what is pre order system

What is a Restaurant Pre-ordering System? How does it Bring Success to Your Business?

Restaurant pre-order system is a robust online solution that enables your customers to place orders in advance online. Due to the hectic lifestyle, people are looking for solutions that reduce waiting time. Using the restaurant pre-order app, food business owners can easily accept and prepare food orders immensely with the help of user-friendly websites and apps. According to Business Insider, by 2021 digital ordering will be a $38 billion industry and this number is growing continuously as it enables customers to pick up the order or get them delivered at their desired location.

Accept online orders, online payments in a minute. Elluminati offers a well-versed restaurant pre-ordering system that makes it easy for your hungry customers to place an order in advance. Get started with an efficient restaurant pre-ordering system and deliver the optimum customer experience.

Pre-order System Serves to All Sorts of Industries

industries that support via preorder system
  • Restaurants
  • Restaurants chains
  • startups
  • Cloud kitchen
  • Catering
  • Cafeteria
  • Pizzeria

In-built Features of Food Pre-order app for Effortless Management

food pre order app for effortless management

Manage Products

  • Online food pre-order app platform makes it super easy for restaurants to add and manage products when necessary
  • Device product list into various categories for seamless browsing customer experience
  • Mark “popular”, “favorite”, “recommended” products for the customer’s convenience and easy checkout

Online Booking Calendar

pre order calendar opt.
  • Accepting and managing advanced orders is easy with a flexible and easy booking calendar that comes in a pre-ordering system
  • Real-time tracking and ETA keeps your customers informed about their orders
  • Makes it easy for customers to place an order within the restaurant’s operating hours

Push Notifications

push notification feature of pre order app
  • Whenever your customers place a pre-order, get automatically notified by email or SMS.
  • Once the food gets prepared, either send a notification to the delivery provider for pick-up
  • Promote your restaurant by sending automatic notifications regarding events, offerings, news, etc. and stay hooked with your customers

Data-driven Insights

  • Generate real-time reports and get instant access to important metrics by analyzing your revenues and number of orders
  • Learn about your customer’s order frequencies and craft the impactful marketing strategy
  • Insightful reports and records provide you the business performance in terms of the number of pre-orders, their location, etc.

How does the Restaurant Pre-order System Work?

how does restaurant pre order system work

Increasing traffic, busy schedules often encourage customers to place orders in advance and get them delivered to their desired location. Besides, the restaurant pre-ordering system allows food business owners to manage bulk orders during rush hours more carefully. Customers no longer need to wait outside the restaurants as they can place orders online in advance.

Now you must be wondering how the restaurant pre-order system works and reduces waiting time, here we go.

  • The customers can browse the items from the available restaurants and add selected items to the cart
  • customers are provided two options “order now” and “schedule” before checkout
  • Customers now opt for the “schedule” option, they are also asked whether they want to self-pickup the order or through the delivery provider
  • The restaurant receives the new order notification, by accepting the order, they start preparing it
  • If customers have chosen a delivery option, restaurants send a notification to a nearby delivery provider
  • Delivery provider picks-up the order from destination and deliver it to customers
  • Based on the service and food quality, customers can rate and review restaurant and delivery provider

Robust Solution of Pre-order Platform for Business Expansion

Provide an incredible online user-experience to your customers with a pre-order platform and let them enjoy the delicious meal at their convenience

Customer App Workflow

pre order customer app flow

Let customers place an order in advance and track the entire process in real-time

Delivery Provider App Workflow

pre order delivery provider app

Assign delivery requests to available delivery providers with smart route optimization for faster delivery

Store App Workflow

pre order store and restaurant app

Take pre-orders and manage them seamlessly with advanced features comprised into store app solution

Store Panel Workflow

pre ordering store web panel

Upload menu, manage pre-orders, control inventory for the smooth delivery operations

User Panel Workflow

pre order website for customer

Allow customers to browse, place and track their orders in real-time with the advanced user panel solution

Property Of Pre-order Platform That Brings Flavor To Your Business

  • Easy setup
  • User-friendly
  • Tailor-made features

Implement Restaurant Pre-order App and Make Strong Clientele Base

Expand your customer base with a custom restaurant pre-order app that facilitates pre-ordering operations easy and increase your business reach

User App

Make it easy for customers to pick up or get delivered an order of the meal according to their convenience

Store App

Access your reports anywhere and get the right information to make informed business decisions

Delivery Provider App

Create a profile with all the mandatory features such as name, address, license, bank details, etc.

Store Panel

Enable advance booking for your customers by offering them advanced features

User Panel

Customers can place pre-order, so it will help them to get order on-time

Start Taking Orders Online with Restaurant pre-ordering System

Are you owning a multi-outlet restaurant business and want to maximize ROI? Get started with a restaurant pre-ordering system to build a strong customer base

How Food Pre-order app Speed-up Restaurant Business Growth

how to grow restaurant business with pre order app
  • Fuel Food Sales

    Once restaurants start accepting pre-orders, now they only need to prepare, deliver, or handover the item to customers as customers have already paid online

  • Increase Employee Productivity

    With the pre-order restaurant app, your restaurant staff also benefit as they will be able to manage their tasks based on the orders received in advance

  • Increase Table Turn-over

    Having a lot of people outside the restaurant for their turn often lose many potential and regular customers. Food pre-order system avoid waiting and increase the table turnover

  • Decrease Restaurant Food Wastage

    When you have a clear indication of orders in advance, you will know exactly what and in how much quantity to prepare.

Exclusive Characteristics of Restaurant pre-ordering System

Advance Order Placement

Facilitate your customers to place their orders in advance within a couple of clicks. Easy navigation system leads them to swift checkout and makes the overall pre-ordering meal process simple and hassle-free

Social Media Integration

Allow your customers to share food experiences on social media. By integrating social media with a pre-ordering system, you can easily promote your restaurant and increase online exposure

Reports and Market Analytics

Grow your restaurant business by making smart decisions based on comprehensive reports and market analytics. Generate reports quickly related to daily sales, daily orders, expenses, number of customers, etc.

Multiple Language Integration

Demolish the language barrier and make your customer-base strong as the solution supports multiple languages, assist customers in their native dialect and enable restaurants to expand their business reach without any limit

Customers Management

Manage a number of customers and their details with ease. Add/remove them if needed and stay connected with them by providing personalized offerings based on their order history and purchasing behavior

Convenient Pick-up or Delivery

Advanced parameters allow customers to pick-up or deliver the order according to their convenience. If delivery timings or charges are high, they can collect their meal from the nearest restaurant

Payment and Commission Management

Manage payment and commission related info within the powerful dashboard. Set payment and commission rates separately for each restaurant to make informed financial decisions in the near future

Customer Feedback

Knowing what your customers think about your food and service is important for long-term success. Manage ratings and feedback seamlessly and improve your service. It increases customer base and feels them valued

Reduce Profit-Snapping and Adapt Pre-order Platform For Growth

Stay one step ahead in the competitive food market and implement a restaurant pre-ordering system that grows your business with innovative solutions, enhance the user experience and improve brand loyalty gradually

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