Soothe clone, zeel clone, urban massage clone, on demand massage service app

Work whole day in office and after back to home we all said: I need a massage. We habited of the on-demand service known for rising of the day to go home we pick Uber for lunch we order with UberEats or Doordash and back to home with Lyft. In this crazy lifestyle on another service will rapidly grow its on-demand massage service app Soothe, Zeel and Urban Massage the all three services provide on-demand massage services. If you are an entrepreneur and start your venture like soothe, zeel or urban massage our massage service clone product helps you.

This app based on our popular taxi app EBER. Which already rank up in Google app store and Apple store. Our Soothe, Zeel or Urban Massage clone work-flow similar as any on-demand services product with some extra features like language and currency modification, customer choose local payment integration, etc. in-app customer needs to register their essential detail and request to services as per their needs. Once customer sent a service request nearby service provider are received a push notification. Once service provider accepts service request, they both communicate via app chat supports. For this service, a customer pays their charges with case and card option, rate the service and register their feedback.

Why Choose Us

We provide ready to use on demand massage service app for your multi region business.

Graphical Statistic

In on-demand massage service solution, we provide powerful admin dashboard where the vendors can check all module reports like earning reports, service reports. a user request report etc. with graphical statistics .

Map View

With this system, the administrative person can analyze the real-time geo-location details of all user and also the customer can track the service provider location through the app map view features.

Complete Customization

We wish that our offered platform work perfectly for your business. For that, we provide complete features customization facility where the vendors can request for customize features as per their need.

On Demand Massage Service App – Work Flow

Simple and Secure Sign-up and Login

The customer can do immediate sign-up and log in with their social media or Email account.

Access Nearby Service Provider List

Customer can able to see the list of nearby service provider check their profile and review details and book them for provide service.

Pay Service Charge Online

A customer can pay their service charge amount online with debit or credit card or check pay on service option.

Booking Confirmation

The Customer can get booking confirmation with service provider details along with ETA and ability to track service provider real-time location in google map.

Share Feedback

At the end of service user can share feedback for the service as review and rate visa versa base on five stars scale.

Advanced Feature – On Demand Massage App

Manage your single / multi-place massage service business online.


Start Your Massager Service Business On Demand

Create your own soothe, urban massage, zeel like on-demand massage service app with our white label solution.

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If you are person or a massage company willing to have a on demand service for your massage business than we have interesting application for you