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In today’s online age, there’s an app for everything. The sudden corona pandemic has increased the dependency on websites and apps. From ordering food to health tracking to communicating with colleagues, there is an app for everything. And this has eventually increased the demand for developers.

Irrespective of the size and business type, enterprises strive to improve their operations and generate better revenues. Every business is looking for a new path to promote its products, and digital transformation is one such factor that has created a lot of buzz in the business landscape. As time passes, entrepreneurs have started to realize their potential and move their operations online.

Now the question is how to create a visually appealing digital product. Here front-end development comes into the picture as various frameworks and tools enable developers to develop the finest digital products for entrepreneurs. Without a visual part, no web application ranks better, and when we talk about front-end development, there is an extensive range of frameworks available in the market.

But it’s a modern-day rivalry matched only by the experienced developers, Angular vs. React, in its ferocity. Everyone seems to have an opinion on which is better, and if you are bold enough to choose the best framework, you will surely be condemned by fellow developers. But without any second thought, Angular is the most popular framework in the tech industry after React.

According to one of the studies, 625,514 websites are using Angular, which is why developers are in great demand. Hence, tech companies often search for what skills to consider when hire. Don’t worry; you will first need to examine better the nuances of angular js developer work, roles, skills, and responsibilities. So let’s start with the definition of Angular and then cover other sections to make the hiring process easy peasy for you.

Top Skills to Possess When Looking for Angular JS Developers

Front-end Building

This is the most important duty as they are responsible for the development of alluring, interactive, and high-performance front-end web and mobile apps.

RESTful APIs Building

As mentioned earlier, Angular JS developers need to communicate with different team members and build RESTful APIs and work with back-end developers to meet the project’s technical particularities.

Bug Fixing

Once the developer completes the front-end development, QA engineers perform different sorts of testing to find bugs. If anything is found, the AngularJS developer is responsible for fixing it as soon as possible.

Expertise in Core JavaScript, CSS, and HTML

Whether you need an Angular, React, or Vue.js developer, the potential hire should be knowledgeable in JavaScript’s fundamental ideas. In addition, they should be proficient in both HTML and CSS. Finally, the interaction of the elements, their locations, and the UX ideas should all be well understood by AngularJS developers.

Continues Learning

And last but not least, it is imperative for Angular.js developers to keep updating themselves as the technology keeps evolving. From following the latest mobile app development guides to frameworks to Angular’s versions, they have to stay relevant in the market.

The list goes on. The technology and mobile app development world keep changing with time, and people’s preferences but above are the major skills and responsibilities that need to be considered while hiring Angularjs developers as it is the most popular and venerable framework that helps businesses to achieve their business goals.

Main Roles and Responsibilities of Angular JS Developer

The best JavaScript engineers work with Angular and are very knowledgeable about both theoretical ideas and specific technical nooks and crannies of software engineering. The primary task of a developer is to work on the client side of the software. For example, angular.js developers can create a professional UI (User Interface) service for websites and web applications. Additionally, users can create components and modules and connect them in the process of developing core software.

Developers have a wide range of responsibilities. They will also have to coordinate with several people and work with a lot of tools and technologies in different projects. Therefore, understanding what developers perform is essential to learning how to become one. Angular.js developers have a lot on their plates, including a variety of responsibilities like:

  1. Delivering a complete and finest front-end applications
  2. Ensuring high-performance of the above applications along with platform compatibility, including desktop and mobile
  3. Writing tested and documented elements of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  4. Should have the ability to coordinate with other Angularjs developers, back-end developers, and designers
  5. Maintaining the workflow with back-end developers while building and executing RESTful API
  6. Must have the excellent communication skill to understand the client’s requirements
  7. Offering instant solutions such as converting the current complex process into simple phases or using alternative technologies or libraries to make the current difficult works more understandable
  8. Refactoring and optimization of the code
  9. To maintain uniformity throughout the UI and to create a consistent user experience, apply best practices, templates, styles, and libraries.
  10. Code optimization and debugging for best speed across browsers and devices
  11. Supplying technical documents with code documentation and other materials.
  12. Strong debugging skill


Recruiting Angular.js developers is a time-consuming and challenging task. It is especially even more difficult if you are trying to hire developers who are excellent in demand. Hence, we hope this guide will help you hire better resources for your project. If you are looking for the best mobile app development company to develop highly responsive web applications, Elluminati can offer you experienced and talented Angular.js developers to build exceptional products for your business.