What is the Curbside Ordering System? How does it Keep the Door Open Amid Contingencies?

Curbside ordering system gives a huge hike to your restaurant business by allowing customers to place orders online and pick-it up at their convenience. Today, curbside delivery is the future of the restaurant business rather than dine-in as it offers utmost comfort to your customers. Having the ability to place an order online from apps and websites brings more customers to your restaurant and the ability to expand your business reach.

Keep serving your time-starving customers with ease, take advantage of Elluminati’s entire modern tech stack that offers easy to order solutions to customers, adaptive to all your needs, and streamline the process of managing and delivering online orders to the customers.

Our Order Pickup System Serving to Vary Verticals

  • Restaurants
  • Food delivery startups
  • Dark/cloud kitchens
  • Cafés
  • Catering
  • Takeaways
  • Pizzerias

Upgrade Your Online Ordering with Advanced Features

Detailed Dashboard

  • Manage your restaurant business exclusively with a detailed dashboard that let you monitor and handle all the operations with ease
  • Monitor menu, customers, pricing, food quality, incoming and scheduled orders in real-time to make informed decisions
  • Keep an eye on the customer’s preferences, provide them real-time support to enhance customer base and ROI

Menu Management

  • Edit or upgrade restaurant menu, modify prices, update images, and much more with ease
  • Introduce a special menu on festive days with exciting offerings to entice customers and receive more orders
  • Arrange all the items in category and subcategory with details including pricing and minimum order quantity for a smooth browsing experience

Real-time Order Status

  • Reduce customer waiting time and allow them to know the exact status of their whereabouts in real-time
  • From “order acceptance to preparing to ready for pickup,” let customers know the each activity
  • Notify customers through SMS or push notifications with order details; it reduces waiting time and improve order accuracy

Loyalty Program

  • In order to get more orders and grow the customer base, introduce a loyalty program with exciting deals and offerings
  • Allow customers to redeem specific offer while placing the order; it will bring more orders and recurring sales
  • Based on customer’s preferences and order frequency, send personalized deals and offers for a better user experience

How does Curbside Pickup Ordering System Work?

Serving your customers with a smart solution is no longer a daunting task. Allow your customers to browse all nearby restaurants at their fingertips that give your restaurant business a competitive advantage and increase in profitability. With the advanced curbside ordering system, bring your restaurant to customer’s mobile and let them order online. In the era of cutting-edge technology, facilitate your customers to place an order online and pick it up at their convenience. Let’s see how it works and help you churn out maximum revenue.

  • Let customers browse the menu with smart search options and add items to the cart
  • Review the added items ( add/remove ingredients, toppings, etc.)
  • Make a payment from the options available and track your order status in real-time
  • Restaurant gets notify when a new order request receives and start preparing for it
  • Based on the order preparation time, the consumer can pick up the order from the restaurant’s curbside area at their convenience
  • Based on the service and food quality, customers share reviews.

Overview of Our Modern Ordering and Pickup System Modules

Make the online ordering and takeaway experience faster and seamless. Manage multiple online orders with ease and offer a superior experience to customers

Customer App Workflow

Track your order and get real-time updates to know about the whereabouts of your order

Store App Workflow

Manage customers, menu, payments, get useful insight on overall business for smooth operations

Store Panel Workflow

View all information related to customers, orders, and payment from the dedicated store panel

User Panel Workflow

Place an order and get informed about the latest deals and news with the advanced user panel

A mixture of Modern Technology Expand Your Business Within Your Budget

  • Innovative Designs
  • Dedicated Support
  • Customizable and Scalable

Take Your Curbside Pickup Service to New Heights

Our feature-loaded solution ensures minimum wait time, allow customers to place orders seamlessly, and deliver a high customer satisfaction rate

User App

With the help of smart and advanced search filters, customers get a list of all dishes they are looking for

Store App

Add and update business info, contact details, pictures, operating hours, and much more within the dashboard

Store Panel

Can manage each order with precise information and search for a specific order to increase order accuracy

User Panel

Seamless onboarding process along with social media and contact number login

Ready-to-Use Curbside Ordering System Scale Up Your Restaurant Business

Stay ahead in the fiercely competitive market, allow your customers to place an order online, and collect it without stepping out of the car

Advanced Order Pickup System Brings Automation to Your Business

  • Maximize Efficiency

    Along with a dine-in facility, take advantage of customer’s shifting behavior and allow them to place an order online and collect it at their convenience. It improves your business operations and allows you to utilize space outside the venue

  • Eliminate Waiting Time

    Curbside ordering platform designed to reduce waiting time and enhance customer satisfaction as they can track the order and picks-it up in real-time

  • Build Loyal Customer Base

    Takeaway or curbside delivery is the future of the food delivery business. By offering an online ordering facility to customers, you can build a loyal customer base and increase profitability in the right manner

  • Increase ROI

    Having your own online order pickup system reap you more benefits than invested. You will get more orders, foot traffic, customers, and a lot of other benefits in a short span of time

Enormous Features of Curbside Ordering System for Desired Results

Customize Ingredients

Let allow customers to add/remove toppings and ingredients as per their preferences. Before placing the order, allow your customers to make necessary changes, or they can also ask for any special requirement by mentioning it in a special note

Order from Facebook

Allow your customers to place orders seamlessly from their social media accounts. Stay ahead in the competitive business curve and build a strong online presence by taking orders from your Facebook page

In-app Chat

Customers can communicate with restaurants using the in-app chat feature. Allow your customers to resolve their donuts regarding order and pick-up in real-time and enhance customer service

Push Notifications

Inform about the latest updates, news, offerings to your customers through SMS or in-app push notifications. Stay connected with customers all the time and allow customers to track their orders in real-time

Real-time Analytics

Measure business-related activities and generate daily reports to make informed decisions. Get actionable insights into a number of orders received, sales, customers, and much more that lead to data-driven decisions

Customer Reviews

Permit your customers to give ratings and share feedback based on food quality and overall service, making it easy for you to check if there is room for improvement. Get to know about what customers feel about you

Smart Search

Using smart search and advanced filters, allow your customers to get a list of their favorite dishes or restaurants in no time. Based on the popularity and pricing, customers easily search the cuisine they want to order

Order History

Instead of surfing the entire menu, let your customers place orders from history; it makes the order placing process fast. However, the admin can collect this data to send personalized offers to customers

Curbside Ordering System Pushes the Pace and Upscale Your Business

Make your restaurant business’s online presence strong with ultra-modern features, promote your business, and avoid a messy digital ordering system by leveraging an advanced curbside ordering system that allows your customers to enjoy a delicious meal without wait-time

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Answers to Your Common Doubts- Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you provide domain service as well?

Yes, we can help you buy a domain at an additional cost.

2. Are payments made through your solutions secure?

Yes, all payments are secured and encrypted. There is no chance of data leaking and breaches.

3. Do you provide updates for your solutions?

Yes, we do provide updates. Our team will contact you when we release a new update with enhanced features.

4. What will I get in your curbside pickup solutions?

You will get an extensive range of powerful solutions such as web admin panel, Android/iOS apps, restaurant web panel. If you want anything extra, you can contact our team anytime; you will get the best assistance.

5. How will your solutions be deployed?

Our technical team will help you install solutions. We offer on-premise and cloud-based deployment options to clients.