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Heading towards digitization, almost every business today requires a mobile application to stay relevant in the highly saturated market. There are two operating systems dominating the market, Android and iOS, but Android is one of the major players in the mobile market as it holds more than 73% of the total market share and proves itself the best operating system across the globe. As a result, it is not shocking that the need for hiring Android developers is increasing fast and has become critical because, from healthcare to entertainment to transportation to local businesses, the demand for customized app solutions is growing quickly.

You need to know how to find a skilled android app developer if you want to construct a profitable android app. To provide you with a top-notch app, these app developers should have a wealth of experience in the necessary talents. Creating Android applications requires a solid understanding of coding and some design principles. A skilled Android app developer must comprehend the nuances of many associated ideas to design and release productive apps.

Android App Developers are highly sought after because of how quickly the mobile sector is growing. Android currently occupies approximately a maximum percentage of the global market. The most popular mobile operating system right now is Android OS. On many smartphone and tablet versions, as well as any other Android-powered device, Android apps work. A recruitment drive to locate Android programmers is, therefore, quite challenging. If you want to locate someone with the necessary qualifications to work as an Android developer for your business, your search must be efficient and precise.

So, what skills to check while opt. for Android app developers? Well, your search ends here; here’s the detailed guide to help you find the right developer for your project in 2022.

Roles, Responsibilities and Skills of Android App Developers

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With more than 2,677,000 Android apps available on the Playstore, it is evident that there is a high need for skilled developers. Mobile apps are popular among users because of their simple use and convenient accessibility.

It is the duty of Android app developers to create software that is appropriate for hardware running the Android operating system. In addition, they must fully comprehend how the application works with various Android versions and device categories. The primary duties and roles of an Android developer are as follows:

  • Design, build and deploy advanced applications for the Android platform
  • Write a clean code base and fix bugs using the latest technologies and tools
  • Unite-test code for robustness, including usability and general reliability
  • Work with team members and clients
  • Convert designs and wireframes into high-quality code
  • Help build a skilled team and organization by launching the application on the play store
  • They work together on cross-functional designs with other teams and research current trends to create the best user experience possible.

To take care of the needs of the customer and comprehend what they are trying to accomplish, an Android app Developer must be skilled in the numerous IDEs, frameworks, languages, current trends, and Android architecture. Then, they ought to be able to construct an app that accomplishes all of these objectives and aids in the production of a fascinating, original, and simple final product.

Key Android App Developer Skills to Pay Attention While Looking for Appoint

The increasing importance of apps in daily life compels business owners to execute mobility solutions to survive in this competitive era. Mobile application development calls for a specific set of abilities, backgrounds, and understanding. To create an app that makes money by addressing particular company objectives, app developers should be knowledgeable about business demands and technically skills.

The following is a list of crucial developer competencies you should look for when selecting Android app developers for your project:

Excellency in JAVA

Java serves as the foundational language for all android app development. There may be a learning curve when switching to the Java programming language for the first time for those who have obtained most of their programming knowledge in languages like JavaScript and Ruby.

Java ensures that there is no ambiguity regarding what each component of your application is trying to accomplish, according to James Traver, an experienced Android developer who has taught the Software Engineering Immersive at GA. “You end up writing less code, but your code is more elegant and precise,” he adds.

Android SDK Knowledge

An Android developer must be skilled with the Android software development kit to succeed (SDK). The developer should have a firm grasp of its concepts. In addition, they should be quite familiar with the fundamentals, which mainly concern layout and views, collecting data from the web, user input, the action bar, activities, and their life cycles, and storing data and densities.

Along with a solid understanding, the developer should be knowledgeable in communication and documentation. Therefore, it becomes crucial to ensure that any Android app developer you employ is familiar with the SDK before appoint them.

Hands-on Android Studio

Android Studio is the official IDE for creating all kinds of Android applications, and Google introduced it in 2003. It includes everything that increases the effectiveness of developers. It is open source, supported by Google, and has a sizable development community for Android. Therefore, it is the top choice for developers.

It comes with the quickest tools and most practical features, such as an intelligent code editor, Gradle-based flexible build support, visual editor to create a complex layout, built-in support for cloud platform, APK analyzer, ProGuard integration, and app-signing capabilities, as well as Android-specific refactoring and quick fixes, it streamlines the entire process of developing Android apps.

Knowledge of APIs

You’ll probably wish to communicate with many additional skills as an Android app developer. For instance, you might want to enable your users’ stock market or calendar access from a third-party source.

An Android app development company will typically give APIs and explain in detail how to securely and consistently query them for data. Of course, you are free to communicate with any existing API, but Google also makes it incredibly simple for your Android app to connect to its own APIs.

UI and UX Design Experience

The design of a mobile app with slightly different functionalities is related to UI and UX. Therefore, to work on the app’s appearance and use it easily, the Android developer you employ should have both UI and UX experience.

In order to properly implement UI/UX design in the creation of a mobile app and make the required adjustments to its design to improve user engagement, it is best to hire a professional and experienced graphic design services provider as it will be adept at customizing controls as needed and at decorating common UIKit elements.

An Expert in Material Design

Unlike rivals like Apple, Google has generally not kept a uniform visual aesthetic throughout its products. However, those circumstances have changed recently. As a result, Google has published a set of cutting-edge interface standards and principles dubbed Material Design that is being used across all of its products.

These guidelines give advice on how to stack different components on the screen and employ particular styling elements like drop shadows. You’ve probably seen Material Design in action if you’ve used the new Google Drive app or the new Inbox by Gmail app on a mobile device.

Additional Software Knowledge

Knowing the Android Development Kit, Google’s toolbox for app developers, is a good idea. Knowing SDL, a tool made to handle and save data, is also beneficial. Developers should also study the Material Design Guidelines established by Google. To be accepted into the Google Play Store, an app must adhere to these rules.

Some Soft Skills Would be Bonus

Engineers, UI designers, testers, and other developers that are a part of the infrastructure supporting app development frequently collaborate with Android developers. The following soft talents can assist you in becoming a team member, which can increase your chances of finding employment:

  • Time management
  • Communication skills
  • Having learning attitude
  • Collaboration
  • Problem-solving skills

Final Thoughts

Android app developers can be guaranteed to find a market for their works as the world shifts more and more to a mobile environment or add a lot of value to businesses looking for mobile app development expertise. If you are about to invest in the Android domain, we, Elluminati Inc, a renowned Mobile app development company, ensure you optimum product satisfaction and drive your vision towards success by delivering the finest product.