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The IT sector is a dynamic one. Every day, new frameworks, databases, and programming languages are developed. It might be challenging for developers to identify what they should study to stay current and gain a competitive advantage in light of all these changes and the proliferation of the most demanded programming languages. The languages that may be used to create new platforms and software that further these transitions are currently in high demand as firms move towards digital transformation and technological innovation.

Do you know that there are about 6500 languages that are spoken around the world? We wager the figure is higher than you might have anticipated. Have you ever pondered the sheer number of programming languages?

You might also be shocked by the solution.

There are currently approximately 265 programming languages; TIOBE Index claims that. There is a purpose for the proliferation of languages. Simply defined, the size and nature of the project will determine the outcomes that each language will produce.

Learning the most widely used programming languages is essential if you’re a software developer trying to advance your abilities. Given the practically unlimited number of programming languages currently in use, you should be aware of which ones are in the highest demand. The most demanded programming languages in 2024 are listed here to hone your technical skill set.

Most Demanded Programming Languages to Learn

Finding someone who is fluent in all of these programming languages is pointless. Instead, isolating the unique requirements of your project at each stage of the development process is a more strategic approach. So, before determining the winner, let’s look at the best language to take into account during the various stages of the development process:

Front-end Web Development

  • JavaScript
  • Elm
  • TypeScript

Back-end Web Development

  • JavaScript
  • Scala
  • Python
  • GO
  • Ruby

Game Development

  • Unity
  • TypeScript

Desktop Application Development

  • Scala
  • GO
  • Python

Mobile Application Development

  • Swift
  • Java
  • Objective C
  • JavaScript
  • As we previously discussed, coding procedures change much like software and other electronic devices. Some of them were well-liked in the past but are no longer remembered. Others are replacing them, and some of them are immortal. Every year, new rankings are revealed. Additionally, the “optimal language” can vary based on the technologies or geographic regions considered.

    For instance, South America and Japan are the two regions with the highest usage of the Ruby programming language. However, Python is also widely used, similar to how C++ is favored in India, Pakistan, and Malaysia. Therefore, when hiring developers remotely, it is important to consider more than just the most popular language.

    Even though programming language rivalry grew throughout time, a select few languages managed to stand out from the crowd. These languages are not only useful now, but they are also prepared for the future. The languages we refer to as “most demanded programming languages of the future” are these. The top programming languages of the future are as follows:


    Even though there were 6,000 fewer job posts for Java in 2018 than there were in 2017, the fact that Java is a well-known, flexible open-source language ensures that it will continue to be in demand for the foreseeable future.

    The language has been available for more than 20 years and is practically universal, being used by millions of developers and billions of devices globally. Moreover, there is no indication that the need for this ability will decrease, given that practically every android app is created in Java, which 500 organizations use as a server-side language for backend development.

    4.5% of the websites whose server-side programming language we are aware of using Java.

    Popular sites using Java: Microsoft, Alipay, Naver, LinkedIn, etc.


    JavaScript is utilized in web development to bring interactivity to a website in the form of games, buttons, dynamic styling, animations, and forms. Brendan Eich, a co-founder of the Mozilla project, the Mozilla Foundation, and the Mozilla Corporation, is credited with creating it.

    With JavaScript being utilized on around 95% of the world’s websites, there are currently over 1.7 billion of them (and counting).

    Popular sites using JavaScript: Google, YouTube, Facebook, eBay, Yahoo


    For many reasons, Python, one of the best programming languages to learn, earns the top spot as the most most demanded programming language for 2024.

    The need for Python abilities will continue to expand tremendously because of its application in the booming fields of data science, machine learning, and AI, according to Ryan Desmond, cofounder and lead instructor of CodingNomads. Additionally, since it is thought to be among the simplest, most powerful, and most adaptable languages to learn, Python is well-liked by businesses, developers, and aspiring developers.

    Popular sites using Python: Instagram, Netflix, Spotify, Dropbox


    Windows programs and games are frequently developed using C# (C-sharp). It is an object-oriented, statically typed language built on the.NET framework. C# has many important qualities, such as being quick, scalable, component-oriented, and providing type safety. It has been in the top 10 most widely spoken languages almost every year. As a result, C# developers have a wide range of employment options worldwide.

    Popular sites using C#: Visual Studio, DELL, GoDaddy, TacoBell


    A coding language called HTML was created to organize the text and content on the internet. HTML is frequently combined with CSS to regulate the font, position, and color of the site elements because HTML can only do so much in aesthetics. Even though HTML and CSS are popular and simple to learn programming languages, it can be difficult to create contemporary programs, websites, or applications with just those two.

    Because of this, programmers that utilize HTML/CSS typically have a focus on other programming languages. But HTML/CSS expertise is a need. Employers frequently check the HTML and CSS boxes when hiring programmers for their development projects. As a result, the two are some of the most popular coding languages.

    Popular sites using HTML/CSS: Canvas Study, Sohu, Wikipedia, Facebook


    Since you can’t use SQL the same way you would a general-purpose language like C++ or JavaScript, many people argue that it isn’t technically a programming language. However, it is a crucial web development tool, just like any other, regardless of how you define it.

    The main function of SQL is to communicate with a website’s database. You can manage it with a variety of database management systems, all of which employ the SQL language, including MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, and PostgreSQL. 57% of developers love to use SQL as it can handle large amounts of data.

    Popular sites using SQL: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


    Ruby is similar to Python in that it’s among the simplest programming languages for those without any previous experience to learn. However, it contains a tonne of useful libraries and tools, and you can learn it without needing to know a tonne of commands or programming jargon.

    The fantastic full-stack framework Ruby on Rails, which is becoming more and more common among startups and enterprise solutions, is one of the main reasons why people appreciate Ruby. A few websites created with Ruby on Rails include Airbnb, Groupon, Hulu, and Soundcloud. Ruby also has a thriving developer community today.

    Popular sites using Ruby: Shopify, Basecamp, Twitter, Airbnb, Hulu


    Microsoft created and maintains the open-source programming language known as TypeScript. It’s a superset of JavaScript that gives the language static typing.

    Without realizing it, you’ve probably interacted with TypeScript if you’ve used JavaScript in Visual Studio Code. To understand JS code, every JS developer needs Intellisense, which leverages TypeScript as its backend.

    Popular sites using TypeScript: Slack, Medium, Accenture, Tech Stack


    If Swift is the preferred language for iOS development, Kotlin is the main language for Android app development. It pulls inspiration from languages you already know rather than attempting to be novel or revolutionary, which is why developers adore it.

    Additionally, it is completely compatible with Java, making it a direct substitute. However, Kotlin is just increasing in popularity and is a challenging language to learn, in contrast to Java, whose popularity is somewhat waning.

    Popular sites using Kotlin: Coursera, Pinterest, Trello, Tinder, Uber


    HTML frequently contains an embedded scripting language called PHP. Nearly 80% of websites utilize it to manage dynamic content, including websites and online applications.

    PHP is a tried-and-true language that continues to exist based on legacy code, despite the fact that it is typically no longer the first choice for developing new applications. It is regarded as simpler to learn than most other programming languages, and it has a sizable and devoted community to back it up. As a result, PHP is likely to come up more than once in your software career, even if we don’t advise making it your first language to learn or your main area of interest.

    Popular sites using PHP: Tumblr, Slack, MailChimp, Etsy, WordPress

    So, Which Most Demanded Programming Language Are You Going to Learn?

    Every year, programming language demand and acceptance vary. Additionally, new programming languages are introduced with appealing features. What programming language do you need to learn, then? It always takes time and mental effort to learn a new programming language.

    Identifying the best and most demanded programming languages to learn from these popular ones can be challenging. They all receive a lot of developer support and attention, so it’s important to choose the one that best suits your goals or the requirements of your project. If you are a novice developer, it would always be preferable to learn a language with a promising future and help you excel in the job market.

    For all your development requirement, hire developers from us who are experienced in myriad technologies and has experience in serving in various industries.