Rappi Clone – Handle Your Online Delivery Business Efficiently

Are you looking forward to an excellent mobile application to support your delivery business needs? This solution offered by Elluminati is a reliable and robust application that is excellent at delivering results for making your online delivery business easy as cake. Rappi Clone comprises of features that your online delivery business requires to run efficiently and provide the excellent results over each operation. You can rely on the earning analytics and live tracking of service status that helps you compete with stiff competition and improve overall business productivity. Managing processes with a practical app help promote your actions across multiple countries and increase the business scale

Advanced Offerings of Rappi Clone Script

Customizable Product

Get a100% customizable solutions to deliver services and customize it according to their business needs to create the user experience your way

Choose Payment Gateway

We furnish our client’s wish of integrating their preferred local payment gateway while we use Stripe as the default payment gateway

GPS Integration

With GPS integration, add real-time tracking, optimized routes, and convenient navigation features in the application to provide a better user experience

Estimated Delivery Time

With the integrated GPS, the estimated delivery time also gets displayed to users to offer increased convenience for order placing and delivery monitoring

Why Choose E-Delivery As Rappi Clone Script?

  • Extended Delivery Support
  • Scalable App for Business Expansion
  • Secure Payment Gateway Integration

How Rappi Clone App Works?

  • Log in and browse the nearby stores to place an order for the items of your like
  • Receive the customer orders and prepare the order as requested by the customer
  • Place a delivery request for delivery man or choose to assign one from the panel/app
  • Receive delivery request and optimized route information to deliver on-time
  • Live-track the delivery in real-time and pay online with any convenient mode of payment

Produce Excelled Outcomes with Dedicated App Support

Each module of the Rappi clone holds significance and excellently delivers required results to users and ensures business upbringing

User App & Website

View the delivery provider on the map during live-tracking to track the order on the way with the integrated map facility

Store App & Dashboard

Edit the store profile and change the description if needed to provide more accurate information when users search for a store

Admin Dashboard

View all added stores on the integrated map and track the ongoing delivery procedures from all these stores

Delivery Provider App

Before a provider logs in or accepts requests, the SMS verification using their registered mobile number gets performed

Get Started With An Excellent Application To Support Your Business Online

We Offer Excellent Rappi Like App to Support Your Business Needs. Run your operations efficiently to generate the best results with great app offerings for every stakeholder. Launch your delivery business online with an app that guarantees scalable business support

How Our Online Delivery Panels Ensure Extended Support

A user-centric panel facilitates users to place delivery requests and make payments online.

Dive into Working of Online Delivery Apps

Developed to facilitate every requirement, the customer app is integrated with all essential features.