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Frameworks play a major role in the overall app development process, whether you want to build Android or iOS apps. The mobile app market is growing at an exponential rate. According to the study conducted, there are approximately 2.2 million apps available in the App Store, so iOS developers need to use the latest frameworks to build flawless apps.

Along with Android, the iOS app market is growing, so choosing the right framework for your project is paramount. Many iOS frameworks are available in the market, but choosing the right frameworks makes your task easy and helps you integrate modern features. Here we have rounded up the best iOS development frameworks for 2024, so without any ado, take a look.

Best iOS Frameworks for Flawless Development Process

With each passing year, iOS applications grow in popularity. The iOS platform offers many possibilities to reach new eyes, with over 113.5 million iPhone users in the US alone. App development frameworks, also known as software development frameworks, enable you to reach that potential.

These iOS app development frameworks offer various sub-components to app developers to help build their applications. So what exactly is a framework? The framework is a package of common resources, including dynamic shared libraries, nib files, images, localized strings, headers, and reference documentation. All of these resources can be used simultaneously by multiple applications.

Frameworks are dynamic libraries that contain resources such as images and localization strings. There is now a greater emphasis on selecting the right iOS app development framework for mobile apps. Therefore, hiring experienced iOS developers can help you choose the best technologies and tools for your project, make your task easier, and benefit your business. So what are you waiting for? Stick around till the end of this blog to find the best iOS frameworks for coming projects.


flutter framework

A new development framework from Google, Flutter, aims to make coding faster, thereby attracting developers. Using a single code base for Android and iOS makes app development more convenient since coding is faster. The main advantage of Flutter is its ease of editing and creating new widgets in a seamless and effortless manner, unlike other similar apps. In this way, it is possible to develop mobile applications that are highly responsive and can engage their audiences within a short amount of time.

Attractive Features

  • Hot reload
  • Impressive and flexible UI
  • Native performance

Adobe PhoneGap

adobe phonegap framework

It is well known that Adobe is a leading software company. They guarantee high performance across different devices with their iOS development framework, just like with all their other software solutions. Developers can easily develop well-designed, effective applications with Adobe PhoneGap through an iOS framework. Android, Blackberry, Mac OS, Windows, and Firefox OS are also available if you work exclusively with iOS framework architecture.

Attractive Features

  • Flexibility
  • Open source
  • Strong backend

React Native iOS Development

react native ios development framework

React Facebook was created native to enable programmers to develop natively rendered mobile applications using JavaScript. It’s an open-source framework that developers adore since it enables the creation of cross-platform apps. In addition, this framework makes it simple to create eye-catching mobile applications because it is based on React, a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces. Several well-known businesses, including Skype, Airbnb, Walmart, and Instagram, have adopted React Native.

Attractive Features

  • Cross-platform support
  • Simplicity
  • Robust performance

Ionic Framework

ionic framework

A complete open-source SDK for creating hybrid mobile apps is the Ionic Framework. It offers resources and assistance for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML5, CSS, and Sass.

This framework is free and open-source, MIT licensed and supported by a sizable global community. With Cordova/PhoneGap plugins and TypeScript extensions, they have access to more than 120 native device functionalities, including Bluetooth, HealthKit, fingerprint authentication, and others.

Attractive Features

  • Opensource
  • Cross-platform support
  • UI/UX

Swiftic Framework

swiftic framework

One of the user-friendly app development frameworks is Swiftic. The fact that this mobile app development technology doesn’t require special code makes it useful. Using this framework eliminates the need for developers to get deeply involved in coding. In addition, its user-friendly interface gives it an edge over rival frameworks. Given that it offers the advantages listed here, it is at the top of the list of frameworks.

Attractive Features

  • Third-party integration
  • Advanced analytics
  • App publication assistance


xamarin framework

Xamarin is an open-source, cross-platform mobile application framework by Microsoft. This framework enables the creation of best-in-class mobile applications by utilizing a software framework that incorporates programming languages like Net and C#. As a result, the mobile applications developed with Xamarin have a flexible native performance that offers end-users a unique user experience. Using Xamarin, developers may create an ecosystem that consists of a foundation, components, and more. Additionally, Xamarin makes it much simpler to integrate numerous tools, libraries, and programming languages to simplify app development.

Attractive Features

  • High performance
  • Developers get sharable codes
  • Cost-efficient framework

Sencha Touch

sencha touch framework

One of the most popular Android and iOS app development frameworks is Sencha Touch. And this one differs from all the others we’ve talked about thus far. First, this framework is particularly targeted at producing native Android applications. It is also recognized as the greatest programming framework for this reason, among others. Next, the framework employs HTML5 and JavaScript. As a result, dynamic, reliable, and scalable mobile applications can be developed.

Attractive Features

  • Extensive range of UI components
  • Distinctive features
  • Compatible with other technologies

jQuery Mobile

jquery mobile framework

One of the top frameworks for designing responsive mobile apps is JQuery. It is helpful for creating apps that are compatible with frameworks. JQuery aids in the development of an Android architecture that functions across all of its platforms. Because it’s unique and personal, it helps a mobile app developer save time. Using JQuery, programmers may create interactive web pages.

Attractive Features

  • Build a responsive mobile app
  • Configured with HTML5
  • A robust theming framework


framework7 framework

One of the most reliable iOS programming frameworks available right now is Framework7. It doesn’t require dependence on React or AngularJS, unlike other iOS frameworks. For the purpose of actively creating iOS applications, knowledge of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML is all that is needed. On Framework7, customization and the creation of native applications free of external dependencies are both very simple to accomplish.

Attractive Features

  • Easy customization
  • Rich ecosystem
  • Offers various UI elements

Corona SDK

corona sdk framework

A popular open-source, free platform for developing mobile game applications is the Corona SDK. This framework is based on the Lua scripting language, which is adaptable for developing game applications and lightweight and simple to use.

For the development of cross-platform mobile game applications that can be accessed via many platforms like iOS, Android, and Nook, the Orona SDK is frequently employed.

Attractive Features

  • Faster development
  • Supports native UI components
  • The single code base for cross-platform development

Helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best framework for iOS app development?

iOS app development is the best choice for a business as it expands a brand’s reach. Indeed, each framework discussed above is ideal; all have their own pros and cons. All you need to choose is a framework that accomplishes your business goals and delivers a seamless product.

What is an iOS framework?

An iOS framework is a bundle consisting of a dynamic shared library and some resources, including nib files, images, and header files. When you actually build an application, your project links to one or more frameworks mentioned above.

How do I develop an application in 2024?

Before starting the process, refer to an app development guide and reach out to an experienced technology partner who can take care of your needs and help you build an exceptional application.

Final Words

iOS app development has grown immensely over the last decade. So it is not surprising that demand for tech professionals is growing as they provide faster development and ensure a better ROI to entrepreneurs.

If you are planning to do the same, Elluminati, as a mobile app development company, can help you build iOS apps more easily as a way to build a brand and reach more customers.