Eswap - White Label Decentralized Crypto Exchange Software

Give a real-time crypto trading experience for your customers with Eswap, a decentralized crypto exchange software that has high-end performance, secure transactions, and scalable script.

What is Eswap - White Label Decentralized Exchange Software?

Eswap, a decentralized exchange software, is a ready-made platform that allows peer-to-peer trading of crypto assets all over a secure solution without an intermediary. It is a robust platform rendering cutting-edge technology that ensures secure trading and transactions with soft wallets, multiple crypto wallets, atomic swaps, and more.

It consists of all the features supporting a DeFi trade for all the peculiarities of the DEX platform, working well for entrepreneurs to launch the platform in multiple regions. Our decentralized exchange platform is designed to work on all growth aspects of a business in a cost-effective manner.

Inclusive Set of Features in Decentralized Exchange Software

The decentralized exchange software has a set of amazing features and functionalities.

Runs on Smart Contract

The app runs on smart contracts that will record all the transactions and enable complete automation.

Anonymous Trading

ID verification is not required, and non-traceable trading can happen. Instead, the public wallet address will fulfill the identification needs.

Order and User Details

Order and user details are retrieved from blockchain records which the admin can utilize for analysis purposes.

Language Preferences

Users get various language preferences to conveniently use the app for exchanging cryptocurrencies in the decentralized platform.

Own Custody

Traders are allowed to keep their private keys, making them the own custodian of their tokens/ assets and trading them directly with high liquidity pools.

History of Transactions

Users get all the transactions stored at a place to be referred anytime required with its complete details price, coins, and peer.

Explore the Modules of a Decentralized Crypto Exchange Software

Go through the premier modules of the decentralized crypto exchange software consisting of all essential attributes.

User Panel

Instant Register

Traders can register to the decentralized platform instantly without any KYC or approval from a central authority before starting trading.

Connect Multi Wallet

Users have to connect their wallet to the decentralized exchange platform from a third-party platform like Metamask, TrustWallet, Exodus, etc.

Comprehensive Charts

Users get charts where they can analyze cryptos prices for different time ranges and also different attributes include.

Add Liquidity

The smart contracts of these platforms utilized pre-funded pools of assets called liquidity pools.

Admin Panel

Users List and Balance

Admin gets the list of all the users and can check their details and wallet balances from the admin at required times.

User Interface

Admin can manage features from the user’s side, like registering detail, language integration, etc., from the admin panel.

Analytical Dashboard

The admin dashboard has all the details about the volumes, swaps, users, and many more details about the decentralized exchanges.

Trade Fees

Admin of decentralized crypto exchange software can set the exchange fees for traders and can also change it as and when required.

How does Decentralized Exchange Platform Work for Users?

A P2P decentralized exchange perpetrates trades through smart contracts and on-chain transactions. In the centralized crypto exchange software, the users do not have full custody of their assets and funds, but DEX is marinated through a third-party wallet connected to the exchange platforms, entirely owned by individuals. Eswap, a decentralized exchange platform, is a simple, straightforward process to exchange crypto assets.

  • Users can join the platform without any registration or KYC and start exchanging in the decentralized exchange platform.
  • Users can link any external wallet as an extension of the browser that is compatible with the platform, where users can save assets securely.
  • Users will set an order for crypto swapping exchange using the signatures; that order will be noted within the smart contract and will be held until any peer is willing to make a deal with those conditions.
  • The entire translation record is stored in a smart contract, and after the crypto exchange, it is held in the user’s wallet.

Initiate a Decentralized Exchange Business With Eswap

Eswap is a perfect ready-made script for businesses of any range, ensuring security features and swift asset exchange.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Decentralized Crypto Exchange Software

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The cost of decentralized crypto exchange software depends on the tech stack preferred, the company of development, the duration of the development time, etc. All of these factors vary from business to business and also the region of the business.

Users can prefer any wallet extension like Metamask, TrustWallet, MathWallet, Metamask, Wallet Connect, Coinbase Wallet, Fortmatic, and Portis.

The supported blockchain network in Eswap is Ethereum.

Eswap, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange software, is a white label, fully scalable solution built with agile technologies allowing a business to launch the platform seamlessly.

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