivery Contains All the Necessary Modules to Work as Rappi Clone and Guarantee Excellent Outcomes in the Result. Each Module Holds Its Own Significance and Is Much Feature-Enriched to Excellently Deliver Results to Users. Provided with the Advanced Features in It, These Modules Are Best in the Market to Work with and to Get Your System Up and Running.

Customer App

Customer Dedicated Application Facilitates the Ordering from Customers with Its Useful Features and Excellent User Interface.

rappi clone

Social Login

To facilitate easier login to the application, the customers can directly register and log in to their accounts with their social media accounts.

Apply Filters

To better the user experience and ease up the searching process, customers can apply filters to the list of stores and can easily choose from the filtered results.

Push Notifications

Keeping the customers aware of new offers and discounts, push notifications also alarm them about the status of their orders and various important information.


Customers are facilitated with the real-time tracking of their order throughout the time once they successfully place an order.

Customer Feedback

Customers can leave review and ratings about the services provided to them by a particular store and can share it on the application.

Provider App

The Delivery Staff Is Provided with the Provider App to Enable Efficient Delivery Services Each Time They Accept a Delivery Request.

Document Verification

Providers are required to complete the document verifications to ensure only registered providers are receiving the requests.

Receive Delivery Requests

As the stores request for delivery providers, they are receiving these requests on their application along with store details.

Accept/Reject a Request

Delivery providers can decide to accept or reject a delivery request according to their wish with providing an appropriate reason for it.


GPS services are integrated with provider application to enable features like route optimization, easier navigation to locations and many more.

Manage Orders

Providers’ application manages the order history and successful delivery records to let them know the information about each delivery they have done.

Store App and Panel

Designed for the Store Owners, This Panel Enables Easier Handling of Tasks for the Store Owners to Serve the Customers Better.

Create/Edit Profile

Stores can create and update the relevant images in their profile which later gets viewed by the customers on their application.

Manage Menu

Stores can effortlessly edit and update the menu items with the menu management features to keep their menu updated.

Order Management

Handling multiple orders from customers is made easy with multiple order management feature of the store app and web panel.

Send Delivery Request

This feature allows asking the nearby delivery providers to deliver the order of customers successfully within a few clicks on the panel.

Delivery Providers Management

It helps in managing the delivery providers dedicated to your store and also manage their payment and order details within the single module.

Admin Dashboard

A Single Point of Control Over Each Activity in the System Is Provided by This Feature-Rich Excellent Panel Designed for Admin.

Manage Users

Admin can control the users with the features provided like adding or removing a user from the system.

Analytics and Reporting

Admin can view different reports on delivery completed, earnings and more with this feature to keep themselves aware of their business status.

Append Multiple Stores

Admin can add more stores within a few minutes with the feature of adding stores to the system.

View on Map

Admin can view the real-time status of each user and also can track delivery procedures on the go that too on Map.

Customize Services

With the generalized settings provided in the application, admin can control every service they provide with switching between on and off.

User Panel

This Enables Users to Order Through the Online Panel Easily and Adds Flexibility of Ordering From Different Devices.

Nearby Stores

Users can view the nearby stores and add them to favorites and also order from them.

Confirmation Notifications

Users are notified when their order gets confirmed from the stores and can receive the payment and order details in the panel only.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Offering flexibility of payment, multiple payment options are available for users to choose their preferred one to pay for the order.

Save Favorites

Users can add stores and items from stores to their favorites with this feature to enable easy ordering process.

Referral Codes

Customers can avail discounts and earn benefits by suggesting the use of the online delivery system to others.

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Why Choose E-delivery as Rappi Clone Script?

Our Rappi Clone Script Contains Every Essential Feature to Support Your Business to the Fullest.

Customizable Product

We offer 100% customizable solution to clients to deliver software according to their business needs and they can customize and use it in their own way.

Choose Payment Gateway

We furnish our client’s wish of integrating their preferred local payment gateway while Stripe is used by us as the default payment gateway.

GPS Integration

With GPS integration, we add real-time tracking, optimized routes and easier navigation features in the application to provide a better user experience.

White Label Solution

We offer a white label solution for your business and adjust the brand name and logo to the application as per the client’s wish.


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