Uber For Doctors App

Provide patients a Uber for doctors app helping them to get the best medical services right away at their doorsteps registered on the smart screens

What is Uber for Doctors? Get Your Own Online Appointment Booking Platform

The on-demand business model has enabled better services in every business sector and has also influenced the medical field. It has prospered techniques with accuracy in the process, excluding manual errors from it.

Uber for doctors is a versatile -platform for doctors that offers them to reach their patients instantly. The dedicated apps and panels make transparent activities that an admin can oversee to regulate and fulfill the needs of all the users.

At Elluminati have developed an app like Uber for doctors to ensure every business need gets answered with enhanced control over each activity done in the single platform. A user-friendly website helps you promote your business approach by allowing users to place their requests through the web.

Exclusive Features Of Our App Like Uber For Doctor

Completely Customizable

We offer our clients to customize their purchased on-demand doctor app as per their choice. It helps ensure an app like Uber for doctors works as per their needs. The business admin is allowed to make all necessary changes like app name, service radius, etc.

GPS Integration

We integrated GPS during on-demand doctors app development to enable efficient navigation and provide route optimization service to service providers. This useful feature being beneficial to provide the best service to the patient, especially during any of emergency situations.


Our app includes everything your business needs, hence you can rely on it for getting results without needing to customize it frequently. Our dedicated doctor app developers will customize it as per your specified requirement and will also provide after-sales support to ensure satisfaction

White Label Solution

We provide a completely white-labeled doctor booking app solution that can be designed according to your choice of theme color, logo, and contains your brand name. Panel admin is also allowed to make changes to the entire platform to provide an excellent experience to patients online

Mass Push Notifications

Admin is facilitated to send mass push notifications through the admin panel to inform the users about new offers and ensure better user engagement. It also helps them to share the advertisements and promote their business service efficiently, ensuring their business growth in a short time span

In-App Chat

Users are provided with service agent support in the app only by utilizing an in-app chat feature that enables them to contact with the service agent whenever they require assistance. Users can even contact the doctor once they accept their place request using this unparalleled feature of the system

How On-Demand Doctor App Development Produces Best Results for Your Business?

Learn to know how you can make a difference by seeking the support of on-demand doctor app development in your medical care business. An advanced and dynamic platform helps you to provide the best medical care service in emergency situations, ensuring the best business result

  • Faster Business Operations
  • Improve Patients Experience
  • Tech Stack Support

How Uber for Doctors Works to Provide Excellent Results?

By considering developing an Uber for doctors app to provide excellent medicare care service, you can definitely generate more profit and customer engagement than before ever. Admin can customize on-demand doctor app development solution to provide a great user experience on their demand, ensuring their business growth in multiple countries and cities. It follows the best workflow approach to let users receive treatments in no time, it follows the workflow as follows:

  • Patients have to follow the easy registration and login process to request the appointment
  • After successful login, patients can explore the available list of medical services and doctors
  • Patients can send an appointment request to a particular doctor after checking all the details through the app or website
  • The doctor accepts the patient’s request and reaches their destination to provide their service
  • Patients pay the doctor in return for medical service using an in-app wallet or any other payment mode available

What We Provide In With On-Demand Doctor Services App

We ensure all app modules are integrated into an on-demand doctor services app tech stack to offer excellent business support

Patients App

Let the patients reach doctors whenever they want with efficient support from the app. Patients can see the profiles of doctors and can select a doctor from the list available. They can book the appointment by adding all the details of their medical problem through the app. The on-demand doctor app facilitates patients with advanced features like status updates, real-time tracking, profile update, and many more

Doctors App

Doctors can get appointment requests online with a dedicated application for serving patients well. They can check all the request details through the app and can decide to accept or reject a request as per their preference. After accepting the appointment of particular patients, they can reach their location to provide the medical treatment to the specific patient who has demanded to have it at their doorstep

Admin Dashboard

We offer feature-rich admin dashboards to vendors ensuring advanced control over each visit and activities. They can provide fantastic service to patients in multiple countries and cities by customizing their system accordingly. The on-demand doctor app facilitates the admin to make necessary changes and fascinating features like Google key management, cloud management, control force update, etc

User Website

Get the support of on-demand app development to a user-friendly and responsive platform to patients. A dynamic website helps you promote your innovative approach by letting customers place their requests through the web. Patients can appoint doctors nearby to get the treatment as easy as possible and can leverage exact features and facilities like filter, online payment, view appointment history, payment details, in-app wallet, etc

Ready To Use Apps Ensuring Business Success And Growth

Find the best app solution to address your customers’ needs in the most effective way

Patient App

Customers can get their treatment at home for which they can register an appointment online

Doctors App

Doctors can register in the app getting the treatment request inside it getting entire details about it complete using it

Have A Glace At The App Modules

Check out the live app demos to learn more about how app modules function.

Patient App

Customers can get their treatment at home for which they can register an appointment online

Doctors App

Doctors can register in the app getting the treatment request inside it getting entire details about it complete using it

Learn How The Panels Works For Online Services Business

Patient Panel

Patients can take their treatments by booking an appointment on a panel seamlessly

Admin Panel

Admins are allowed to approve any number of doctors and patients in the platform and manage them easily

Company Panel

The company can allow multiple treatments and doctors for that listed through an app

Why Choose Uber Like Doctor App Development For Your Business?

Start your health care service business online with Uber like doctor app development encouraging your business reach and success. Provide exceptional support to patients with an uber for doctor app to build trustworthy and long term relations, ensuring their engagement

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Frequently Asked Questions About Uber For Doctors App

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The estimated cost of developing an app like Uber for doctors ranges from $6000 to $15000 and beyond, depending on the advanced functionalities and app complexity.

Clients can communicate with the team via Skype or Email to receive the necessary project updates.

We offer Stripe as a default payment gateway, however clients can choose to integrated additional payment methods into the platform as per their needs.

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