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 – for Food Delivery Service Business

It’s all the buzz about the next uber type food delivery startup who has recently raised one more funding round $140 million funding in its recent round and has turned its company valuation to $600 million – Postmates. Covering the local vendors and merchants from different cities and states of the USA, Postmates has turned out to be a quick addition in competition with DoorDash. Both the companies, Postmates and DoorDash has shown the real power of food delivery by raising a series of funding and evaluating exponential growth in their business. Can we expect next uber like startup from them? Founders Fund led the recent funding round, and as a result, Brain Singerman will join Postmates as a board member. This results in growing food delivery business to create an app like postmates for their business.

Build postmates like apps, Get Everything your business needs

Every food chain business provider wish to create own delivery app but they lack coding skills. To avoid this kind of situation we provide ready-made postmates like app solution which provides a platform to create your own delivery services app in native Android and iOS platform.

100% Customization

Complete Rebranding

Multi Language

Cash and Card option

Single and Multi Outlets

Marketing Support

How Postmates Like App Works

We build postmates like app for your Food delivery service business. A readymade solution to make your own postmates like venture.

Grow Your Multi Outlets Delivery Service Business with Postmates like apps

  • Login / Register / Social Login
  • Pickup & Destination
  • Categories & SubCategories
  • Product Detail & Description
  • Ability to Add / Edit Ingredients
  • Custom Product Like Subway
  • Ability To Call Delivery Provider
  • Conformation with Product & Delivery Details
  • Pay with Cash / Card
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Get Delivery Information

  • Login/Register/Social Login(Facebook)
  • Submit Documents
  • Receive New Order Request
  • Pending Approval
  • Daily Earnings
  • Go Online / Offline
  • Update Status ( Arrived / on Route / etc )
  • Manage Drivers
  • Navigation
  • Accept / Reject Request
  • Track to Store location
  • Phone SMS Verification

  • Login
  • Manage Products
  • Add / Edit / Decline Product
  • Manage Product Type
  • Manage Categories
  • Billing
  • History
  • Manage Drivers
  • Income Order
  • Dispatch Order
  • Payment Statements

  • Dashboard
  • Map view
  • Users
  • Drivers
  • Cities
  • Payments( Billing )
  • Trips
  • Stores
  • Countries
  • Settings
  • Mass Push Notifications

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