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What is an App Like Postmates? Why Make an App Similar to Postmates an Essential Identity of Your Business?

Startups find online platforms an essential step to proliferate and survive the demand and supply market. Most of the on-demand businesses derailed because they lacked the proper delivery market forecast. Referring to a business model that is on the top of the market and has a fruitful revenue model can be beneficial to a great extent.

Apps like Postamates are an advanced solution that allows a business to perform business operations online. Customers can order online browsing all their needs on a single platform, and get a delivery service to their doorsteps. It includes estimated delivery time information for customers to let them know when their parcel will arrive for the better experience generation.

The solution’s reliability makes it one of the best apps to choose from in today’s market. Moreover, apps similar to Postmates support unlimited store registration to empower faster and efficient deliveries from all nearby.

Let’s Have A Look What We Offer With Postmates Like App

Smart Dashboard

look what we offers with postmates like app development solution

Admin is given a powerful dashboard to view and manage a number of orders, driver’s details, total sales, and stores. They can also generate financial reports monthly, weekly, or yearly as per their requirements. It gives them a complete overview of business using a single click

multilingual postmates like app

Multilingual Script

To connect with millions of customers online globally, an app like postmates comes with multi-language support that allows you to add more than one language in the script. You can set your local language to improve user experience and boost productivity

Real-time Delivery Tracking

real time delivery tracking features of postmates like app

Delivery providers and customers both track the deliveries in real-time. Once customers place the order, they can track everything from order acceptance to delivery using in-built Google Maps and also come to know about the estimated time of arrival

Unlimited Products

Store owners can add multiple products with their rates, features, images, and more custom options. The store owner panel maintains the stock of all the products for each store. They can add/remove any products as per their requirements

General Settings

From here you can manage the overall settings of your application including currency, language, manage drivers, manage users, and other custom features that make your app unique from others and fulfill your business needs. You can also see the commission set for each store owner and modify it

Multi Payment Gateways

Multiple integrated payment systems increase your profit and improve user experience. Our app-like postmates consists of multiple default payment methods. But if you want to integrate any of the other payment gateway systems, we can configure it

What Makes Our App Stand Out From Others

  • User-friendly
  • Quick & Easy Launch
  • Efficient

Let’s Understand The Workflow Of Our Postmate Like Application Solution

workflow of postmates like app

An application like postmates is a scalable solution that delivers goods to the customers on their doorstep. With the help of separate user applications, customers can choose the stores, place their orders, and get it delivered at their home without any trouble. Our an app like postmates solution follows the below-mentioned process:

  • Consumers can place an order for goods from a store using a dedicated customer application or website
  • The store owners receive the new order request and start preparing
  • Once the order is prepared, the delivery provider receives the request from store owners regarding the order’s pick up
  • The delivery man reaches the customer’s location and hands over the parcel. Now customers can pay for the placed order using given payment options

Develop An App Like Postmates And Grabe More Customers

Develop an app like postmates to receive and manage orders around the clock. It is a complete digital solution that is customizable and easy to use that allows your customers to order goods from nearby local stores

postmates like customer app

User App & Website

Customers prefer an easy way of logging into the application with their existing social media accounts

Store App

The merchant can add/remove the products based on its availability. Each product will be displayed in a particular category

Admin Dashboard

Admin can access payment data from the dashboard by days, weeks, months, and region wise

Delivery Man App

delivery app like postmates

The delivery provider can use the inbuilt map to reach out to the customer location

Let Us Help You To Create Turnkey Solution For Your Business

create an app like postmates

We always want to hear from you. Let us know your business plan, and our team of professionals will give you a prompt reply with the best possible solutions that fulfill your project requirement

Understand The Working Of The Apps Provided In The Solution

Complete, user-friendly app for customers to get easy ordering and delivery services

Get Convenient Panels To Perform The Business Tasks

The user-centric website from which a customer can order and get delivery service easily

Frequently Asked Questions on Apps like Postmates

1. Who can make apps like Postmates?

Businesses like grocery stores, restaurants, alcohol shops, cafes, beverages stores can develop apps like Postmates to offer online ordering and doorstep deliveries to their customers.

2. What is the cost to develop apps similar to Postmates?

The cost of developing apps similar to Postmates depends on whether they develop it from scratch or acquire a ready-made script customized as per the business needs. An equipped app code costs around $7k to $15k or even more.

3. What could be the time to develop fully-equipped apps?

The time to develop all components of apps is about 7-8 days. However, the customization requirements of the business can lead to an extension in total time. The platform development is completed within the decided deadline of the app.

4. Do the apps have multiple payment methods for customers?

Yes, there are multiple payment gateways provided in the solution. It has cash on delivery, e-wallets, and stripe as the default online payment method. Other methods can also be integrated as per the client’s demand as addon service.