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Tiggy Clone App

Get your hands on a cutting-edge Tiggy clone to start a grocery delivery business in Canada, a delivery solution that forges buyers a seamless grocery shopping experience and surpasses the technologically dominating market.

Tiggy Clone App

What is Tiggy Clone? How Does it Lead to a Hassle-free Grocery Delivery Business?

Online grocery sale has been reckoned over the years and more after the Covid-19 outbreak. Ordering groceries through mobile is an absolute breeze for the millennials and also for the stores that can manage the entire procedure at their fingertips. And therefore, mobile grocery shopping platforms are in colossal demand in the market.

Tiggy clone is an online grocery shopping platform that conveniently enables buyers to get their daily needs by getting doorstep deliveries. The separate components make it easier for the business to oversee the shopping tasks and dispatch the deliveries, eliminating errors and miscommunication.

By 2025, it has been estimated that e-grocery sales will double the current market share. Therefore, an intuitive platform for grocery delivery services is now the must-have business strategy. We provide a app like Tiggy solution that allows vendors to escalate their reach with multiple channels to earn.

Powered Reasons Why Businesses Opt Tiggy Clone For Your Grocery Delivery

  • Own Entire Source Code
  • Compatible with Multiple Models
  • Complete White Labeling

How does the Tiggy Clone Script Lessen the Business’s Efforts with Discrete Segments?

Grocery provisions can adopt a unique business model that provides daily required edibles on-demand with dispatches to the desired addresses. It follows an easy pursuit to adopt, making it easier for the vendors to do business. We will be looking at the working process of the Tiggy clone script.

Consumers can order foodstuffs from their dedicated app or panel from their desired provisions or grocery marts.

  • The vendors will facilitate the orders, which will be prepared and then allocated to the delivery providers through their mobile application or panel.
  • These requests will be obtained in the provider’s app, which they will acknowledge as per their availability and outright the home deliveries.
  • In the entire process, an aggregator will oversee and manage all the tasks from the administrator panel.

Cite The Features Of The App Like Tiggy To Conduct The Business Easily

An app like Tiggy aims to simplify and automate the way to shop delicatessen and direct the business with obliging features.

User App

Live Order Tracking

Buyers can track their orders in the entire process, starting from the order placement until delivered at the address.

Know Store Status

While ordering, grocery shoppers can notice the store’s status and items’ or products availability as in stock or out of stock.

Exclusive Offers

Grocery Stores and admin can provide exciting and exclusive discounts to the consumers to engage them for longer.

Multiple Payouts

Buyers can pay their grocery bills with desirable payout methods like online payments (cards, e-wallets) or cash payments.

User Website

Feedback to Stores

Users can look for the delivery store reviews before choosing any of them and analyzing the best one to order from.

Store Information

Customers get all the store details like menu, contact details, distance, availability of stores for delivery, etc.

Apply Discount Coupons

Promo codes from the stores and admin will be entered in the app’s checkout screen and redeemed to get exciting benefits.

Add Delivery Note

While ordering, users can enter a delivery note for the location to which the order is being delivered.

Store Panel

Set Menu

The store can create the menu by adding items, categories, sub-categories, modifiers, and all required details.

Associate Modifier

In modifier association, the store can associate various groups of modifiers groups which customers can choose accordingly.

Add Categories

A category is a group of items with various similar items which will sort the large items in the menu, reducing the search friction for customers.

Create Substores

Stores can create substores profiles that can access only assigned screens from the store panel.

Provision’s App

Mark Availability

Convenience shops can mark their availability, setting the time for their availability and when they are busy with multiple orders at the time of services.

Categorize Orders

Grocery shops can categorize the incoming orders as scheduled or instant. They can also separate the lists based on their payment methods.

Customize Menus

Provisions can customize the item’s availability, add new items, delete items, and update its prices and taxes.

Manage Providers

Stores can have their providers and enable them to conduct the delivery services with their vehicles.

Administrator Panel

Disable COD

To maintain the social distancing, business admin can disable cash on delivery options for payments.


Business admin has access to approve or block stores, providers, and customers anytime they want.

Mark Delivery Zones

The admin can mark the zones separately for all the stores to keep the separate charges for the delivery services.

Delivery Dispatch

Admin can dispatch orders from the panel for instant services assigning the providers either manually or automatically.

Delivery Provider App


Delivery providers can receive the payments in the e-wallet and transfer them from them. They can also withdraw directly from it.


They can receive tips from the customers, which customers have to add in the total amount marking it while checkouts.

Manage Profiles

Providers can update their profiles anytime. They can also add multiple card details, update their vehicle’s details.

Track Routes

Delivery providers can track routes to the customer’s location and follow them within the app with real time updates.

Impress Your Customers With Tiggy Clone App’s One-Off Features

Become a most preferred grocery delivery business with Tiggy clone app with agile features


Customers can use the filter to find out their desired grocery providers based on certain preferences like distance, price, delivery time, etc.


Admin can offer referral benefits to the customers and delivery providers, allowing them to engage others in return for the exciting perks.

Language Preferences

Users can select preferred languages to use the app or panels for smooth communication, which the admin allows.

Store’s Ratings

Customers can refer to the store’s past reviews and ratings to choose from them; they can also refer to their location, timing, and other details.

Track Delivery Process

The entire delivery process could be tracked by consumers and stores to ensure transparency and know the status of their arrivals.

Provider App

All The Providers Can Use The App For The Delivery Services, Including Features That Lessen Their Tasks.

User App

Install The Customer’s App And Know The Best Features You Can Offer To Your Customers In Your Grocery Business.

Store App

Stores Can Provide A Comprehensive Menu List And Oversee Stores’ Business Tasks From A Mobile Application.

Refer To Curated Demo Apps Of Our E-Delivery Product

Comprehend our tailor-made applications for users, customers, and delivery partners.

Provider App

All The Providers Can Use The App For The Delivery Services, Including Features That Lessen Their Tasks.

User App

Install The Customer’s App And Know The Best Features You Can Offer To Your Customers In Your Grocery Business.

Store App

Stores Can Provide A Comprehensive Menu List And Oversee Stores’ Business Tasks From A Mobile Application.

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Experience Working Of Panels Included In Tiggy Clone Script

Customer Panel

The panel is designed with similar features to provide a seamless ordering experience in reference to the app.

Admin Panel

A detailed and analytical dashboard for the admin that can also command the entire business within a panel

Store Panel

A hassle-free store handling process is possible within the panel of stores entirely dedicated to managing and examining the tasks.

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Advance Your Grocery Business With Tiggy Clone App To Outperform In The Market

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tiggy Like App Development

If you have questions other than this, you can reach us and get all your answers served.

Tiggy like app is an advanced platform to conduct a grocery business online, fulfilling multiple orders of the customers and providing the home. Business admin can manage multiple grocery stores within a single platform.

The costs to develop an app like Tiggy lie between $7k to $15k. Although it mainly relies on the customization required in the platform to develop a white-label platform for the grocery business.

After the app launch, clients can subscribe to our addon services for technical support or customization requirements in the code.

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