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Living in the digital environment, millions of small, medium and even large-scale businesses are looking forward to expanding their business horizons. Are you planning the same? Amidst the business growth phase, every entrepreneur faces the question of how to upscale their software development efficiency. Digital transformation has left no stone untouched and compelling businesses to invest in robust product development. But entrepreneurs often face the dilemma regarding what to choose- in-house vs Freelance vs offshore software development team.

Over the years, it has become a hot topic whether to go for your product development. Choose between an in-house vs Freelance vs offshore development team for your business. Although, in many cases, hiring an in-house development team is a feasible option for certain kinds of projects. Besides, outsourcing a development team is an all-time favorite option to explore with the best skillset and technologies.

Along with these two, offshore development has become an evergreen option today for many entrepreneurs. Irrespective of business size and type, all are turning to offshore models for their product development. As a result, the market size for global outsourcing surpassed around $92.5 billion over the last year.

It is fantastic to use offshore development, especially for startups and mid-sized businesses, to create robust mobile applications and expand their operations. On the other hand, large businesses can afford to employ an internal development staff. They invested resources in its management, yet it can come with a unique mix of benefits and drawbacks. Let’s assess the advantages and disadvantages of these three development models outlined above. This will assist you in selecting the best option for your next app idea.

What is an In-house Development Team?

In-housing, also known as insourcing, is the practice of giving a project to a permanent employee rather than hiring outside assistance for a task (or a department). For example, companies choose and hire regular, full-time workers when they create an internal team.

In contrast to outsourcing firms or independent contractors, you can exercise excellent control over an internal workforce. You can expand or contract your team size as your requirements change. If your project requires you to communicate with developers constantly, an in-house team is a preferable option.

Pros Cons
You will have a small but dedicated team, Have to deal with all the admin-related tasks,
Long term employment commitment, Need to build and maintain chemistry,
Optimum knowledge of your business and customers, and have to bear higher upfront costs such as snacks, parties, celebrations, etc.
Can establish strong relations, Slower to get started,
Great flexibility Finding skilled employees can sometimes be challenging

Freelance Development Team

Source: Harvard Business Review

Look at freelancing statistics that illustrate the current trends in the field of freelancing to understand the extent to which it is currently prevalent.

Software businesses hire a freelance developer or a team of freelance developers to work on a particular project. The project could have short-term as well as long-term goals. In the case of independent contractors, the relationship between the developers and the business or the developers and the client relies on the duration and specifications of the specific project.

Freelancers are free to work concurrently for multiple businesses or clients. Currently, freelance developers can be hired at extremely affordable rates. Freelancers are always experts in a certain set of talents. There is a tonne of websites online that provide freelancers with a variety of options based on their criteria and needs.

Pros Cons
Lower costing Multi-tasking may hurt your product quality
Reach beyond the geographical limit Poor relationship building
Risk reduction Lack of training and supervision
Can easily find the most unique developer for your project Distractions might deteriorate the quality of work
Best quality Less motivated
Limiting payroll Higher investment

Explaining Offshore Development Team

Simply put, offshore development refers to a procedure where different development requirements, such as mobile, online, or bespoke software advancements, necessitate outsourcing to teams in other nations, such as Ukraine, India, and the Philippines.

The primary reason why businesses outsource work is to reduce costs. However, offshore development is also done to reduce workload by distributing it among other offshore businesses.

The phrase “offshore model” is not new because many businesses have long used it. However, there is a growth in the demand for such businesses in this technological era. In reality, offshore managing operations from anywhere in the world is now simpler.

The offshore model can also be applied to other industries, such as data services, cold calling, customer care, and other operations and web application development. As previously mentioned, using the offshore model allows one to do a task at a reasonable cost. This is due to the fact that specialists in India and the other stated nations will charge you significantly less than those found in the UK, US, or any other developed nation.

Pros Cons
Lower bill rate Communication barriers
Fast turnaround time Cultural differences
Access to a wide range of skills Different time zone may affect communication
Good for long-term applications Inconsistent quality
Foreign market expansion Trust issues


More than 22% of CEOs believe it to be a significant difficulty to recruit the right tech personnel with the proper skills. Similar to this, if an employee has the option of working remotely, productivity and employee retention both rise by over 50%.

There are numerous things to think about when deciding whether to outsource your software development, Freelance or offshore, including your business goals, the project’s scope, support, and how much collaboration is required to finish your project.

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