Quiqup Clone : Same Hour Delivery Solution For Your Business

Elluminati Inc offers you Quiqop App Clone for your on-demand delivery business. With the help of it, you can start your single or multi delivery business online. You can start a different delivery business like Food, Flowers, Courier, Alcohol, Marijuana, Medicine, etc. With the help of Quiqup clone, you can deliver different items to the customer’s doorsteps and provide the best solution for same-day delivery services. We provide you a white label solution for your online delivery business. In which you can start your business with your brand name and logo. You can connect different store owners with your business and scale up your business in multiple countries and cities.

Get Advanced Benefits With Quiqup Clone Script

100% Customization

We provide a complete customization facility in our Quiqup App Clone. As per the buyer’s requirements and business need, we will do the customization.

Social Media Integration

We add the social media facilities in our Quiqup Clone. It helps the users to do Login or Sign up in the app/web and they can share your services on social media.

Cloud-based Solutions

We offer you a cloud-based solution for your delivery service business. This solution will help you to access your business from anywhere and with the help of any Gadgets.


Our Quiqup Clone App solution is completely user-friendly. Users can easily access the app from any devices like mobile, tablet and desktop.

What We Provide You In Quiqup Clone App

To make an easy process of online delivery services, we provide different applications and web panels.

Customer App

To order the different items and get it at their doorsteps, customers can use this application.

Social Media Login/Sign up

Customers can use social media accounts to do login in the app.

Filtering Option

Customers can filter the different store ’s menu, item, and prices.

Real-time Tracking

With the help of GPS, customers can do the real-time tracking of delivery providers.

Custom Items

With the help of this option, they can customize the ordered items as per their requirements.

Provider App

To take a delivery request from the stores we offer a provider app for the delivery staff

Document Submission

To work as a service provider, persons have to submit required documents to the admin.

Get Delivery Request

Customers get the delivery requests from the store and they have an option to accept and reject the delivery request.

Status Updation

Delivery providers can update their current status like on the way, delivery completed, newly arrived, etc.


If providers are not available for the services, they can go offline so stores don’t send the delivery request.

Store App and Panel

To manage the product items and orders, we offer store app and panel to the store owners.

Profile Creation

Store owners can create their store’s profile with all details and store image. As per the requirements, they can edit their profile.

Manage Products

They can manage the different products and as per the item’s availability they can add, edit and update the products.

Send Delivery Requests

They can send the delivery requests to the delivery providers to dispatch the ordered items to the customer’s doorsteps.

Manage Payments

They can manage different payment methods which are used by the customers and also manage the provider’s payment.

Admin Dashboard

To manage the whole process and services, we offer an advanced admin panel to the business owner

Manage Users

Admin can manage all the users with their profile details and they have an authority to add or decline the users.

Add Cities/Countries

Admin can add different countries and cities in their business with different languages and payments.

Map Views

Admin can track their delivery staff on the Google map and know their current position and the working status.

Earning Details

Admin can manage the all over earning report with all delivery and order history. As per the requirements, they can explore the report.

User Panel

To provide more flexibility to the customers, we offer a customer panel in our Quiqup App Clone

Access Multiple Stores

Customers can access the multiple stores which are nearby in their location and order the item from their favorite stores.

Categories and Subcategories

Customers can see the categories and subcategories of the products with all details like image, price, and description.

Add Favorite

Customers can add any store as a favorite store and they can delete the store from the list of favorite stores.

Multiple Payment options

Customers have multiple payment options to pay for the charges of items and delivery services. They can do payment online or COD.

Quiqup Clone Script – A Perfect Solution For Multiple Delivery Business

With the help of Quiqup Clone Script, you can start any type of delivery business and provide same day delivery services to your customers. You can start your delivery business in different countries and cities and scale up your on-demand delivery business.

Food Delivery Services

Grocery Delivery Services

Flower Delivery Services

Medicine Delivery Services

Courier Delivery Services

Alcohol Delivery Services

Marijuana Delivery Services

Bottled Water Delivery Services


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